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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
3571markiz-k m44 atol attacked playermarkiz-k4914788391198---23.8
3139markiz-k m 44 attacked playermarkiz-k4734968629198---27.3
99markiz-k m44 kontrol attacked playermarkiz-k4844968916198---16.5
2829markiz-m54 skal I attacked playermarkiz-k5084768951198---25.3
1615Markiz-k m55 II attacked playermarkiz-k5084998990198---8.1
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250Markiz-k m55 attacked playermarkiz-k5084999067198---8.1
1002Clupik m54 attacked playermarkiz-k5124839242198---20.8
270markiz-k m54 attacked playermarkiz-k5014949303198---6.1
357markiz-k 54 attacked playermarkiz-k4974929420198---8.5
9359E01 attacked playerXenicka49847498439781Chelsea26.1
4119Město 06 attacked playerbabca51952998871219Relax34.7
542markiz-m54 st II attacked playermarkiz-k50448110088198---19.4
890markiz-k m45 attacked playermarkiz-k48552510412198---29.2
91Markiz-k m55 I attacked playermarkiz-k50849912120198---8.1
612markiz-m54 nemezi attacked playermarkiz-k50347312338198---27.2
2832markiz-m54 skal II attacked playermarkiz-k50847612375198---25.3
356markiz-k m44 Nadkont attacked playermarkiz-k48548912405198---18.6
613markiz-m54 st attacked playermarkiz-k50448112763198---19.4
7909004 Edessa attacked playerXenicka482487137189781Chelsea22.2
39markiz-k 54 I attacked playermarkiz-k49749213763198---8.5
185markiz-k 54 II attacked playermarkiz-k49749213814198---8.5
2154002 Edessa attacked playerXenicka497496138439781Chelsea5.0
659markiz-m54 st I attacked playermarkiz-k50448113953198---19.4
2815markiz-m54 skal attacked playermarkiz-k50847615061198---25.3
1590markiz-k m54 meziska attacked playermarkiz-k50447715823198---23.3
5289markiz-k m44 NadNadK attacked playermarkiz-k48248716067198---22.2
2540markiz-k m 44 I attacked playermarkiz-k47349616472198---27.3
206001 Edessa attacked playerXenicka497492177869781Chelsea8.5
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Players list: markiz-k; Xenicka; babca
[town]3571[/town] 8391pts [player]markiz-k[/player] 491/478 23.8
[town]3139[/town] 8629pts [player]markiz-k[/player] 473/496 27.3
[town]99[/town] 8916pts [player]markiz-k[/player] 484/496 16.5
[town]2829[/town] 8951pts [player]markiz-k[/player] 508/476 25.3
[town]1615[/town] 8990pts [player]markiz-k[/player] 508/499 8.1
[town]250[/town] 9067pts [player]markiz-k[/player] 508/499 8.1
[town]1002[/town] 9242pts [player]markiz-k[/player] 512/483 20.8
[town]270[/town] 9303pts [player]markiz-k[/player] 501/494 6.1
[town]357[/town] 9420pts [player]markiz-k[/player] 497/492 8.5
[town]9359[/town] 9843pts [player]Xenicka[/player] 498/474 26.1
[town]4119[/town] 9887pts [player]babca[/player] 519/529 34.7
[town]542[/town] 10088pts [player]markiz-k[/player] 504/481 19.4
[town]890[/town] 10412pts [player]markiz-k[/player] 485/525 29.2
[town]91[/town] 12120pts [player]markiz-k[/player] 508/499 8.1
[town]612[/town] 12338pts [player]markiz-k[/player] 503/473 27.2
[town]2832[/town] 12375pts [player]markiz-k[/player] 508/476 25.3
[town]356[/town] 12405pts [player]markiz-k[/player] 485/489 18.6
[town]613[/town] 12763pts [player]markiz-k[/player] 504/481 19.4
[town]7909[/town] 13718pts [player]Xenicka[/player] 482/487 22.2
[town]39[/town] 13763pts [player]markiz-k[/player] 497/492 8.5
[town]185[/town] 13814pts [player]markiz-k[/player] 497/492 8.5
[town]2154[/town] 13843pts [player]Xenicka[/player] 497/496 5.0
[town]659[/town] 13953pts [player]markiz-k[/player] 504/481 19.4
[town]2815[/town] 15061pts [player]markiz-k[/player] 508/476 25.3
[town]1590[/town] 15823pts [player]markiz-k[/player] 504/477 23.3
[town]5289[/town] 16067pts [player]markiz-k[/player] 482/487 22.2
[town]2540[/town] 16472pts [player]markiz-k[/player] 473/496 27.3
[town]206[/town] 17786pts [player]Xenicka[/player] 497/492 8.5

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.