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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
10748Město hráče VICTORY LUCCA 5VICTORY LUCCA5105125408125286-FDK15.6
544kůseksmradlavéhosýra sleeping playervelky kral4855085548186868Rytíři černé vlajky17.0
5871schovanýpraporek sleeping playervelky kral4845165843186868Rytíři černé vlajky22.6
8647Město hráče VICTORY LUCCA 6VICTORY LUCCA5065166977125286-FDK17.1
10451Město hráče VICTORY LUCCA 2VICTORY LUCCA5105127317125286-FDK15.6
451kremlvkunovicách sleeping playervelky kral4795198279186868Rytíři černé vlajky28.3
381dědinajakmábýt sleeping playervelky kral4845168456186868Rytíři černé vlajky22.6
8955Město hráče -sagitarius- only one grepolis town-sagitarius-48749692829282---13.6
10229Město hráče VICTORY LUCCAVICTORY LUCCA5065169729125286-FDK17.1
9457KarnakVICTORY LUCCA50052510320125286-FDK25.0
867třepajícítrůba sleeping playervelky kral48351310531186868Rytíři černé vlajky21.4
942Vrána už přilétá sleeping playermaximus III52848510760184633Rytíři černé vlajky31.8
10811Město hráče Artuš Král 4Artuš Král4724991077463880.Big Brothers.28.0
10423BARA MIRAmišaa64874961102019561nike13.6
208545-19-Senft sleeping playerKozina48252311117189663Rytíři černé vlajky29.2
10751M55 ČERVENÁČEKSUCHÝKerak7775165141124395035MOHAWK VALLEY21.3
1018Sodoma attacked playerstřelmistr48551111551115314Rytíři černé vlajky18.6
118Ach jo attacked playerstřelmistr48550811868115314Rytíři černé vlajky17.0
786754-18-Bathory sleeping playerKozina49349412189189663Rytíři černé vlajky9.2
996Chlamot attacked playerstřelmistr48252312400115314Rytíři černé vlajky29.2
178754-06-Revolter sleeping playerKozina52847412401189663Rytíři černé vlajky38.2
2862zdomudohospody sleeping playervelky kral50949212695186868Rytíři černé vlajky12.0
10697M44 U DRAHUKerak7774874961277795035MOHAWK VALLEY13.6
5669Nove Zamky B01 attacked playerstřelmistr51948312918115314Rytíři černé vlajky25.5
1803Kůlnička na dřevo attacked playerstřelmistr48252312928115314Rytíři černé vlajky29.2
405U tukana attacked playerstřelmistr47951913292115314Rytíři černé vlajky28.3
5724Malá Díra sleeping playermaximus III51948313483184633Rytíři černé vlajky25.5
9520Město hráče cvirko attacked playercvirko5065231471729434---23.8
10412Město hráče cvirko 2 attacked playercvirko5065231471729434---23.8
125054-17-Hydrogen sleeping playerKozina49749715021189663Rytíři černé vlajky4.2
36054-16-Zniw sleeping playerKozina49349415666189663Rytíři černé vlajky9.2
1336názevpropipinu sleeping playervelky kral48951217786186868Rytíři černé vlajky16.3

Players list: VICTORY LUCCA; velky kral; -sagitarius-; maximus III; Artuš Král; mišaa6; Kozina; Kerak777; střelmistr; Renée; cvirko
[town]10748[/town] 5408pts [player]VICTORY LUCCA[/player] 510/512 15.6
[town]544[/town] 5548pts [player]velky kral[/player] 485/508 17.0
[town]5871[/town] 5843pts [player]velky kral[/player] 484/516 22.6
[town]8647[/town] 6977pts [player]VICTORY LUCCA[/player] 506/516 17.1
[town]10451[/town] 7317pts [player]VICTORY LUCCA[/player] 510/512 15.6
[town]451[/town] 8279pts [player]velky kral[/player] 479/519 28.3
[town]381[/town] 8456pts [player]velky kral[/player] 484/516 22.6
[town]8955[/town] 9282pts [player]-sagitarius-[/player] 487/496 13.6
[town]10229[/town] 9729pts [player]VICTORY LUCCA[/player] 506/516 17.1
[town]9457[/town] 10320pts [player]VICTORY LUCCA[/player] 500/525 25.0
[town]867[/town] 10531pts [player]velky kral[/player] 483/513 21.4
[town]942[/town] 10760pts [player]maximus III[/player] 528/485 31.8
[town]10811[/town] 10774pts [player]Artuš Král[/player] 472/499 28.0
[town]10423[/town] 11020pts [player]mišaa6[/player] 487/496 13.6
[town]2085[/town] 11117pts [player]Kozina[/player] 482/523 29.2
[town]10751[/town] 11243pts [player]Kerak777[/player] 516/514 21.3
[town]1018[/town] 11551pts [player]střelmistr[/player] 485/511 18.6
[town]600[/town] 11864pts [player]Renée[/player] 529/491 30.4
[town]118[/town] 11868pts [player]střelmistr[/player] 485/508 17.0
[town]7867[/town] 12189pts [player]Kozina[/player] 493/494 9.2
[town]996[/town] 12400pts [player]střelmistr[/player] 482/523 29.2
[town]1787[/town] 12401pts [player]Kozina[/player] 528/474 38.2
[town]2862[/town] 12695pts [player]velky kral[/player] 509/492 12.0
[town]10697[/town] 12777pts [player]Kerak777[/player] 487/496 13.6
[town]5669[/town] 12918pts [player]střelmistr[/player] 519/483 25.5
[town]1803[/town] 12928pts [player]střelmistr[/player] 482/523 29.2
[town]405[/town] 13292pts [player]střelmistr[/player] 479/519 28.3
[town]9858[/town] 13375pts [player]Renée[/player] 529/491 30.4
[town]5724[/town] 13483pts [player]maximus III[/player] 519/483 25.5
[town]9520[/town] 14717pts [player]cvirko[/player] 506/523 23.8
[town]10412[/town] 14717pts [player]cvirko[/player] 506/523 23.8
[town]1250[/town] 15021pts [player]Kozina[/player] 497/497 4.2
[town]360[/town] 15666pts [player]Kozina[/player] 493/494 9.2
[town]1336[/town] 17786pts [player]velky kral[/player] 489/512 16.3

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.