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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
13957O55.01.001 attacked playerWhitewiz1507527503924179Diamon Legion SC27.9
22056Gold trading 45b attacked playerLana98490508513862693Here for Gold12.8
1486208 Chania attacked playernicabh521529515198487Nomen Nescio SC35.8
8970Up And attacked playerAura Dione5114955301146012Legion XIII12.1
23387m.13 attacked playermark8y487473540078411Mad Bad Scantily Clad30.0
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24282catbob5's city 2 attacked playercatbob5474480559125788Sons of Sparta32.8
809Since When ? attacked playercomodesti492474576059157Kingdom Of Heaven27.2
20061Gold Trading 45a attacked playerLana98490508633262693Here for Gold12.8
24262IronFist attacked playerBaraDuru iti pupa curu4995047001141755Nomen Nescio SC4.1
24482Olympus attacked playerBaraDuru iti pupa curu5035157031141755Nomen Nescio SC15.3
23924thunder attacked playertariq4864907294101457Legion XIII17.2
5911Lesbos attacked playerEntheos72504478735536455Sons of Sparta22.4
1081Heaven's Gate attacked playerDog House491476736081570Kingdom Of Heaven25.6
739Q9I attacked playerquincy1515035157441106637Nomen Nescio SC15.3
770355-Madre de Deus attacked playeradamastor511499797283717---11.0
99311. Borgarnes attacked playerBaldur855154717982183859Kingdom of No Ones32.6
443454 Apro Markus attacked playerAprodisios5124788122141170Kingdom of No Ones25.1
16325Silver-Birch attacked playerThrall585174758332139459Kingdom of No Ones30.2
539Andromeda attacked playerQue45264908395113460Kingdom of No Ones27.9
1423o44 benton attacked playerbezit474480853595957Kingdom of No Ones32.8
679Death Row attacked playerQue45224778598113460Kingdom of No Ones31.8
2250444 Apro's city 3 attacked playerAprodisios4954818614141170Kingdom of No Ones19.6
15927bezit's city attacked playerbezit492474861695957Kingdom of No Ones27.2
405Oak-Heart attacked playerThrall585224778676139459Kingdom of No Ones31.8
23697Galba attacked playerTopferret525520877655096Nomen Nescio SC32.0
14544City attacked playerAura Dione5194908800146012Legion XIII21.5
23698Otho attacked playerTopferret520523897055096Nomen Nescio SC30.5
23951catbob5's city attacked playercatbob5474480906025788Sons of Sparta32.8
630Gateway attacked playerThrall585224779114139459Kingdom of No Ones31.8
22085Cod5401 attacked playerHenry The Navigator514497926969178War of Kings14.3
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17498N.W.A attacked playerQue45034719394113460Kingdom of No Ones29.2
20759Gourdian-Knot attacked playerThrall585214739459139459Kingdom of No Ones34.2
864Rumpy pumpy attacked playeradg19635154719661124288Mad Bad Scantily Clad32.6
999Epidamnus attacked playerQue45124789669113460Kingdom of No Ones25.1
30144 Here We Go Again attacked playerDog House495481969681570Kingdom Of Heaven19.6
24319Cod5403 attacked playerHenry The Navigator513481973069178War of Kings23.0
505Broken-Tooth attacked playerThrall5852247710048139459Kingdom of No Ones31.8
140Cod5402 attacked playerHenry The Navigator5144971011069178War of Kings14.3
1040The-Rookery attacked playerThrall5852147310571139459Kingdom of No Ones34.2
