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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
20706Thomas stadt 003 HThogros4724827496123697Die Schlafmützen33.3
3451H Zottel 2.1 EZottel5185088848190917Devils Trident19.7
5365Cäsar I M55 attacked playerFriedrich D.Große I518508933865464Devils Trident19.7
24178Sweepers Stadt 5 attacked playerSweeper5285011007752041Devils Trident28.0
17159Shadow of War attacked playerSweeper5175131010252041Devils Trident21.4
4214H Zottel 1.8 DZottel51850810224190917Devils Trident19.7
7926H Zottel 1.4 KDZottel51850810328190917Devils Trident19.7
28709Clara III M55 2 attacked playerFriedrich D.Große I5095101035365464Devils Trident13.5
33827H Zottel 2.0 DZottel52849810487190917Devils Trident28.1
2325Cäsar II M55 attacked playerFriedrich D.Große I5185081062065464Devils Trident19.7
233H SangerhausenZottel51649910640190917Devils Trident16.0
7455H Zottel 1.7 DZottel51850810732190917Devils Trident19.7
399Winkelgasse attacked playerMachi949452410906136313Devils Trident24.7
5475Take Five sleeping playerkarolina.l5214831118761990Indomita27.0
4688Durmstrang attacked playerMachi950049811461136313Devils Trident2.0
3747H Zottel 1.3 CZottel49352211525190917Devils Trident23.1
29244Clara III M55 3 attacked playerFriedrich D.Große I5255001158665464Devils Trident25.0
26602H Zottel 1.1 CZottel51252311873190917Devils Trident25.9
28062Clara III M55 attacked playerFriedrich D.Große I5125081191965464Devils Trident14.4
256H Zottel 1.6 EZottel51649911977190917Devils Trident16.0
196H Zottel 1.5 EZottel51649912105190917Devils Trident16.0
3465Zonkos Scherzartikel attacked playerMachi951149912129136313Devils Trident11.0
29846H Zottel 1.9 CZottel52849812311190917Devils Trident28.1
19790Matador 058 sleeping playercakir I52947712357107850Monks37.0
7418Fuchsbau attacked playerMachi950049812544136313Devils Trident2.0
11822Gringotts attacked playerMachi950351613046136313Devils Trident16.3
736Malfoy Manor attacked playerMachi947752213242136313Devils Trident31.8
264Hogwarts attacked playerMachi948151913889136313Devils Trident26.9
11302Grimmauldplatz attacked playerMachi950551514415136313Devils Trident15.8
6179A 06 gf sleeping playerZottel17115275151510746861Pinky and the Brain30.9
24A 01.1 gf sleeping playerZottel17115215101731046861Pinky and the Brain23.3

Players list: Thogros; Zottel; Friedrich D.Große I; Sweeper; Machi9; karolina.l; cakir I; Zottel1711
[town]20706[/town] 7496pts [player]Thogros[/player] 472/482 33.3
[town]3451[/town] 8848pts [player]Zottel[/player] 518/508 19.7
[town]5365[/town] 9338pts [player]Friedrich D.Große I[/player] 518/508 19.7
[town]24178[/town] 10077pts [player]Sweeper[/player] 528/501 28.0
[town]17159[/town] 10102pts [player]Sweeper[/player] 517/513 21.4
[town]4214[/town] 10224pts [player]Zottel[/player] 518/508 19.7
[town]7926[/town] 10328pts [player]Zottel[/player] 518/508 19.7
[town]28709[/town] 10353pts [player]Friedrich D.Große I[/player] 509/510 13.5
[town]33827[/town] 10487pts [player]Zottel[/player] 528/498 28.1
[town]2325[/town] 10620pts [player]Friedrich D.Große I[/player] 518/508 19.7
[town]233[/town] 10640pts [player]Zottel[/player] 516/499 16.0
[town]7455[/town] 10732pts [player]Zottel[/player] 518/508 19.7
[town]399[/town] 10906pts [player]Machi9[/player] 494/524 24.7
[town]5475[/town] 11187pts [player]karolina.l[/player] 521/483 27.0
[town]4688[/town] 11461pts [player]Machi9[/player] 500/498 2.0
[town]3747[/town] 11525pts [player]Zottel[/player] 493/522 23.1
[town]29244[/town] 11586pts [player]Friedrich D.Große I[/player] 525/500 25.0
[town]26602[/town] 11873pts [player]Zottel[/player] 512/523 25.9
[town]28062[/town] 11919pts [player]Friedrich D.Große I[/player] 512/508 14.4
[town]256[/town] 11977pts [player]Zottel[/player] 516/499 16.0
[town]196[/town] 12105pts [player]Zottel[/player] 516/499 16.0
[town]3465[/town] 12129pts [player]Machi9[/player] 511/499 11.0
[town]29846[/town] 12311pts [player]Zottel[/player] 528/498 28.1
[town]19790[/town] 12357pts [player]cakir I[/player] 529/477 37.0
[town]7418[/town] 12544pts [player]Machi9[/player] 500/498 2.0
[town]11822[/town] 13046pts [player]Machi9[/player] 503/516 16.3
[town]736[/town] 13242pts [player]Machi9[/player] 477/522 31.8
[town]264[/town] 13889pts [player]Machi9[/player] 481/519 26.9
[town]11302[/town] 14415pts [player]Machi9[/player] 505/515 15.8
[town]6179[/town] 15107pts [player]Zottel1711[/player] 527/515 30.9
[town]24[/town] 17310pts [player]Zottel1711[/player] 521/510 23.3

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.