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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
4810Ciudad de djdero 4djdero472498503385430SIN ORO SIN BOOTS.28.1
4809Ciudad de djdero 3djdero472498505485430SIN ORO SIN BOOTS.28.1
4808Ciudad de djdero 2djdero472498515185430SIN ORO SIN BOOTS.28.1
4817Ciudad de djdero 10djdero472498526385430SIN ORO SIN BOOTS.28.1
4819Ciudad de djdero 12djdero472498533485430SIN ORO SIN BOOTS.28.1
418912.CHELO sleepingchelo mmd4794726468198757SIN ORO SIN BOOTS.35.0
1658ciudad de emaf85 81 sleepingpepe peposo477479789616872SIN ORO SIN BOOTS.31.1
705ciudad de emaf85 47 sleepingpepe peposo483489897616872SIN ORO SIN BOOTS.20.2
408144.11 Penguin sleepingelginoche479472941894277SIN ORO SIN BOOTS.35.0
2209Apolo sleepingLA BELEN ESTEBAN512515947541742NoMásDeDos19.2
381144.11 Zebra sleepingelginoche479472957394277SIN ORO SIN BOOTS.35.0
4358dj92djdero476473972985430SIN ORO SIN BOOTS.36.1
3031Pedetelucido sleepingLA BELEN ESTEBAN495521991541742NoMásDeDos21.6
849Rock and Roll sleepingLA BELEN ESTEBAN5125151087141742NoMásDeDos19.2
711TERCIOS DE FLANDES sleepingLA BELEN ESTEBAN5145081148141742NoMásDeDos16.1
754ERLI onetown sleepingAleeeefl4734931149511495SIN ORO SIN BOOTS.27.9
1390boot 5 sleepingHermosillo4935151166158761NoMásDeDos16.6
679dj93 sleepingchelo mmd49547411826198757SIN ORO SIN BOOTS.26.5
202845.06 Giraffe sleepingelginoche4805251232094277SIN ORO SIN BOOTS.32.0
305106.CHELO B sleepingchelo mmd49448212557198757SIN ORO SIN BOOTS.19.0
163802.CHELO B sleepingchelo mmd47349313522198757SIN ORO SIN BOOTS.27.9
420003.CHELO D sleepingchelo mmd47948313628198757SIN ORO SIN BOOTS.27.0
1502TOTII A08 sleepingtomii994944821410640258SIN ORO SIN BOOTS.19.0
936Lalopolis 002 2 sleepinglaloidolo4854891416674548SIN ORO SIN BOOTS.18.6
4839CORAZON DE CABALLEROambar147348714208104086SIN ORO SIN BOOTS.30.0
1481. Kattegat 28B sleepingtomii994814921570240258SIN ORO SIN BOOTS.20.6
24Jaleo sleepingHermosillo4885011624458761NoMásDeDos12.0
2801SUSPIROSambar147348717786104086SIN ORO SIN BOOTS.30.0
4331SOMBRASambar149547417786104086SIN ORO SIN BOOTS.26.5

Players list: djdero; chelo mmd; pepe peposo; elginoche; LA BELEN ESTEBAN; Aleeeefl; Hermosillo; tomii99; laloidolo; ambar1
[town]4810[/town] 5033pts [player]djdero[/player] 472/498 28.1
[town]4809[/town] 5054pts [player]djdero[/player] 472/498 28.1
[town]4808[/town] 5151pts [player]djdero[/player] 472/498 28.1
[town]4817[/town] 5263pts [player]djdero[/player] 472/498 28.1
[town]4819[/town] 5334pts [player]djdero[/player] 472/498 28.1
[town]4189[/town] 6468pts [player]chelo mmd[/player] 479/472 35.0
[town]1658[/town] 7896pts [player]pepe peposo[/player] 477/479 31.1
[town]705[/town] 8976pts [player]pepe peposo[/player] 483/489 20.2
[town]4081[/town] 9418pts [player]elginoche[/player] 479/472 35.0
[town]2209[/town] 9475pts [player]LA BELEN ESTEBAN[/player] 512/515 19.2
[town]3811[/town] 9573pts [player]elginoche[/player] 479/472 35.0
[town]4358[/town] 9729pts [player]djdero[/player] 476/473 36.1
[town]3031[/town] 9915pts [player]LA BELEN ESTEBAN[/player] 495/521 21.6
[town]849[/town] 10871pts [player]LA BELEN ESTEBAN[/player] 512/515 19.2
[town]711[/town] 11481pts [player]LA BELEN ESTEBAN[/player] 514/508 16.1
[town]754[/town] 11495pts [player]Aleeeefl[/player] 473/493 27.9
[town]1390[/town] 11661pts [player]Hermosillo[/player] 493/515 16.6
[town]679[/town] 11826pts [player]chelo mmd[/player] 495/474 26.5
[town]2028[/town] 12320pts [player]elginoche[/player] 480/525 32.0
[town]3051[/town] 12557pts [player]chelo mmd[/player] 494/482 19.0
[town]1638[/town] 13522pts [player]chelo mmd[/player] 473/493 27.9
[town]4200[/town] 13628pts [player]chelo mmd[/player] 479/483 27.0
[town]1502[/town] 14106pts [player]tomii99[/player] 494/482 19.0
[town]936[/town] 14166pts [player]laloidolo[/player] 485/489 18.6
[town]4839[/town] 14208pts [player]ambar1[/player] 473/487 30.0
[town]148[/town] 15702pts [player]tomii99[/player] 481/492 20.6
[town]24[/town] 16244pts [player]Hermosillo[/player] 488/501 12.0
[town]2801[/town] 17786pts [player]ambar1[/player] 473/487 30.0
[town]4331[/town] 17786pts [player]ambar1[/player] 495/474 26.5

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.