396My City attacked playerNateGtrMan251651810621137427Nomen Nescio SC24.1
850StaraMtka 03N attacked playerQue449147610942113460Kingdom of No Ones25.6
22585Megara attacked playerDog House4744801098081570Kingdom Of Heaven32.8
509Ravens-Nest attacked playerThrall5852247711043139459Kingdom of No Ones31.8
404White-Willow attacked playerThrall5852247711115139459Kingdom of No Ones31.8
11807. Keflavik attacked playerBaldur8551348111201183859Kingdom of No Ones23.0
2072354 2 Cal attacked playerGSatina5124781124323491---25.1
22096Hornbeam attacked playerThrall5852147311384139459Kingdom of No Ones34.2
101909. Gardur attacked playerBaldur8551747511400183859Kingdom of No Ones30.2
419Dutch-Elm attacked playerThrall5851247811522139459Kingdom of No Ones25.1
153Early Doors attacked playerQue451348111527113460Kingdom of No Ones23.0
79406. Njardvik attacked playerBaldur8551247811851183859Kingdom of No Ones25.1
4650SP1 attacked player300 sparta5254841186732124Knights Templar29.7
42544 River Tam attacked playerDog House4924741202581570Kingdom Of Heaven27.2
3232Q8I attacked playerquincy15150351512242106637Nomen Nescio SC15.3
60054.Trileus attacked playerGSatina5124781224823491---25.1
6914Tomtoffel's city attacked playerTomtoffel4795141238169695Valar Morghulis25.2
9208KRONUS54-1 attacked playerDEMONSBREATH51949012515106282Legion XIII21.5
8266adg1963's city 3 attacked playeradg196352747212595124288Mad Bad Scantily Clad38.9
14283DeadEnd attacked playerDog House4944801351781570Kingdom Of Heaven20.9
85644.42 attacked playerbezit4924741364295957Kingdom of No Ones27.2
965554 Algiers attacked playerAprodisios52148013798141170Kingdom of No Ones29.0
4448Beer Cellar of KoH attacked playerbultaurus49947415001154298Legion XIII26.0
6365KRONUS54 attacked playerDEMONSBREATH51949016693106282Legion XIII21.5

Players list: Whitewiz1; Lana98; nicabh; Aura Dione; mark8y; catbob5; comodesti; BaraDuru iti pupa curu; tariq; Entheos72; Dog House; quincy151; adamastor; Baldur85; Aprodisios; Thrall58; Que4; bezit; Topferret; Henry The Navigator; adg1963; NateGtrMan2; GSatina; 300 sparta; Tomtoffel; DEMONSBREATH; bultaurus
[town]13957[/town] 5039pts [player]Whitewiz1[/player] 507/527 27.9
[town]22056[/town] 5138pts [player]Lana98[/player] 490/508 12.8
[town]14862[/town] 5151pts [player]nicabh[/player] 521/529 35.8
[town]8970[/town] 5301pts [player]Aura Dione[/player] 511/495 12.1
[town]23387[/town] 5400pts [player]mark8y[/player] 487/473 30.0
[town]24282[/town] 5591pts [player]catbob5[/player] 474/480 32.8
[town]809[/town] 5760pts [player]comodesti[/player] 492/474 27.2
[town]20061[/town] 6332pts [player]Lana98[/player] 490/508 12.8
[town]24262[/town] 7001pts [player]BaraDuru iti pupa curu[/player] 499/504 4.1
[town]24482[/town] 7031pts [player]BaraDuru iti pupa curu[/player] 503/515 15.3
[town]23924[/town] 7294pts [player]tariq[/player] 486/490 17.2
[town]5911[/town] 7355pts [player]Entheos72[/player] 504/478 22.4
[town]1081[/town] 7360pts [player]Dog House[/player] 491/476 25.6
[town]739[/town] 7441pts [player]quincy151[/player] 503/515 15.3
[town]7703[/town] 7972pts [player]adamastor[/player] 511/499 11.0
[town]993[/town] 7982pts [player]Baldur85[/player] 515/471 32.6
