Finally certified AWS architect!

Published: Fri 11 May 2018 by L.Drolez In Software
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Finally certified on the AWS cloud! A long time ago, in June 2008, I created my first account on AWS to test EC2. Since then I have been testing all the cloud services provided by Amazon. And following a professional evolution, I finally decide to certify myself.

For me the cloud is not a passing opportunity, an expertise that you need to have on your CV just in case. I've been using the AWS cloud for over 10 years now and I've used it for tons of different projects. I have always been passionate about it and it is now a must in any field in which we work: IT security, online business, marketing, etc.

So here I am, finally certified AWS certified solution architect associate (CSAA)!

So contact me if you need an AWS cloud expert for your business, especially in France Grand-Est Moselle and Luxembourg.

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