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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
3735Handelsposten02 sleeping playerKinKhao509471815619017---30.4
5760Covadonga sleeping playergustavianus513499819342428Goldschürfer des Ares13.0
3597FuchsSyramia5044768348171928why not24.3
728Nichtskönner xD only one grepolis town-ToX-49747390259025---27.2
6981So viel Langeweile? only one grepolis town attacked playerHovispike4965181016910169Hexenclub18.4
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294Luft nehm ich euch sleeping player*LeTz FeTz*4924861045424232Mit viel Reden16.1
179425 WeidendorfLieblingsfritte4715231049621225Mit viel Reden37.0
84A03-F2Pmrblank50851611308109538Mit viel Reden17.9
14846B03-F2Pmrblank49252511316109538Mit viel Reden26.2
14849B02-F2Pmrblank49252511316109538Mit viel Reden26.2
14854B01-F2Pmrblank49252511316109538Mit viel Reden26.2
5346A04-F2Pmrblank52351912140109538Mit viel Reden29.8
3587RitzelGeschwader I sleeping playerGetriebe5044761245878024Alpakagang24.3
1555A01-F2Pmrblank52352513344109538Mit viel Reden34.0
137immernoch für ente attacked playerKannibale in Zivil50549415539135283Kannis Chaos Club7.8
1550001Tiltlord5235251570585039Mit viel Reden34.0
4694003Tiltlord5255161571085039Mit viel Reden29.7
3881002Tiltlord5185221581085039Mit viel Reden28.4
951Berserker 001Rosarot5164711586494085*Spielverderber*33.1
508Da bin ich und Nervesolentuna4895001590341020why not11.0
12Lets get it onvehxagon4944781609020017Mit viel Reden22.8

Players list: KinKhao; gustavianus; Syramia; -ToX-; Hovispike; *LeTz FeTz*; Lieblingsfritte; mrblank; Rosarot; Getriebe; Kannibale in Zivil; Tiltlord; solentuna; vehxagon
[town]3735[/town] 8156pts [player]KinKhao[/player] 509/471 30.4
[town]5760[/town] 8193pts [player]gustavianus[/player] 513/499 13.0
[town]3597[/town] 8348pts [player]Syramia[/player] 504/476 24.3
[town]728[/town] 9025pts [player]-ToX-[/player] 497/473 27.2
[town]6981[/town] 10169pts [player]Hovispike[/player] 496/518 18.4
[town]294[/town] 10454pts [player]*LeTz FeTz*[/player] 492/486 16.1
[town]1794[/town] 10496pts [player]Lieblingsfritte[/player] 471/523 37.0
[town]84[/town] 11308pts [player]mrblank[/player] 508/516 17.9
[town]14846[/town] 11316pts [player]mrblank[/player] 492/525 26.2
[town]14849[/town] 11316pts [player]mrblank[/player] 492/525 26.2
[town]14854[/town] 11316pts [player]mrblank[/player] 492/525 26.2
[town]5053[/town] 12027pts [player]Rosarot[/player] 475/503 25.2
[town]5346[/town] 12140pts [player]mrblank[/player] 523/519 29.8
[town]5543[/town] 12153pts [player]Rosarot[/player] 475/503 25.2
[town]3587[/town] 12458pts [player]Getriebe[/player] 504/476 24.3
[town]1555[/town] 13344pts [player]mrblank[/player] 523/525 34.0
[town]137[/town] 15539pts [player]Kannibale in Zivil[/player] 505/494 7.8
[town]1550[/town] 15705pts [player]Tiltlord[/player] 523/525 34.0
[town]4694[/town] 15710pts [player]Tiltlord[/player] 525/516 29.7
[town]3881[/town] 15810pts [player]Tiltlord[/player] 518/522 28.4
[town]951[/town] 15864pts [player]Rosarot[/player] 516/471 33.1
[town]508[/town] 15903pts [player]solentuna[/player] 489/500 11.0
[town]12[/town] 16090pts [player]vehxagon[/player] 494/478 22.8

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.