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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
2800Camelot IX 2 attacked playertavomix479525506759494United World32.6
2596Ciudad de KilleR DooM 2 attacked playerKilleR DooM525487508624602Rise of the Gods28.2
490TRI--COTA attacked playerricardo acquista5144955775177092Rise of the Gods14.9
1981CITY of MTMR20 attacked playerMTMR4834885879199757Clan del Dragón20.8
628TEL C TE GRE LE attacked playerricardo acquista4834766512177092Rise of the Gods29.4
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202EL ESCONDITE attacked playerLeón.5044926517127718Clan del Dragón 28.9
387INDIO attacked playerricardo acquista5215096734177092Rise of the Gods22.8
996RO-S--SRIO attacked playerricardo acquista5125287114177092Rise of the Gods30.5
433TA-TA-N-ky attacked playerricardo acquista5144957256177092Rise of the Gods14.9
364007 Triana attacked playerLeón.5034877258127718Clan del Dragón 213.3
2302CITY of MTMR13 attacked playerMTMR5184997276199757Clan del Dragón18.0
1734Isla de la basura attacked playertordh495525755864365Semper Fidelis25.5
2525CITY of MTMR17 attacked playerMTMR4744957851199757Clan del Dragón26.5
713CHE-Y--NN attacked playerricardo acquista5065037956177092Rise of the Gods6.7
808CONTRA-K-RA attacked playerricardo acquista5144958007177092Rise of the Gods14.9
17670012 MBF attacked playerLeón.5004918075127718Clan del Dragón 29.0
1735señuelo attacked playerwebster4955258093100087Semper Fidelis25.5
646003 mister siniestro attacked playericemantuc5044928167142057Clan del Dragón 28.9
2317S2. GT V8 attacked playerSalomon095125288472140670Semper Fidelis30.5
495PAT-r-z attacked playerricardo acquista5144958628177092Rise of the Gods14.9
1933Camelot VIII attacked playertavomix479525873059494United World32.6
1359Johan y pirluit attacked playerxX-JUNIOR-Xx472491875251753Clan del Dragón 229.4
2977Ciudad de la kachi attacked playerla kachi529524888570966Rise of the Gods37.6
563Argentina attacked playericemantuc5184999213142057Clan del Dragón 218.0
89303 te para tres attacked playericemantuc5284999290142057Clan del Dragón 228.0
1442AN-A-N attacked playerricardo acquista5195089648177092Rise of the Gods20.6
510CHI--G--LA attacked playerricardo acquista5144959743177092Rise of the Gods14.9
30955- GUARDIANES attacked playerPandora5075159787120038Semper Fidelis16.6
2916GUST 4550 attacked playergust4795259992139992Semper Fidelis32.6
302GUST 5502 attacked playergust50751510267139992Semper Fidelis16.6
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17700014 MBF attacked playericemantuc50049110318142057Clan del Dragón 29.0
2630Ciudad de la kachi 3 attacked playerla kachi5295241043870966Rise of the Gods37.6
2100S2. Beta attacked playerSalomon0951352410517140670Semper Fidelis27.3
187555-01 attacked playerLeón.50550710583127718Clan del Dragón 28.6
513Coquimbo city attacked playerDestrixx47850710621112817Clan del Dragón 223.1
749Quidico city attacked playerDestrixx47850710792112817Clan del Dragón 223.1
98202 profugos attacked playericemantuc52849910814142057Clan del Dragón 228.0
232GUST 5501 attacked playergust50751510911139992Semper Fidelis16.6
1570Santiago city attacked playerDestrixx52352911016112817Clan del Dragón 237.0
1006CITY of MTMR 8 attacked playerMTMR47551211081199757Clan del Dragón27.7
156CITY of MTMR 9 attacked playerMTMR49649711110199757Clan del Dragón5.0
187855-02 attacked playerLeón.50150911167127718Clan del Dragón 29.1
1303CITY of MTMR12 attacked playerMTMR51352411449199757Clan del Dragón27.3
41554-12 attacked playerLeón.51049111497127718Clan del Dragón 213.5
1198CITY of MTMR19 attacked playerMTMR47551211497199757Clan del Dragón27.7
52201 nada personal attacked playericemantuc51849911682142057Clan del Dragón 218.0
5650002 MBF attacked playericemantuc50648511707142057Clan del Dragón 216.2
236CITY of MTMR attacked playerMTMR49950311892199757Clan del Dragón3.2
571CITY of MTMR11 attacked playerMTMR48550412097199757Clan del Dragón15.5
796CITY of MTMR 2 attacked playerMTMR48250212178199757Clan del Dragón18.1
1014CITY of MTMR 4 attacked playerMTMR48851612247199757Clan del Dragón20.0
938CITY of MTMR 3 attacked playerMTMR48250212282199757Clan del Dragón18.1
2091S2.D Betho attacked playerSalomon0951352412403140670Semper Fidelis27.3
