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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
3080Sr. Saraiva XIII attacked playernicopetrasko5165285080185761= EXERCITO FANTASMA=32.2
3029Ethelfleda attacked playerUsermatre510471515330475Right Way to Hell30.7
3010Sr. Saraiva XII attacked playernicopetrasko5165286388185761= EXERCITO FANTASMA=32.2
1317Sr. Saraiva XI attacked playernicopetrasko5165287342185761= EXERCITO FANTASMA=32.2
333355.SIRIA attacked playerjose928523528813998411LORDS OF WAR36.2
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150FIM 10 attacked playerprm zam675034868728127501MERCENARIOS DE UR-EL14.3
800C.01 DolfarSir attacked playerrulino4894959137169039EXERCITO FANTASMA12.1
1478FIM 5 attacked playerprm zam675285039300127501MERCENARIOS DE UR-EL28.2
1903james3 attacked playerrulino5214769865169039EXERCITO FANTASMA31.9
63702.LeX Lutor attacked playerrulino50148510009169039EXERCITO FANTASMA15.0
950PAROS 8 attacked playerRama Muerte 35225101010037371La Falange24.2
1378valhalla attacked playerUsermatre5104711022630475Right Way to Hell30.7
1095Sally attacked playerRama Muerte 35145221029237371La Falange26.1
117207.Mantenido soy attacked playerrulino51848010608169039EXERCITO FANTASMA26.9
26D.01DestruKtoRh attacked playerrulino51450310636169039EXERCITO FANTASMA14.3
1126B001guardabosqe attacked playerrulino47447710889169039EXERCITO FANTASMA34.7
141207.AsistiDoors attacked playerrulino52147610987169039EXERCITO FANTASMA31.9
72008.ComplikeiTohr attacked playerrulino48248212050169039EXERCITO FANTASMA25.5
14302.Kryptonita attacked playerrulino50348612360169039EXERCITO FANTASMA14.3
1118Sr. Saraiva VIII attacked playernicopetrasko47447713614185761= EXERCITO FANTASMA=34.7
467FIM 4 attacked playerprm zam6749148613829127501MERCENARIOS DE UR-EL16.6
1647FIM 12 attacked playerprm zam6752850314320127501MERCENARIOS DE UR-EL28.2
806Sr. Saraiva VIIII attacked playernicopetrasko47548415943185761= EXERCITO FANTASMA=29.7
1326Sr. Saraiva II attacked playernicopetrasko51652816182185761= EXERCITO FANTASMA=32.2
597FIM 11 attacked playerprm zam6750348617786127501MERCENARIOS DE UR-EL14.3

Players list: nicopetrasko; Usermatre; jose928; prm zam67; rulino; Rama Muerte 3
[town]3080[/town] 5080pts [player]nicopetrasko[/player] 516/528 32.2
[town]3029[/town] 5153pts [player]Usermatre[/player] 510/471 30.7
[town]3010[/town] 6388pts [player]nicopetrasko[/player] 516/528 32.2
[town]1317[/town] 7342pts [player]nicopetrasko[/player] 516/528 32.2
[town]3333[/town] 8139pts [player]jose928[/player] 523/528 36.2
[town]150[/town] 8728pts [player]prm zam67[/player] 503/486 14.3
[town]800[/town] 9137pts [player]rulino[/player] 489/495 12.1
[town]1478[/town] 9300pts [player]prm zam67[/player] 528/503 28.2
[town]1903[/town] 9865pts [player]rulino[/player] 521/476 31.9
[town]637[/town] 10009pts [player]rulino[/player] 501/485 15.0
[town]950[/town] 10100pts [player]Rama Muerte 3[/player] 522/510 24.2
[town]1378[/town] 10226pts [player]Usermatre[/player] 510/471 30.7
[town]1095[/town] 10292pts [player]Rama Muerte 3[/player] 514/522 26.1
[town]1172[/town] 10608pts [player]rulino[/player] 518/480 26.9
[town]26[/town] 10636pts [player]rulino[/player] 514/503 14.3
[town]1126[/town] 10889pts [player]rulino[/player] 474/477 34.7
[town]1412[/town] 10987pts [player]rulino[/player] 521/476 31.9
[town]720[/town] 12050pts [player]rulino[/player] 482/482 25.5
[town]143[/town] 12360pts [player]rulino[/player] 503/486 14.3
[town]1118[/town] 13614pts [player]nicopetrasko[/player] 474/477 34.7
[town]467[/town] 13829pts [player]prm zam67[/player] 491/486 16.6
[town]1647[/town] 14320pts [player]prm zam67[/player] 528/503 28.2
[town]806[/town] 15943pts [player]nicopetrasko[/player] 475/484 29.7
[town]1326[/town] 16182pts [player]nicopetrasko[/player] 516/528 32.2
[town]597[/town] 17786pts [player]prm zam67[/player] 503/486 14.3

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.