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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
113M44-002OS sleepingHeros of SRB4994837059197520Reiter der Apokalypse17.0
28076Baralopulos sleeping111samson5184908352159902Reiter der Apokalypse20.6
190Banger Town 03 sleeping111samson51849010429159902Reiter der Apokalypse20.6
21676Daranui sleeping111samson52149410448159902Reiter der Apokalypse21.8
275Heliokropolis sleeping111samson51849010592159902Reiter der Apokalypse20.6
23337M44 RANTANNENOrlando164804881107765767Reiter der Apokalypse23.3
15135Banger Town 02 sleeping111samson52149411557159902Reiter der Apokalypse21.8
65Tiefseeabgrund II sleeping111samson51849011831159902Reiter der Apokalypse20.6
155M54 Sin City II sleeping111samson51849012000159902Reiter der Apokalypse20.6
92M44-006VD sleepingHeros of SRB49948312167197520Reiter der Apokalypse17.0
48Nettelrede sleeping111samson51849012400159902Reiter der Apokalypse20.6
2325544 Hamburg sleepingPfärdl49448512443109368Reiter der Apokalypse16.2
5049M44 LOKIOrlando164854861244765767Reiter der Apokalypse20.5
29557M44 JOLINAROrlando164804881277965767Reiter der Apokalypse23.3
118M44-001O sleepingHeros of SRB49948312974197520Reiter der Apokalypse17.0
19180M54-010HD sleepingHeros of SRB50547713600197520Reiter der Apokalypse23.5
17554-03-01Marcus Cato50948013875185290Reiter der Apokalypse21.9
330M44-003OT sleepingHeros of SRB49948314106197520Reiter der Apokalypse17.0
40010G-Sammler-PMarcus Cato51549615045185290Reiter der Apokalypse15.5
35012Prondusiumaiingie48348215130126690Legio St Vitus24.8
83DE82 Hellsingratil4725021566960710Legio St Vitus28.1
405M44-008VT sleepingHeros of SRB49948316194197520Reiter der Apokalypse17.0
24805M44-005OT sleepingHeros of SRB49448516297197520Reiter der Apokalypse16.2
131M55-007OS sleepingHeros of SRB49948316349197520Reiter der Apokalypse17.0
402M44-009VT sleepingHeros of SRB49948317630197520Reiter der Apokalypse17.0
101M54-013DT sleepingHeros of SRB50149717786197520Reiter der Apokalypse3.2
106M44-004OT sleepingHeros of SRB49948317786197520Reiter der Apokalypse17.0
187M54-011DT sleepingHeros of SRB50149717786197520Reiter der Apokalypse3.2
484409-Dortmund sleepingsebastian186050452617786156415---26.3
8067M54-012DT sleepingHeros of SRB50149717786197520Reiter der Apokalypse3.2

Players list: Heros of SRB; 111samson; Orlando16; Pfärdl; Marcus Cato; aiingie; ratil; sebastian1860
[town]113[/town] 7059pts [player]Heros of SRB[/player] 499/483 17.0
[town]28076[/town] 8352pts [player]111samson[/player] 518/490 20.6
[town]190[/town] 10429pts [player]111samson[/player] 518/490 20.6
[town]21676[/town] 10448pts [player]111samson[/player] 521/494 21.8
[town]275[/town] 10592pts [player]111samson[/player] 518/490 20.6
[town]23337[/town] 11077pts [player]Orlando16[/player] 480/488 23.3
[town]15135[/town] 11557pts [player]111samson[/player] 521/494 21.8
[town]65[/town] 11831pts [player]111samson[/player] 518/490 20.6
[town]155[/town] 12000pts [player]111samson[/player] 518/490 20.6
[town]92[/town] 12167pts [player]Heros of SRB[/player] 499/483 17.0
[town]48[/town] 12400pts [player]111samson[/player] 518/490 20.6
[town]23255[/town] 12443pts [player]Pfärdl[/player] 494/485 16.2
[town]5049[/town] 12447pts [player]Orlando16[/player] 485/486 20.5
[town]29557[/town] 12779pts [player]Orlando16[/player] 480/488 23.3
[town]118[/town] 12974pts [player]Heros of SRB[/player] 499/483 17.0
[town]19180[/town] 13600pts [player]Heros of SRB[/player] 505/477 23.5
[town]175[/town] 13875pts [player]Marcus Cato[/player] 509/480 21.9
[town]330[/town] 14106pts [player]Heros of SRB[/player] 499/483 17.0
[town]40010[/town] 15045pts [player]Marcus Cato[/player] 515/496 15.5
[town]35012[/town] 15130pts [player]aiingie[/player] 483/482 24.8
[town]83[/town] 15669pts [player]ratil[/player] 472/502 28.1
[town]405[/town] 16194pts [player]Heros of SRB[/player] 499/483 17.0
[town]24805[/town] 16297pts [player]Heros of SRB[/player] 494/485 16.2
[town]131[/town] 16349pts [player]Heros of SRB[/player] 499/483 17.0
[town]402[/town] 17630pts [player]Heros of SRB[/player] 499/483 17.0
[town]101[/town] 17786pts [player]Heros of SRB[/player] 501/497 3.2
[town]106[/town] 17786pts [player]Heros of SRB[/player] 499/483 17.0
[town]187[/town] 17786pts [player]Heros of SRB[/player] 501/497 3.2
[town]4844[/town] 17786pts [player]sebastian1860[/player] 504/526 26.3
[town]8067[/town] 17786pts [player]Heros of SRB[/player] 501/497 3.2

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.