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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
60967PROBANDO CHIVATOS XD sleepingCaballero Sin Rostr04864865282141162TE FUSILO LA MARA.19.8
60864Ciudad de Caballero sleepingCaballero Sin Rostr04774825293141162TE FUSILO LA MARA.29.2
54613FJGP sleepingDeSperTaFerrO.486483589178171ASTERIX Y OBELIX22.0
54707Sonwoku sleepingDeSperTaFerrO.486483599378171ASTERIX Y OBELIX22.0
54526Media sleepingDeSperTaFerrO.486483622178171ASTERIX Y OBELIX22.0
54645Davidromar sleepingDeSperTaFerrO.486483626078171ASTERIX Y OBELIX22.0
56581oropo12 sleepingmpor4755197122135905ASTERIX Y OBELIX31.4
48574MR. BIREME IX sleepingCaballero Sin Rostr04774827340141162TE FUSILO LA MARA.29.2
54449MR. BIREME XIII sleepingCaballero Sin Rostr04774827414141162TE FUSILO LA MARA.29.2
51921MR. BIREME X sleepingCaballero Sin Rostr04774828190141162TE FUSILO LA MARA.29.2
53605oropo10 sleepingmpor4864838266135905ASTERIX Y OBELIX22.0
21963METE MASTROPASPAKETE sleepingCaballero Sin Rostr04774878491141162TE FUSILO LA MARA.26.4
52652oropo09 sleepingmpor4864838542135905ASTERIX Y OBELIX22.0
48294oropo07 sleepingmpor4755198742135905ASTERIX Y OBELIX31.4
48880oropo08 sleepingmpor4755198817135905ASTERIX Y OBELIX31.4
1457754.SO-Invictus sleepingdreamless5507481908220012---20.2
47272LLORÓN III sleepingCaballero Sin Rostr04774879145141162TE FUSILO LA MARA.26.4
53043MR. BIREME XII sleepingCaballero Sin Rostr04774829194141162TE FUSILO LA MARA.29.2
52233MR. BIREME XI sleepingCaballero Sin Rostr04774829275141162TE FUSILO LA MARA.29.2
48073NOVATÍN JAJA sleepingCaballero Sin Rostr04774879810141162TE FUSILO LA MARA.26.4
45941oropo06 sleepingmpor4755199891135905ASTERIX Y OBELIX31.4
25742LLORÓN IV sleepingCaballero Sin Rostr04774879913141162TE FUSILO LA MARA.26.4
40486oropo05 sleepingmpor4755199958135905ASTERIX Y OBELIX31.4
47602LLORÓN II sleepingCaballero Sin Rostr04774879977141162TE FUSILO LA MARA.26.4
39766oropo04 sleepingmpor4755199995135905ASTERIX Y OBELIX31.4
23259LLORÓN V sleepingCaballero Sin Rostr047748710205141162TE FUSILO LA MARA.26.4
33815oropo03 sleepingmpor48648610909135905ASTERIX Y OBELIX19.8
520DONALD TRUMP sleepingCaballero Sin Rostr049649511554141162TE FUSILO LA MARA.6.4
20745RECUPERADA. sleepingCaballero Sin Rostr047748711694141162TE FUSILO LA MARA.26.4
41320Tito Labieno62 sleepingDeSperTaFerrO.4884741196178171ASTERIX Y OBELIX28.6
24375oropo02 sleepingmpor48648312226135905ASTERIX Y OBELIX22.0
4584oropo01 sleepingmpor48948012753135905ASTERIX Y OBELIX22.8
40193Ablanch sleepingDeSperTaFerrO.4864861316078171ASTERIX Y OBELIX19.8
3954019david76 sleepingDeSperTaFerrO.4864831324478171ASTERIX Y OBELIX22.0
43050VillaInvurni sleepingsgyoli4814741400437824Mistery32.2
4674Suso sleepingDeSperTaFerrO.4894801544178171ASTERIX Y OBELIX22.8
