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IdTownPlayerXYTown score β–ΎPlayer scoreAllyDistance
29535Roofer's city 5Roofer5135237130101622---26.4
5512NE45 Pimping sleeping playerSimpingAintEasy491510746017881---13.5
28904Roofer's city 4Roofer5255297649101622---38.3
15637Battlebox 2 attacked playerbernardo the great499514948234081---14.0
16307brk Misterbrkovi50049010294195772Gold Traders10.0
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17088NE 45 Seaside resort sleeping playerSimpingAintEasy4915151042117881---17.5
4938Slumpi 012 only one grepolis town sleeping playerSlumpi5245171045310453---29.4
28840DOA 1 sleeping playerWelsh9451352311535194505ShadowKings26.4
12134brk E 003brkovi49749112716195772Gold Traders9.5
3533Elis 01 only one grepolis town attacked playerSir Knight 14864971281712817Gold Traders14.3
2076LOL inactive shmoker only one grepolis town attacked playerking of cheda4885031289712897More Fans of Ares12.4
4798brk Menidibrkovi51347313082195772Gold Traders30.0
1673807B Kiss Away Trail sleeping playerv4yianni5194741325458041---32.2
3570brk Thanksbrkovi51347313532195772Gold Traders30.0
9864brk 2brkovi48649713616195772Gold Traders14.3
4567brk Stonebrkovi49749113854195772Gold Traders9.5
3643Lemon Tetraantoine12345651650313931186475More Fans of Ares16.3
4049brk Katerinakibrkovi50049013956195772Gold Traders10.0
5424brkbrkovi48649714098195772Gold Traders14.3
965603 Band Of Skulls sleeping playerv4yianni5184821422558041---25.5
1068Gustad-durantoine12345651752814735186475More Fans of Ares32.8
15154Sarcasticantoine12345649749114762186475More Fans of Ares9.5
6075brk Rhodesbrkovi49950414897195772Gold Traders4.1
5079Ladyfishantoine12345650949715014186475More Fans of Ares9.5
2604A FeluciaThe Viper51051216306136449Fans of Ares15.6
5459mufc 01mufc196050149217786172540Fans of Ares8.1

Players list: Roofer; SimpingAintEasy; bernardo the great; brkovi; Slumpi; Welsh94; Sir Knight 1; king of cheda; v4yianni; antoine123456; The Viper; mufc1960
[town]29535[/town] 7130pts [player]Roofer[/player] 513/523 26.4
[town]5512[/town] 7460pts [player]SimpingAintEasy[/player] 491/510 13.5
[town]28904[/town] 7649pts [player]Roofer[/player] 525/529 38.3
[town]15637[/town] 9482pts [player]bernardo the great[/player] 499/514 14.0
[town]16307[/town] 10294pts [player]brkovi[/player] 500/490 10.0
[town]17088[/town] 10421pts [player]SimpingAintEasy[/player] 491/515 17.5
[town]4938[/town] 10453pts [player]Slumpi[/player] 524/517 29.4
[town]28840[/town] 11535pts [player]Welsh94[/player] 513/523 26.4
[town]12134[/town] 12716pts [player]brkovi[/player] 497/491 9.5
[town]3533[/town] 12817pts [player]Sir Knight 1[/player] 486/497 14.3
[town]2076[/town] 12897pts [player]king of cheda[/player] 488/503 12.4
[town]4798[/town] 13082pts [player]brkovi[/player] 513/473 30.0
[town]16738[/town] 13254pts [player]v4yianni[/player] 519/474 32.2
[town]3570[/town] 13532pts [player]brkovi[/player] 513/473 30.0
[town]9864[/town] 13616pts [player]brkovi[/player] 486/497 14.3
[town]4567[/town] 13854pts [player]brkovi[/player] 497/491 9.5
[town]3643[/town] 13931pts [player]antoine123456[/player] 516/503 16.3
[town]4049[/town] 13956pts [player]brkovi[/player] 500/490 10.0
[town]5424[/town] 14098pts [player]brkovi[/player] 486/497 14.3
[town]9656[/town] 14225pts [player]v4yianni[/player] 518/482 25.5
[town]1068[/town] 14735pts [player]antoine123456[/player] 517/528 32.8
[town]15154[/town] 14762pts [player]antoine123456[/player] 497/491 9.5
[town]6075[/town] 14897pts [player]brkovi[/player] 499/504 4.1
[town]5079[/town] 15014pts [player]antoine123456[/player] 509/497 9.5
[town]2604[/town] 16306pts [player]The Viper[/player] 510/512 15.6
[town]5459[/town] 17786pts [player]mufc1960[/player] 501/492 8.1

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.