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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
5298568koyote's city 14SKTT1KALISTA5075255825170957FAT PENGUINS26.0
5290768koyote's city 11SKTT1KALISTA5075257922170957FAT PENGUINS26.0
5295768koyote's city 13SKTT1KALISTA5075258135170957FAT PENGUINS26.0
868O45.Kevin TranSKTT1KALISTA4935199500170957FAT PENGUINS20.2
7597004-R sleepingHabitualliar519512991133609Ghost Busters22.5
12477300000 4Lea33526513998164317Bad w Names Old School29.1
627Doc 13zazou0050649110133166254Bad w Names Old School10.8
8110Badger's ToothSKTT1KALISTA52552110738170957FAT PENGUINS32.6
597What's up Doczazou0051548710936166254Bad w Names Old School19.8
19722096. Bad Intentions sleepingHabitualliar5195121120933609Ghost Busters22.5
7632Badger's TailSKTT1KALISTA52552111922170957FAT PENGUINS32.6
9986O45.CastielSKTT1KALISTA49351912193170957FAT PENGUINS20.2
470Beautyzazou0050649112264166254Bad w Names Old School10.8
554Shir0ezazou0050649112386166254Bad w Names Old School10.8
9265Bigouzazou0050748712708166254Bad w Names Old School14.8
62PromisesCalistus51949812771109566Bad w Names Old School19.1
9310Lesathchagaludonogama4984981283669093Bad w Names Old School2.8
109Ghost sleepingVoldemort934984981300433040Bedtime Squad2.8
50709O45.Gordon WalkerSKTT1KALISTA49351713054170957FAT PENGUINS18.4
52Volt sleepingVoldemort934984981370133040Bedtime Squad2.8
148Not so good playerzazou0050649114136166254Bad w Names Old School10.8
124Solozazou0050748714340166254Bad w Names Old School14.8
352NomeCalistus52049114406109566Bad w Names Old School21.9
398001 sleepingRas Ad4984981445773579---2.8
651002 sleepingRas Ad5034951445773579---5.8
96004 sleepingRas Ad5074871449173579---14.8
522lovelyzazou0050649114493166254Bad w Names Old School10.8
213-I'll Be There for Yzazou0050649114850166254Bad w Names Old School10.8
279040-SolCalistus50649115117109566Bad w Names Old School10.8

Players list: SKTT1KALISTA; Habitualliar; Lea33; zazou00; Calistus; chagaludonogama; Voldemort93; Ras Ad
[town]52985[/town] 5825pts [player]SKTT1KALISTA[/player] 507/525 26.0
[town]52907[/town] 7922pts [player]SKTT1KALISTA[/player] 507/525 26.0
[town]52957[/town] 8135pts [player]SKTT1KALISTA[/player] 507/525 26.0
[town]868[/town] 9500pts [player]SKTT1KALISTA[/player] 493/519 20.2
[town]7597[/town] 9911pts [player]Habitualliar[/player] 519/512 22.5
[town]12477[/town] 9981pts [player]Lea33[/player] 526/513 29.1
[town]627[/town] 10133pts [player]zazou00[/player] 506/491 10.8
[town]8110[/town] 10738pts [player]SKTT1KALISTA[/player] 525/521 32.6
[town]597[/town] 10936pts [player]zazou00[/player] 515/487 19.8
[town]19722[/town] 11209pts [player]Habitualliar[/player] 519/512 22.5
[town]7632[/town] 11922pts [player]SKTT1KALISTA[/player] 525/521 32.6
[town]9986[/town] 12193pts [player]SKTT1KALISTA[/player] 493/519 20.2
[town]470[/town] 12264pts [player]zazou00[/player] 506/491 10.8
[town]554[/town] 12386pts [player]zazou00[/player] 506/491 10.8
[town]9265[/town] 12708pts [player]zazou00[/player] 507/487 14.8
[town]62[/town] 12771pts [player]Calistus[/player] 519/498 19.1
[town]9310[/town] 12836pts [player]chagaludonogama[/player] 498/498 2.8
[town]109[/town] 13004pts [player]Voldemort93[/player] 498/498 2.8
[town]50709[/town] 13054pts [player]SKTT1KALISTA[/player] 493/517 18.4
[town]52[/town] 13701pts [player]Voldemort93[/player] 498/498 2.8
[town]148[/town] 14136pts [player]zazou00[/player] 506/491 10.8
[town]124[/town] 14340pts [player]zazou00[/player] 507/487 14.8
[town]352[/town] 14406pts [player]Calistus[/player] 520/491 21.9
[town]398[/town] 14457pts [player]Ras Ad[/player] 498/498 2.8
[town]651[/town] 14457pts [player]Ras Ad[/player] 503/495 5.8
[town]96[/town] 14491pts [player]Ras Ad[/player] 507/487 14.8
[town]522[/town] 14493pts [player]zazou00[/player] 506/491 10.8
[town]213[/town] 14850pts [player]zazou00[/player] 506/491 10.8
[town]279[/town] 15117pts [player]Calistus[/player] 506/491 10.8

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.