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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
14024Ville de bolosse 4l architect513473513322776le clan des loups30.0
6775Ville de Magique-Boy 4LIB674914955734144083ONES10.3
614354.01 ca brullefredu344965206188121360La force Carpe Diem20.4
13045Baba hum romefredu345145046204121360La force Carpe Diem14.6
12146PET 1LIB674984976326144083ONES3.6
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19192PET 2LIB674934926650144083ONES10.6
6784Baba Oh romefredu344965206710121360La force Carpe Diem20.4
85Castafiorefredu345005176829121360La force Carpe Diem17.0
28535Ville de SALAMANDE 4SALAMANDE5055207023142579le clan des loups20.6
9153GORD 1LIB674944867330144083ONES15.2
28537Ville de SALAMANDE 5SALAMANDE5055207342142579le clan des loups20.6
6936ville de xana FLIB674965077409144083ONES8.1
751804 - ouba ouba only one grepolis townMooD51052781008100---28.8
7501topazeSALAMANDE5284988814142579le clan des loups28.1
6785BEN 11LIB675044869953144083ONES14.6
20413Ville de SALAMANDESALAMANDE51052310290142579le clan des loups25.1
21101Ville de SALAMANDE 3SALAMANDE51052310298142579le clan des loups25.1
6563c a ilo tf * attacked playerbolog5194901074945926Maison Gloutonne21.5
20434Ville de SALAMANDE 2SALAMANDE51052311004142579le clan des loups25.1
5621BEN 3LIB6749049711312144083ONES10.4
5239Non Bxanatos151850011883175601le clan des loups18.0
14797xanatos 1 D bastxanatos152948612097175601le clan des loups32.2
14673chio 54frederic le conquerant5024901235281741Les Banquiers Goldent10.2
6445Brugge fxanatos148448712965175601le clan des loups20.6
15425xanatos1 D bas 2xanatos152948613464175601le clan des loups32.2
5385BEN 4LIB6749050615719144083ONES11.7
15163xanatos1 V 2xanatos151650115797175601le clan des loups16.0
7815chio 44LIB6749349216183144083ONES10.6
9014BEN 10LIB6750150116542144083ONES1.4
5861BEN 8LIB6749950016857144083ONES1.0
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Players list: l architect; LIB67; fredu34; SALAMANDE; MooD; bolog; xanatos1; frederic le conquerant
[town]14024[/town] 5133pts [player]l architect[/player] 513/473 30.0
[town]6775[/town] 5734pts [player]LIB67[/player] 491/495 10.3
[town]6143[/town] 6188pts [player]fredu34[/player] 496/520 20.4
[town]13045[/town] 6204pts [player]fredu34[/player] 514/504 14.6
[town]12146[/town] 6326pts [player]LIB67[/player] 498/497 3.6
[town]19192[/town] 6650pts [player]LIB67[/player] 493/492 10.6
[town]6784[/town] 6710pts [player]fredu34[/player] 496/520 20.4
[town]85[/town] 6829pts [player]fredu34[/player] 500/517 17.0
[town]28535[/town] 7023pts [player]SALAMANDE[/player] 505/520 20.6
[town]9153[/town] 7330pts [player]LIB67[/player] 494/486 15.2
[town]28537[/town] 7342pts [player]SALAMANDE[/player] 505/520 20.6
[town]6936[/town] 7409pts [player]LIB67[/player] 496/507 8.1
[town]7518[/town] 8100pts [player]MooD[/player] 510/527 28.8
[town]7501[/town] 8814pts [player]SALAMANDE[/player] 528/498 28.1
[town]6785[/town] 9953pts [player]LIB67[/player] 504/486 14.6
[town]20413[/town] 10290pts [player]SALAMANDE[/player] 510/523 25.1
[town]21101[/town] 10298pts [player]SALAMANDE[/player] 510/523 25.1
[town]6563[/town] 10749pts [player]bolog[/player] 519/490 21.5
[town]20434[/town] 11004pts [player]SALAMANDE[/player] 510/523 25.1
[town]5621[/town] 11312pts [player]LIB67[/player] 490/497 10.4
[town]5239[/town] 11883pts [player]xanatos1[/player] 518/500 18.0
[town]14797[/town] 12097pts [player]xanatos1[/player] 529/486 32.2
[town]14673[/town] 12352pts [player]frederic le conquerant[/player] 502/490 10.2
[town]6445[/town] 12965pts [player]xanatos1[/player] 484/487 20.6
[town]15425[/town] 13464pts [player]xanatos1[/player] 529/486 32.2
[town]5385[/town] 15719pts [player]LIB67[/player] 490/506 11.7
[town]15163[/town] 15797pts [player]xanatos1[/player] 516/501 16.0
[town]7815[/town] 16183pts [player]LIB67[/player] 493/492 10.6
[town]9014[/town] 16542pts [player]LIB67[/player] 501/501 1.4
[town]5861[/town] 16857pts [player]LIB67[/player] 499/500 1.0

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.