49117Ciudad de Leakong 2 sleepingLeakong4935131778677188LA RUBIA14.8

Players list: Caballero Sin Rostr0; DeSperTaFerrO.; mpor; dreamless5; sgyoli; Leakong
[town]60967[/town] 5282pts [player]Caballero Sin Rostr0[/player] 486/486 19.8
[town]60864[/town] 5293pts [player]Caballero Sin Rostr0[/player] 477/482 29.2
[town]54613[/town] 5891pts [player]DeSperTaFerrO.[/player] 486/483 22.0
[town]54707[/town] 5993pts [player]DeSperTaFerrO.[/player] 486/483 22.0
[town]54526[/town] 6221pts [player]DeSperTaFerrO.[/player] 486/483 22.0
[town]54645[/town] 6260pts [player]DeSperTaFerrO.[/player] 486/483 22.0
[town]56581[/town] 7122pts [player]mpor[/player] 475/519 31.4
[town]48574[/town] 7340pts [player]Caballero Sin Rostr0[/player] 477/482 29.2
[town]54449[/town] 7414pts [player]Caballero Sin Rostr0[/player] 477/482 29.2
[town]51921[/town] 8190pts [player]Caballero Sin Rostr0[/player] 477/482 29.2
[town]53605[/town] 8266pts [player]mpor[/player] 486/483 22.0
[town]21963[/town] 8491pts [player]Caballero Sin Rostr0[/player] 477/487 26.4
[town]52652[/town] 8542pts [player]mpor[/player] 486/483 22.0
[town]48294[/town] 8742pts [player]mpor[/player] 475/519 31.4
[town]48880[/town] 8817pts [player]mpor[/player] 475/519 31.4
[town]14577[/town] 9082pts [player]dreamless5[/player] 507/481 20.2
[town]47272[/town] 9145pts [player]Caballero Sin Rostr0[/player] 477/487 26.4
[town]53043[/town] 9194pts [player]Caballero Sin Rostr0[/player] 477/482 29.2
[town]52233[/town] 9275pts [player]Caballero Sin Rostr0[/player] 477/482 29.2
[town]48073[/town] 9810pts [player]Caballero Sin Rostr0[/player] 477/487 26.4
[town]45941[/town] 9891pts [player]mpor[/player] 475/519 31.4
[town]25742[/town] 9913pts [player]Caballero Sin Rostr0[/player] 477/487 26.4
[town]40486[/town] 9958pts [player]mpor[/player] 475/519 31.4
[town]47602[/town] 9977pts [player]Caballero Sin Rostr0[/player] 477/487 26.4
[town]39766[/town] 9995pts [player]mpor[/player] 475/519 31.4
[town]23259[/town] 10205pts [player]Caballero Sin Rostr0[/player] 477/487 26.4
[town]33815[/town] 10909pts [player]mpor[/player] 486/486 19.8
[town]520[/town] 11554pts [player]Caballero Sin Rostr0[/player] 496/495 6.4
[town]20745[/town] 11694pts [player]Caballero Sin Rostr0[/player] 477/487 26.4
[town]41320[/town] 11961pts [player]DeSperTaFerrO.[/player] 488/474 28.6
[town]24375[/town] 12226pts [player]mpor[/player] 486/483 22.0
[town]4584[/town] 12753pts [player]mpor[/player] 489/480 22.8
[town]40193[/town] 13160pts [player]DeSperTaFerrO.[/player] 486/486 19.8
[town]39540[/town] 13244pts [player]DeSperTaFerrO.[/player] 486/483 22.0
[town]43050[/town] 14004pts [player]sgyoli[/player] 481/474 32.2
[town]4674[/town] 15441pts [player]DeSperTaFerrO.[/player] 489/480 22.8
[town]49117[/town] 17786pts [player]Leakong[/player] 493/513 14.8

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.