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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
431GOMORRA attacked playerrober93496524623115004FORCE NORDIQUE24.3
2946007. MordheimDow El Negro503475755916226Enjoy The Silence25.2
1299102 sleeping playerelcheparz484524897573905---28.8
10848pk7 2 sleeping playerelcheparz491520947073905---21.9
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2178002. C de Pajabellum only one grepolis town attacked playerParabellum50951095719571*God Eaters*13.5
9130113 sleeping playerelcheparz490518964173905---20.6
9137114 sleeping playerelcheparz490518965473905---20.6
9242115 sleeping playerelcheparz485516965473905---21.9
1313608. UMBRELLA.44*UMBRELLA*474479980478330---33.4
187602 Ciudad de INVIDnando116051547210063104404---31.8
96802- valkyr sleeping player1portos49150710315142321---11.4
276204. YESID JR sleeping playerCAPITAN YESID JR4815031031560231Enjoy The Silence19.2
586703. YESID JR sleeping playerCAPITAN YESID JR4865011060160231Enjoy The Silence14.0
2027I.M55.Ciudad de mcpf sleeping playercaninma5045071066729873LA ORDEN DEL NORTE8.1
72134504.Endless only one grepolis town attacked playerCapitán Cocreto4855161096210962---21.9
962014.- Soy Dormilon sleeping playerigalvez4915071097427990---11.4
8976020 Palionimedes sleeping playerNO SE BRO48551611195126216---21.9
8330012 canuto sleeping playerNO SE BRO48951511609126216---18.6
7781018 katys olvidona sleeping playerNO SE BRO48951511687126216---18.6
99422 Sisoy attacked playerRodolfo Greo4735181176420999Mechas when32.4
100303- Ramses II sleeping player1portos48452411837142321---28.8
538202. YESID JR sleeping playerCAPITAN YESID JR4865011246360231Enjoy The Silence14.0
2290C. LA MATANZA ACENTE sleeping playerattamoney48648312743180035Enjoy The Silence22.0
920105. YESID JR sleeping playerCAPITAN YESID JR4805111298160231Enjoy The Silence22.8
617701. YESID JR sleeping playerCAPITAN YESID JR4865011387160231Enjoy The Silence14.0
1918F55CM LORCA 2 sleeping playerJJ MOTOS5195291393926239RAGNAROK34.7

Players list: rober93; Scolo; Dow El Negro; elcheparz; Parabellum; *UMBRELLA*; nando1160; 1portos; CAPITAN YESID JR; caninma; Capitán Cocreto; igalvez; NO SE BRO; Rodolfo Greo; attamoney; JJ MOTOS
[town]431[/town] 6231pts [player]rober93[/player] 496/524 24.3
[town]212[/town] 6342pts [player]Scolo[/player] 503/516 16.3
[town]2946[/town] 7559pts [player]Dow El Negro[/player] 503/475 25.2
[town]1299[/town] 8975pts [player]elcheparz[/player] 484/524 28.8
[town]10848[/town] 9470pts [player]elcheparz[/player] 491/520 21.9
[town]2178[/town] 9571pts [player]Parabellum[/player] 509/510 13.5
[town]9130[/town] 9641pts [player]elcheparz[/player] 490/518 20.6
[town]9137[/town] 9654pts [player]elcheparz[/player] 490/518 20.6
[town]9242[/town] 9654pts [player]elcheparz[/player] 485/516 21.9
[town]13136[/town] 9804pts [player]*UMBRELLA*[/player] 474/479 33.4
[town]1876[/town] 10063pts [player]nando1160[/player] 515/472 31.8
[town]968[/town] 10315pts [player]1portos[/player] 491/507 11.4
[town]2762[/town] 10315pts [player]CAPITAN YESID JR[/player] 481/503 19.2
[town]5867[/town] 10601pts [player]CAPITAN YESID JR[/player] 486/501 14.0
[town]2027[/town] 10667pts [player]caninma[/player] 504/507 8.1
[town]7213[/town] 10962pts [player]Capitán Cocreto[/player] 485/516 21.9
[town]962[/town] 10974pts [player]igalvez[/player] 491/507 11.4
[town]8976[/town] 11195pts [player]NO SE BRO[/player] 485/516 21.9
[town]8330[/town] 11609pts [player]NO SE BRO[/player] 489/515 18.6
[town]7781[/town] 11687pts [player]NO SE BRO[/player] 489/515 18.6
[town]994[/town] 11764pts [player]Rodolfo Greo[/player] 473/518 32.4
[town]1003[/town] 11837pts [player]1portos[/player] 484/524 28.8
[town]5382[/town] 12463pts [player]CAPITAN YESID JR[/player] 486/501 14.0
[town]2290[/town] 12743pts [player]attamoney[/player] 486/483 22.0
[town]9201[/town] 12981pts [player]CAPITAN YESID JR[/player] 480/511 22.8
[town]6177[/town] 13871pts [player]CAPITAN YESID JR[/player] 486/501 14.0
[town]1918[/town] 13939pts [player]JJ MOTOS[/player] 519/529 34.7

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.