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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
1672Tamriel sleeping playerRexxanna4764826231187324fénix club ak30.0
9349-Exoskeleton sleeping playerRexxanna5164806981187324fénix club ak25.6
133209 - San Love sleeping playerSTROGG17104835097784126339fénix club19.2
1795Ašaj sleeping playerorion19125194749240178514fénix club ak32.2
1710Oran sleeping playerRexxanna4975089249187324fénix club ak8.5
3641Město hráče orion1912 sleeping playerorion19125224749815178514fénix club ak34.1
1095Hnědý orel sleeping playerorion19125294909857178514fénix club ak30.7
575Emphatic sleeping playerSatan045244861019979047---27.8
1313Pevnost Centrum A21 attacked playerGaius Iulius5184781055222937fénix club ak28.4
3417Ice Crown sleeping playerRexxanna49050110836187324fénix club ak10.0
724Celestis sleeping playerRexxanna48249810897187324fénix club ak18.1
275AcX.And2elKucadofd52048110923197918fénix club ak27.6
255AcX.Kucadofd52048111069197918fénix club ak27.6
3455Leon 4vetřelec vs52452411125108419Strong Family a Tuláci33.9
619hou hou hou sleeping playerorion191250747711154178514fénix club ak24.0
2403DcX.BzzzzKucadofd52948211226197918fénix club ak34.1
174CcX.NatálkaKucadofd51548311481197918fénix club ak22.7
991Cor'ak sleeping playerRexxanna48450311526187324fénix club ak16.3
2212FcX.Kucadofd52247511586197918fénix club ak33.3
150CcX.010Kucadofd51548311596197918fénix club ak22.7
858BcX.Kucadofd52248511788197918fénix club ak26.6
925DcX.Kucadofd52948211837197918fénix club ak34.1
612Suicide Silence sleeping playerSatan045204811253579047---27.6
49511. TrójaKucadofd52349512577197918fénix club ak23.5
543Dakara sleeping playerRexxanna48249813093187324fénix club ak18.1
3618Leon 3vetřelec vs52452413536108419Strong Family a Tuláci33.9
3477Busby Babes attacked playergiggsy115245241392497917Strong Family a Tuláci33.9
2240Kurtyzána oneanubis 52051652714474157331Strong Family a Tuláci31.4
1653Chaapa'Ai sleeping playerRexxanna47648214599187324fénix club ak30.0
2737Definiceanubis 52052452415116157331Strong Family a Tuláci33.9
2512Old Trafford attacked playergiggsy115245241567197917Strong Family a Tuláci33.9

Players list: Rexxanna; STROGG1710; orion1912; Satan04; Gaius Iulius; Kucadofd; vetřelec vs; giggsy11; anubis 520
[town]1672[/town] 6231pts [player]Rexxanna[/player] 476/482 30.0
[town]934[/town] 6981pts [player]Rexxanna[/player] 516/480 25.6
[town]1332[/town] 7784pts [player]STROGG1710[/player] 483/509 19.2
[town]1795[/town] 9240pts [player]orion1912[/player] 519/474 32.2
[town]1710[/town] 9249pts [player]Rexxanna[/player] 497/508 8.5
[town]3641[/town] 9815pts [player]orion1912[/player] 522/474 34.1
[town]1095[/town] 9857pts [player]orion1912[/player] 529/490 30.7
[town]575[/town] 10199pts [player]Satan04[/player] 524/486 27.8
[town]1313[/town] 10552pts [player]Gaius Iulius[/player] 518/478 28.4
[town]3417[/town] 10836pts [player]Rexxanna[/player] 490/501 10.0
[town]724[/town] 10897pts [player]Rexxanna[/player] 482/498 18.1
[town]275[/town] 10923pts [player]Kucadofd[/player] 520/481 27.6
[town]255[/town] 11069pts [player]Kucadofd[/player] 520/481 27.6
[town]3455[/town] 11125pts [player]vetřelec vs[/player] 524/524 33.9
[town]619[/town] 11154pts [player]orion1912[/player] 507/477 24.0
[town]2403[/town] 11226pts [player]Kucadofd[/player] 529/482 34.1
[town]174[/town] 11481pts [player]Kucadofd[/player] 515/483 22.7
[town]991[/town] 11526pts [player]Rexxanna[/player] 484/503 16.3
[town]2212[/town] 11586pts [player]Kucadofd[/player] 522/475 33.3
[town]150[/town] 11596pts [player]Kucadofd[/player] 515/483 22.7
[town]858[/town] 11788pts [player]Kucadofd[/player] 522/485 26.6
[town]925[/town] 11837pts [player]Kucadofd[/player] 529/482 34.1
[town]612[/town] 12535pts [player]Satan04[/player] 520/481 27.6
[town]495[/town] 12577pts [player]Kucadofd[/player] 523/495 23.5
[town]543[/town] 13093pts [player]Rexxanna[/player] 482/498 18.1
[town]3618[/town] 13536pts [player]vetřelec vs[/player] 524/524 33.9
[town]3477[/town] 13924pts [player]giggsy11[/player] 524/524 33.9
[town]2240[/town] 14474pts [player]anubis 520[/player] 516/527 31.4
[town]1653[/town] 14599pts [player]Rexxanna[/player] 476/482 30.0
[town]2737[/town] 15116pts [player]anubis 520[/player] 524/524 33.9
[town]2512[/town] 15671pts [player]giggsy11[/player] 524/524 33.9

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.