[town]4434[/town] 8122pts [player]Aprodisios[/player] 512/478 25.1
[town]16325[/town] 8332pts [player]Thrall58[/player] 517/475 30.2
[town]539[/town] 8395pts [player]Que4[/player] 526/490 27.9
[town]1423[/town] 8535pts [player]bezit[/player] 474/480 32.8
[town]679[/town] 8598pts [player]Que4[/player] 522/477 31.8
[town]22504[/town] 8614pts [player]Aprodisios[/player] 495/481 19.6
[town]15927[/town] 8616pts [player]bezit[/player] 492/474 27.2
[town]405[/town] 8676pts [player]Thrall58[/player] 522/477 31.8
[town]23697[/town] 8776pts [player]Topferret[/player] 525/520 32.0
[town]14544[/town] 8800pts [player]Aura Dione[/player] 519/490 21.5
[town]23698[/town] 8970pts [player]Topferret[/player] 520/523 30.5
[town]23951[/town] 9060pts [player]catbob5[/player] 474/480 32.8
[town]630[/town] 9114pts [player]Thrall58[/player] 522/477 31.8
[town]22085[/town] 9269pts [player]Henry The Navigator[/player] 514/497 14.3
[town]17498[/town] 9394pts [player]Que4[/player] 503/471 29.2
[town]20759[/town] 9459pts [player]Thrall58[/player] 521/473 34.2
[town]864[/town] 9661pts [player]adg1963[/player] 515/471 32.6
[town]999[/town] 9669pts [player]Que4[/player] 512/478 25.1
[town]301[/town] 9696pts [player]Dog House[/player] 495/481 19.6
[town]24319[/town] 9730pts [player]Henry The Navigator[/player] 513/481 23.0
[town]505[/town] 10048pts [player]Thrall58[/player] 522/477 31.8
[town]140[/town] 10110pts [player]Henry The Navigator[/player] 514/497 14.3
[town]1040[/town] 10571pts [player]Thrall58[/player] 521/473 34.2
[town]396[/town] 10621pts [player]NateGtrMan2[/player] 516/518 24.1
[town]850[/town] 10942pts [player]Que4[/player] 491/476 25.6
[town]22585[/town] 10980pts [player]Dog House[/player] 474/480 32.8
[town]509[/town] 11043pts [player]Thrall58[/player] 522/477 31.8
[town]404[/town] 11115pts [player]Thrall58[/player] 522/477 31.8
[town]118[/town] 11201pts [player]Baldur85[/player] 513/481 23.0
[town]20723[/town] 11243pts [player]GSatina[/player] 512/478 25.1
[town]22096[/town] 11384pts [player]Thrall58[/player] 521/473 34.2
[town]1019[/town] 11400pts [player]Baldur85[/player] 517/475 30.2
[town]419[/town] 11522pts [player]Thrall58[/player] 512/478 25.1
[town]153[/town] 11527pts [player]Que4[/player] 513/481 23.0
[town]794[/town] 11851pts [player]Baldur85[/player] 512/478 25.1
[town]4650[/town] 11867pts [player]300 sparta[/player] 525/484 29.7
[town]425[/town] 12025pts [player]Dog House[/player] 492/474 27.2
[town]3232[/town] 12242pts [player]quincy151[/player] 503/515 15.3
[town]600[/town] 12248pts [player]GSatina[/player] 512/478 25.1
[town]6914[/town] 12381pts [player]Tomtoffel[/player] 479/514 25.2
[town]9208[/town] 12515pts [player]DEMONSBREATH[/player] 519/490 21.5
[town]8266[/town] 12595pts [player]adg1963[/player] 527/472 38.9
[town]14283[/town] 13517pts [player]Dog House[/player] 494/480 20.9
[town]856[/town] 13642pts [player]bezit[/player] 492/474 27.2
[town]9655[/town] 13798pts [player]Aprodisios[/player] 521/480 29.0
[town]4448[/town] 15001pts [player]bultaurus[/player] 499/474 26.0
[town]6365[/town] 16693pts [player]DEMONSBREATH[/player] 519/490 21.5

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.