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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
87781Ciudad de budistabudista49651652047061AMAZONAS DE ALCINOE16.5
86500CRETTA attacked playerLIVIO CRASUS518504542112612SOMBRAS DEL INFIERNO18.4
87605LobeznoRode518504544937390SOMBRAS DEL INFIERNO18.4
87934LobatoRode522515545437390SOMBRAS DEL INFIERNO26.6
87771LobitoRode516511548737390SOMBRAS DEL INFIERNO19.4
87416LobaRode521507548837390SOMBRAS DEL INFIERNO22.1
87313LoboRode518504552337390SOMBRAS DEL INFIERNO18.4
85047Jibatopíapacojib493473582322731SOMBRAS DEL INFIERNO27.9
87628Ciudad de Sevillano29 4 attacked playerSevillano29496516623649992LA LIGA16.5
8455607 FOO FIGHTERS sleeping playerJavy-R135474489681069254Lonely drunken monk28.2
85134Ciudad de chuspi150chuspi150483519715812479LA LIGA25.5
87475PrincesacasiopeaPrincesacasiopea521496723615945The Programmers21.4
87606Ciudad de Sevillano29 3 attacked playerSevillano29496516733949992LA LIGA16.5
87537Ciudad de Sevillano29 2 attacked playerSevillano29496516807949992LA LIGA16.5
87476Ciudad de Sevillano29 attacked playerSevillano29487513870649992LA LIGA18.4
86855TAGUZGALPAwallege50549011073177936SOMBRAS DEL INFIERNO11.2
87410003Wallegewallege50549011408177936SOMBRAS DEL INFIERNO11.2
87342004Wallegewallege50949411642177936SOMBRAS DEL INFIERNO10.8
87382002Wallegewallege50549011851177936SOMBRAS DEL INFIERNO11.2
87259Ciudad de Wallegewallege50549012062177936SOMBRAS DEL INFIERNO11.2
87363001Wallegewallege50949413609177936SOMBRAS DEL INFIERNO10.8
8258001 TORTUGA sleeping playerJavy-R1354794971371669254Lonely drunken monk21.2
87070Ciudad de Juanka attacked playerSevillano294875131371649992LA LIGA18.4

Players list: budista; LIVIO CRASUS; Rode; pacojib; Sevillano29; Javy-R135; chuspi150; Princesacasiopea; wallege
[town]87781[/town] 5204pts [player]budista[/player] 496/516 16.5
[town]86500[/town] 5421pts [player]LIVIO CRASUS[/player] 518/504 18.4
[town]87605[/town] 5449pts [player]Rode[/player] 518/504 18.4
[town]87934[/town] 5454pts [player]Rode[/player] 522/515 26.6
[town]87771[/town] 5487pts [player]Rode[/player] 516/511 19.4
[town]87416[/town] 5488pts [player]Rode[/player] 521/507 22.1
[town]87313[/town] 5523pts [player]Rode[/player] 518/504 18.4
[town]85047[/town] 5823pts [player]pacojib[/player] 493/473 27.9
[town]87628[/town] 6236pts [player]Sevillano29[/player] 496/516 16.5
[town]84556[/town] 6810pts [player]Javy-R135[/player] 474/489 28.2
[town]85134[/town] 7158pts [player]chuspi150[/player] 483/519 25.5
[town]87475[/town] 7236pts [player]Princesacasiopea[/player] 521/496 21.4
[town]87606[/town] 7339pts [player]Sevillano29[/player] 496/516 16.5
[town]87537[/town] 8079pts [player]Sevillano29[/player] 496/516 16.5
[town]87476[/town] 8706pts [player]Sevillano29[/player] 487/513 18.4
[town]86855[/town] 11073pts [player]wallege[/player] 505/490 11.2
[town]87410[/town] 11408pts [player]wallege[/player] 505/490 11.2
[town]87342[/town] 11642pts [player]wallege[/player] 509/494 10.8
[town]87382[/town] 11851pts [player]wallege[/player] 505/490 11.2
[town]87259[/town] 12062pts [player]wallege[/player] 505/490 11.2
[town]87363[/town] 13609pts [player]wallege[/player] 509/494 10.8
[town]82580[/town] 13716pts [player]Javy-R135[/player] 479/497 21.2
[town]87070[/town] 13716pts [player]Sevillano29[/player] 487/513 18.4

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.