Here, you will find some musical experiments with guitars, drums, samples...
Funk drums impro After playing guitar for 10 years, I decided to start drumming. I recorded this small Funk/Jazz/Fusion title after 6 months of practice. It's far from perfect, but it was very hard to relax.
Si vous habitez du cote de Metz, et que vous cherchez un batteur ouvert d'esprit, n'hesitez pas a me contacter. J'aime tout ce qui est experimental donc un groupe Disco/Trash/Jazz/Funk Batterie/Basse/Chant ou Batterie/Piano/Chant ne me fait pas peur !
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Grieving Inwardly MP3 This band, Crash, has so far only produced one title: Grieving Inwardly. In fact, There is a story behind this title: One day, we listened to a new Neurosis album. We found it very bad, and though we could make it in one week. So, I said `enough fine words', let's make it ! Then, It took us 6 hours to produce `this Neurosis like' title, where most of the time was spent creating samples and mixing everything on Cakewalk.

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Produced by Ludovic Drolez and Frantz Delatte.

        Crash is:
Ludovic Drolez: Guitar, Vocals, Drums.
Frantz Delatte: Samples and Keyboard.

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