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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
1998DYABLO 01 sleepingDYABLO48350958069489ESQUADRÃO SUICIDA19.2
8349exu meia noite sleepingPatton486515666637317faca na caveira20.5
1503Cidade de andydaiane sleepingandydaiane4815216720111577INSURGENTES28.3
4007ROBIN HOOD 01 sleepingzezinho360499523691032029INSURGENTES23.0
10556Cidade Sucata 08 sleepingPLATOM495502760260569faca na caveira5.4
4932exu caveira sleepingPatton486515776837317faca na caveira20.5
9812Cidade Sucata 06 sleepingPLATOM495502923560569faca na caveira5.4
8163Cidade Sucata 05 sleepingPLATOM495502938460569faca na caveira5.4
1936Imperium II.55 sleepingBola-DM5045139903152127=TURMA DO BAIRRO=13.6
3886Argos sleepingCampofórmio48051210630125017faca na caveira23.3
152604-feio sleepingconces51952410681156133faca na caveira30.6
813Vantermaria sleepingPalitoTT4825131079824814INSURGENTES22.2
98Delos sleepingCampofórmio49551010962125017faca na caveira11.2
942Copenhaguen sleepingBola-DM47348011142152127=TURMA DO BAIRRO=33.6
3853Zion sleepingCampofórmio47651611277125017faca na caveira28.8
622KGB sleepingrogerioinc5195291150099483faca na caveira34.7
387Surianda 009 sleepingObadyah4815031154951486---19.2
1374Surianda 001 sleepingObadyah4715191177251486---34.7
697rogerioinc 55-01 sleepingrogerioinc5195291196499483faca na caveira34.7
718Mim Acher sleepingBola-DM47748311969152127=TURMA DO BAIRRO=28.6
2070Corinto sleepingCampofórmio48051211971125017faca na caveira23.3
1477*002* onetown sleepingThe Lucky Man4834771224612246=TURMA DO BAIRRO=28.6
487T3DI 01*54W sleepingT3DI4974951295446439=TURMA DO BAIRRO=5.8
2388Bruxo sleepingBola-DM50850613397152127=TURMA DO BAIRRO=10.0
1546YELLOW VIII OC55 sleepingDiego Ribeiro885125111389696301faca na caveira16.3
1772PROMETHEUS 005 sleepingBola-DM51652214393152127=TURMA DO BAIRRO=27.2
1874Rapadura - 55 sleepingBola-DM52050816925152127=TURMA DO BAIRRO=21.5

Players list: DYABLO; Patton; andydaiane; zezinho360; PLATOM; Bola-DM; Campofórmio; conces; PalitoTT; rogerioinc; Obadyah; The Lucky Man; T3DI; Diego Ribeiro88
[town]1998[/town] 5806pts [player]DYABLO[/player] 483/509 19.2
[town]8349[/town] 6666pts [player]Patton[/player] 486/515 20.5
[town]1503[/town] 6720pts [player]andydaiane[/player] 481/521 28.3
[town]4007[/town] 6910pts [player]zezinho360[/player] 499/523 23.0
[town]10556[/town] 7602pts [player]PLATOM[/player] 495/502 5.4
[town]4932[/town] 7768pts [player]Patton[/player] 486/515 20.5
[town]9812[/town] 9235pts [player]PLATOM[/player] 495/502 5.4
[town]8163[/town] 9384pts [player]PLATOM[/player] 495/502 5.4
[town]1936[/town] 9903pts [player]Bola-DM[/player] 504/513 13.6
[town]3886[/town] 10630pts [player]Campofórmio[/player] 480/512 23.3
[town]1526[/town] 10681pts [player]conces[/player] 519/524 30.6
[town]813[/town] 10798pts [player]PalitoTT[/player] 482/513 22.2
[town]98[/town] 10962pts [player]Campofórmio[/player] 495/510 11.2
[town]942[/town] 11142pts [player]Bola-DM[/player] 473/480 33.6
[town]3853[/town] 11277pts [player]Campofórmio[/player] 476/516 28.8
[town]622[/town] 11500pts [player]rogerioinc[/player] 519/529 34.7
[town]387[/town] 11549pts [player]Obadyah[/player] 481/503 19.2
[town]1374[/town] 11772pts [player]Obadyah[/player] 471/519 34.7
[town]697[/town] 11964pts [player]rogerioinc[/player] 519/529 34.7
[town]718[/town] 11969pts [player]Bola-DM[/player] 477/483 28.6
[town]2070[/town] 11971pts [player]Campofórmio[/player] 480/512 23.3
[town]1477[/town] 12246pts [player]The Lucky Man[/player] 483/477 28.6
[town]487[/town] 12954pts [player]T3DI[/player] 497/495 5.8
[town]2388[/town] 13397pts [player]Bola-DM[/player] 508/506 10.0
[town]1546[/town] 13896pts [player]Diego Ribeiro88[/player] 512/511 16.3
[town]1772[/town] 14393pts [player]Bola-DM[/player] 516/522 27.2
[town]1874[/town] 16925pts [player]Bola-DM[/player] 520/508 21.5

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.