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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
491CesarCesar7774755115031157441Los Hijos de Zeus27.3
2814House 01 Bispapete5254835096103965Los Hijos de Zeus30.2
2532Kamerun IICesar7775294945116157441Los Hijos de Zeus29.6
563kinoto en almíbarCesar7774944815604157441Los Hijos de Zeus19.9
1655Piruetica sleeping playermariotys522529591659230LA MONADA 236.4
1902Ciudad de Drone 9Drone5244955934119658Los Hijos de Zeus24.5
1801House 11papete5244957110103965Los Hijos de Zeus24.5
2582KamerunCesar7775294947355157441Los Hijos de Zeus29.6
2755Mate calienteGoodnestor529497743610594Los Hijos de Zeus29.2
487kinoto con dulceCesar7774984837558157441Los Hijos de Zeus17.1
2522MAURICIORama Muerte 3529494784722889LA MONADA 229.6
2524House 08papete5294978165103965Los Hijos de Zeus29.2
2754House 14papete5294978240103965Los Hijos de Zeus29.2
2388CarmenCesar7774804978544157441Los Hijos de Zeus20.2
2718Ciudad de Drone 6Drone5194738603119658Los Hijos de Zeus33.0
170344 BSorgintxu494481860474276LOS SIN NOMBRE19.9
2460Ciudad de Drone 7Drone5204928914119658Los Hijos de Zeus21.5
450TamaraCesar7774785048986157441Los Hijos de Zeus22.4
2071Ciudad de Drone 3Drone5244959050119658Los Hijos de Zeus24.5
2567Ciudad de Drone 8Drone5194739080119658Los Hijos de Zeus33.0
167001.CincuentaCinco attacked playerVixo26525521914368084la vieja guardia32.6
2437NasarenoCesar7774854989148157441Los Hijos de Zeus15.1
2526Ciudad de Drone 5Drone5194739158119658Los Hijos de Zeus33.0
2663Ciudad de Drone 2Drone5194739497119658Los Hijos de Zeus33.0
151744 ASorgintxu4944811002374276LOS SIN NOMBRE19.9
2363House 03papete52949410283103965Los Hijos de Zeus29.6
2425Reinicio 7GreatAlexander5225291037593188---36.4
437Angelina llCesar77749149110755157441Los Hijos de Zeus12.7
2407House 04papete52949711372103965Los Hijos de Zeus29.2
5845402 ALBA P sleeping playermariotys5044941176759230LA MONADA 27.2
484kinotos con heladoCesar77749248311932157441Los Hijos de Zeus18.8
550AngelinaCesar77749149111946157441Los Hijos de Zeus12.7
174D.14. Castherly RockRama Muerte 35064861199322889LA MONADA 215.2
2279Nueva CórdobaCesar77748549812180157441Los Hijos de Zeus15.1
248AlbiazulCesar77747449412230157441Los Hijos de Zeus26.7
671G.17. Vaes Dodrak sleeping playermariotys5044941248059230LA MONADA 27.2
439King RedCesar77748149314563157441Los Hijos de Zeus20.2

Players list: Cesar777; papete; mariotys; Drone; Goodnestor; Rama Muerte 3; Sorgintxu; Vixo26; GreatAlexander
[town]491[/town] 5031pts [player]Cesar777[/player] 475/511 27.3
[town]2814[/town] 5096pts [player]papete[/player] 525/483 30.2
[town]2532[/town] 5116pts [player]Cesar777[/player] 529/494 29.6
[town]563[/town] 5604pts [player]Cesar777[/player] 494/481 19.9
[town]1655[/town] 5916pts [player]mariotys[/player] 522/529 36.4
[town]1902[/town] 5934pts [player]Drone[/player] 524/495 24.5
[town]1801[/town] 7110pts [player]papete[/player] 524/495 24.5
[town]2582[/town] 7355pts [player]Cesar777[/player] 529/494 29.6
[town]2755[/town] 7436pts [player]Goodnestor[/player] 529/497 29.2
[town]487[/town] 7558pts [player]Cesar777[/player] 498/483 17.1
[town]2522[/town] 7847pts [player]Rama Muerte 3[/player] 529/494 29.6
[town]2524[/town] 8165pts [player]papete[/player] 529/497 29.2
[town]2754[/town] 8240pts [player]papete[/player] 529/497 29.2
[town]2388[/town] 8544pts [player]Cesar777[/player] 480/497 20.2
[town]2718[/town] 8603pts [player]Drone[/player] 519/473 33.0
[town]1703[/town] 8604pts [player]Sorgintxu[/player] 494/481 19.9
[town]2460[/town] 8914pts [player]Drone[/player] 520/492 21.5
[town]450[/town] 8986pts [player]Cesar777[/player] 478/504 22.4
[town]2071[/town] 9050pts [player]Drone[/player] 524/495 24.5
[town]2567[/town] 9080pts [player]Drone[/player] 519/473 33.0
[town]1670[/town] 9143pts [player]Vixo26[/player] 525/521 32.6
[town]2437[/town] 9148pts [player]Cesar777[/player] 485/498 15.1
[town]2526[/town] 9158pts [player]Drone[/player] 519/473 33.0
[town]2663[/town] 9497pts [player]Drone[/player] 519/473 33.0
[town]1517[/town] 10023pts [player]Sorgintxu[/player] 494/481 19.9
[town]2363[/town] 10283pts [player]papete[/player] 529/494 29.6
[town]2425[/town] 10375pts [player]GreatAlexander[/player] 522/529 36.4
[town]2005[/town] 10619pts [player]GreatAlexander[/player] 522/529 36.4
[town]437[/town] 10755pts [player]Cesar777[/player] 491/491 12.7
[town]2407[/town] 11372pts [player]papete[/player] 529/497 29.2
[town]584[/town] 11767pts [player]mariotys[/player] 504/494 7.2
[town]484[/town] 11932pts [player]Cesar777[/player] 492/483 18.8
[town]550[/town] 11946pts [player]Cesar777[/player] 491/491 12.7
[town]174[/town] 11993pts [player]Rama Muerte 3[/player] 506/486 15.2
[town]2279[/town] 12180pts [player]Cesar777[/player] 485/498 15.1
[town]248[/town] 12230pts [player]Cesar777[/player] 474/494 26.7
[town]671[/town] 12480pts [player]mariotys[/player] 504/494 7.2
[town]439[/town] 14563pts [player]Cesar777[/player] 481/493 20.2

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.