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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
4578Lufias StadtZwerg Nase 14905097999164685Gummibärenbande13.5
45934Nase 1Zwerg Nase 14845068531164685Gummibärenbande17.1
6852Schlurf onetown sleepingdenkste0348049889708970---20.1
9577SpielwieseZwerg Nase 14905099028164685Gummibärenbande13.5
5356SpielplatzZwerg Nase 149050210781164685Gummibärenbande10.2
8525SpasskasseZwerg Nase 149250510794164685Gummibärenbande9.4
4528004 sleepingEddardstark 9548549210945138335Quietscheentchen of Doom17.0
7731ke aiZwerg Nase 149250510969164685Gummibärenbande9.4
7412PlayerZwerg Nase 149250512081164685Gummibärenbande9.4
19110ZockerZwerg Nase 148450612245164685Gummibärenbande17.1
4538008 sleepingEddardstark 9551448812290138335Quietscheentchen of Doom18.4
6286106 sleepingEddardstark 9551950612291138335Quietscheentchen of Doom19.9
3913Winterfell -54-Auxesia231251448812659171122Domina of Quietschenten18.4
281EaglesZwerg Nase 150050413115164685Gummibärenbande4.0
383SantanaZwerg Nase 150050413129164685Gummibärenbande4.0
7301RamonesZwerg Nase 149250513232164685Gummibärenbande9.4
96Rolling StonesZwerg Nase 149851013308164685Gummibärenbande10.2
190Stimmen im Wind 54Auxesia231251948713341171122Domina of Quietschenten23.0
11863105 sleepingEddardstark 9551950613414138335Quietscheentchen of Doom19.9
163E Wohin willst DuAuxesia231251248313428171122Domina of Quietschenten20.8
7330SpielpalastZwerg Nase 149250513868164685Gummibärenbande9.4
626E End of All HopeAuxesia231251248314069171122Domina of Quietschenten20.8
6696103 sleepingEddardstark 9551450614212138335Quietscheentchen of Doom15.2
4682104 sleepingEddardstark 9551450614222138335Quietscheentchen of Doom15.2
342Leo AugustusLeonnatos4984931423556124Domina of Quietschenten7.3
154107 sleepingEddardstark 9551550914288138335Quietscheentchen of Doom17.5
4978Ich und du onetown sleepingkralle24984911449814498---9.2
397Leo ImperatorLeonnatos4984931513256124Domina of Quietschenten7.3
48109 sleepingEddardstark 9551550916385138335Quietscheentchen of Doom17.5
6612102 sleepingEddardstark 9551450616466138335Quietscheentchen of Doom15.2

Players list: Zwerg Nase 1; denkste03; Eddardstark 95; Auxesia2312; Leonnatos; kralle2
[town]4578[/town] 7999pts [player]Zwerg Nase 1[/player] 490/509 13.5
[town]45934[/town] 8531pts [player]Zwerg Nase 1[/player] 484/506 17.1
[town]6852[/town] 8970pts [player]denkste03[/player] 480/498 20.1
[town]9577[/town] 9028pts [player]Zwerg Nase 1[/player] 490/509 13.5
[town]5356[/town] 10781pts [player]Zwerg Nase 1[/player] 490/502 10.2
[town]8525[/town] 10794pts [player]Zwerg Nase 1[/player] 492/505 9.4
[town]4528[/town] 10945pts [player]Eddardstark 95[/player] 485/492 17.0
[town]7731[/town] 10969pts [player]Zwerg Nase 1[/player] 492/505 9.4
[town]7412[/town] 12081pts [player]Zwerg Nase 1[/player] 492/505 9.4
[town]19110[/town] 12245pts [player]Zwerg Nase 1[/player] 484/506 17.1
[town]4538[/town] 12290pts [player]Eddardstark 95[/player] 514/488 18.4
[town]6286[/town] 12291pts [player]Eddardstark 95[/player] 519/506 19.9
[town]3913[/town] 12659pts [player]Auxesia2312[/player] 514/488 18.4
[town]281[/town] 13115pts [player]Zwerg Nase 1[/player] 500/504 4.0
[town]383[/town] 13129pts [player]Zwerg Nase 1[/player] 500/504 4.0
[town]7301[/town] 13232pts [player]Zwerg Nase 1[/player] 492/505 9.4
[town]96[/town] 13308pts [player]Zwerg Nase 1[/player] 498/510 10.2
[town]190[/town] 13341pts [player]Auxesia2312[/player] 519/487 23.0
[town]11863[/town] 13414pts [player]Eddardstark 95[/player] 519/506 19.9
[town]163[/town] 13428pts [player]Auxesia2312[/player] 512/483 20.8
[town]7330[/town] 13868pts [player]Zwerg Nase 1[/player] 492/505 9.4
[town]626[/town] 14069pts [player]Auxesia2312[/player] 512/483 20.8
[town]6696[/town] 14212pts [player]Eddardstark 95[/player] 514/506 15.2
[town]4682[/town] 14222pts [player]Eddardstark 95[/player] 514/506 15.2
[town]342[/town] 14235pts [player]Leonnatos[/player] 498/493 7.3
[town]154[/town] 14288pts [player]Eddardstark 95[/player] 515/509 17.5
[town]4978[/town] 14498pts [player]kralle2[/player] 498/491 9.2
[town]397[/town] 15132pts [player]Leonnatos[/player] 498/493 7.3
[town]48[/town] 16385pts [player]Eddardstark 95[/player] 515/509 17.5
[town]6612[/town] 16466pts [player]Eddardstark 95[/player] 514/506 15.2

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.