228Lota city attacked playerDestrixx49049512893112817Clan del Dragón 211.2
412Destino Final attacked playerGHAZI5215091552622475Rise of the Gods22.8
456CHI-GR-DO attacked playerricardo acquista51449517786177092Rise of the Gods14.9
492CIA-VV-TO attacked playerricardo acquista51449517786177092Rise of the Gods14.9

Players list: tavomix; KilleR DooM; ricardo acquista; MTMR; León.; tordh; webster; icemantuc; Salomon09; xX-JUNIOR-Xx; la kachi; Pandora; gust; Destrixx; GHAZI
[town]2800[/town] 5067pts [player]tavomix[/player] 479/525 32.6
[town]2596[/town] 5086pts [player]KilleR DooM[/player] 525/487 28.2
[town]490[/town] 5775pts [player]ricardo acquista[/player] 514/495 14.9
[town]1981[/town] 5879pts [player]MTMR[/player] 483/488 20.8
[town]628[/town] 6512pts [player]ricardo acquista[/player] 483/476 29.4
[town]202[/town] 6517pts [player]León.[/player] 504/492 8.9
[town]387[/town] 6734pts [player]ricardo acquista[/player] 521/509 22.8
[town]996[/town] 7114pts [player]ricardo acquista[/player] 512/528 30.5
[town]433[/town] 7256pts [player]ricardo acquista[/player] 514/495 14.9
[town]364[/town] 7258pts [player]León.[/player] 503/487 13.3
[town]2302[/town] 7276pts [player]MTMR[/player] 518/499 18.0
[town]1734[/town] 7558pts [player]tordh[/player] 495/525 25.5
[town]2525[/town] 7851pts [player]MTMR[/player] 474/495 26.5
[town]713[/town] 7956pts [player]ricardo acquista[/player] 506/503 6.7
[town]808[/town] 8007pts [player]ricardo acquista[/player] 514/495 14.9
[town]1767[/town] 8075pts [player]León.[/player] 500/491 9.0
[town]1735[/town] 8093pts [player]webster[/player] 495/525 25.5
[town]646[/town] 8167pts [player]icemantuc[/player] 504/492 8.9
[town]2317[/town] 8472pts [player]Salomon09[/player] 512/528 30.5
[town]495[/town] 8628pts [player]ricardo acquista[/player] 514/495 14.9
[town]1933[/town] 8730pts [player]tavomix[/player] 479/525 32.6
[town]1359[/town] 8752pts [player]xX-JUNIOR-Xx[/player] 472/491 29.4
[town]2977[/town] 8885pts [player]la kachi[/player] 529/524 37.6
[town]563[/town] 9213pts [player]icemantuc[/player] 518/499 18.0
[town]893[/town] 9290pts [player]icemantuc[/player] 528/499 28.0
[town]1442[/town] 9648pts [player]ricardo acquista[/player] 519/508 20.6
[town]510[/town] 9743pts [player]ricardo acquista[/player] 514/495 14.9
[town]309[/town] 9787pts [player]Pandora[/player] 507/515 16.6
[town]2916[/town] 9992pts [player]gust[/player] 479/525 32.6
[town]302[/town] 10267pts [player]gust[/player] 507/515 16.6
[town]1770[/town] 10318pts [player]icemantuc[/player] 500/491 9.0
[town]2630[/town] 10438pts [player]la kachi[/player] 529/524 37.6
[town]2100[/town] 10517pts [player]Salomon09[/player] 513/524 27.3
[town]1875[/town] 10583pts [player]León.[/player] 505/507 8.6
[town]513[/town] 10621pts [player]Destrixx[/player] 478/507 23.1
[town]749[/town] 10792pts [player]Destrixx[/player] 478/507 23.1
[town]982[/town] 10814pts [player]icemantuc[/player] 528/499 28.0
[town]232[/town] 10911pts [player]gust[/player] 507/515 16.6
[town]1570[/town] 11016pts [player]Destrixx[/player] 523/529 37.0
[town]1006[/town] 11081pts [player]MTMR[/player] 475/512 27.7
[town]156[/town] 11110pts [player]MTMR[/player] 496/497 5.0
[town]1878[/town] 11167pts [player]León.[/player] 501/509 9.1
[town]1303[/town] 11449pts [player]MTMR[/player] 513/524 27.3
[town]415[/town] 11497pts [player]León.[/player] 510/491 13.5
[town]1198[/town] 11497pts [player]MTMR[/player] 475/512 27.7
[town]522[/town] 11682pts [player]icemantuc[/player] 518/499 18.0
[town]565[/town] 11707pts [player]icemantuc[/player] 506/485 16.2
[town]236[/town] 11892pts [player]MTMR[/player] 499/503 3.2
[town]571[/town] 12097pts [player]MTMR[/player] 485/504 15.5
[town]796[/town] 12178pts [player]MTMR[/player] 482/502 18.1
[town]1014[/town] 12247pts [player]MTMR[/player] 488/516 20.0
[town]938[/town] 12282pts [player]MTMR[/player] 482/502 18.1
[town]2091[/town] 12403pts [player]Salomon09[/player] 513/524 27.3
[town]228[/town] 12893pts [player]Destrixx[/player] 490/495 11.2
[town]412[/town] 15526pts [player]GHAZI[/player] 521/509 22.8
[town]456[/town] 17786pts [player]ricardo acquista[/player] 514/495 14.9
[town]492[/town] 17786pts [player]ricardo acquista[/player] 514/495 14.9

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.