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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
7479Ciudad de matidia 6matidia523495532464722---23.5
15568Ciudad de bonjasky 10 attacked playerbonjasky4894745435128513*Liga Horizon*28.2
24143Ambulancia attacked playerEreiser516504566090745Heaven and Hell16.5
15366Ciudad de bonjasky 9 attacked playerbonjasky4864735886128513*Liga Horizon*30.4
20913Hospital attacked playerEreiser516504607190745Heaven and Hell16.5
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15273Ciudad de bonjasky 8 attacked playerbonjasky4864736302128513*Liga Horizon*30.4
5406Ciudad de matidia 5matidia523495654764722---23.5
6413Tirita attacked playerEreiser508508792190745Heaven and Hell11.3
2911Ciudad de matidia 3matidia513487810264722---18.4
1684Roma attacked playerEreiser506509817490745Heaven and Hell10.8
14800Ciudad de bonjasky 7 attacked playerbonjasky4844728194128513*Liga Horizon*32.2
14709Ciudad de bonjasky 6 attacked playerbonjasky4844728365128513*Liga Horizon*32.2
7796mikco 11 attacked playerEreiser516504871890745Heaven and Hell16.5
14434Ciudad de bonjasky 5 attacked playerbonjasky4844728728128513*Liga Horizon*32.2
266745N Ib=Supernovaolin attacked playertheotoxy4815189030157027*FORZA LEGGIO X II*26.2
2387Ciudad de matidia 2matidia477473903464722---35.5
2074450 a = TiconderogaVICENTE3404725299159138762*Liga Horizon*40.3
4179Ciudad de matidia attacked playerEreiser523495920190745Heaven and Hell23.5
3243Bendaje attacked playerEreiser508508921090745Heaven and Hell11.3
4180Ciudad de matidia 4 attacked playerEreiser523495927390745Heaven and Hell23.5
254745N Ia=KobayashiMaru attacked playertheotoxy4815189370157027*FORZA LEGGIO X II*26.2
1036144-olinto 01 attacked playerbonjasky4844729472128513*Liga Horizon*32.2
198145E I = Alcatraz attacked playertheotoxy4895239789157027*FORZA LEGGIO X II*25.5
1320450 b = TheoOlinto attacked playertheotoxy47252910798157027*FORZA LEGGIO X II*40.3
5255Ciudad de bonjasky 2 attacked playerbonjasky48447212209128513*Liga Horizon*32.2
446Cataplasma attacked playerEreiser5065111226690745Heaven and Hell12.5
232Lydiagal*Goliat*50448713842157519Panzer of Honor13.6
1990Ciudad de bonjasky attacked playerbonjasky47948313965128513*Liga Horizon*27.0
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4461Tros attacked playerEreiser5274901425190745Heaven and Hell28.8
1273ciudad attacked playersjjsjs4795281522755722---35.0
1622Ciudad ArmoníasVICENTE34047252916069138762*Liga Horizon*40.3
121orgullo cazurro attacked playerbonjasky48548617074128513*Liga Horizon*20.5
7623X-TRAIL C7riberah52348717460155350REINCIDENTES26.4
2075Beta 20.45VICENTE34047252917520138762*Liga Horizon*40.3
171Ciudad de OlintoJuan Carlos Rodríguez51348717786151057MERCENARIOS DE UREL18.4
834Ovetum de ricgonalricgonal5065111778690333Heaven and Hell12.5
3238Ciudad de Juan Carlos RodríguezJuan Carlos Rodríguez50147217786151057MERCENARIOS DE UREL28.0

Players list: matidia; bonjasky; Ereiser; theotoxy; VICENTE340; OPTIMUS42; *Goliat*; sjjsjs; riberah; Juan Carlos Rodríguez; ricgonal
[town]7479[/town] 5324pts [player]matidia[/player] 523/495 23.5
[town]15568[/town] 5435pts [player]bonjasky[/player] 489/474 28.2
[town]24143[/town] 5660pts [player]Ereiser[/player] 516/504 16.5
[town]15366[/town] 5886pts [player]bonjasky[/player] 486/473 30.4
[town]20913[/town] 6071pts [player]Ereiser[/player] 516/504 16.5
[town]15273[/town] 6302pts [player]bonjasky[/player] 486/473 30.4
[town]5406[/town] 6547pts [player]matidia[/player] 523/495 23.5
[town]6413[/town] 7921pts [player]Ereiser[/player] 508/508 11.3
[town]2911[/town] 8102pts [player]matidia[/player] 513/487 18.4
[town]1684[/town] 8174pts [player]Ereiser[/player] 506/509 10.8
[town]14800[/town] 8194pts [player]bonjasky[/player] 484/472 32.2
[town]14709[/town] 8365pts [player]bonjasky[/player] 484/472 32.2
[town]7796[/town] 8718pts [player]Ereiser[/player] 516/504 16.5
[town]14434[/town] 8728pts [player]bonjasky[/player] 484/472 32.2
[town]2667[/town] 9030pts [player]theotoxy[/player] 481/518 26.2
[town]2387[/town] 9034pts [player]matidia[/player] 477/473 35.5
[town]2074[/town] 9159pts [player]VICENTE340[/player] 472/529 40.3
[town]4179[/town] 9201pts [player]Ereiser[/player] 523/495 23.5
[town]3243[/town] 9210pts [player]Ereiser[/player] 508/508 11.3
[town]4180[/town] 9273pts [player]Ereiser[/player] 523/495 23.5
[town]2547[/town] 9370pts [player]theotoxy[/player] 481/518 26.2
[town]10361[/town] 9472pts [player]bonjasky[/player] 484/472 32.2
[town]1981[/town] 9789pts [player]theotoxy[/player] 489/523 25.5
[town]1320[/town] 10798pts [player]theotoxy[/player] 472/529 40.3
[town]6660[/town] 12025pts [player]OPTIMUS42[/player] 478/525 33.3
[town]5255[/town] 12209pts [player]bonjasky[/player] 484/472 32.2
[town]446[/town] 12266pts [player]Ereiser[/player] 506/511 12.5
[town]129[/town] 12661pts [player]matidia[/player] 512/480 23.3
[town]232[/town] 13842pts [player]*Goliat*[/player] 504/487 13.6
[town]1990[/town] 13965pts [player]bonjasky[/player] 479/483 27.0
[town]4461[/town] 14251pts [player]Ereiser[/player] 527/490 28.8
[town]1273[/town] 15227pts [player]sjjsjs[/player] 479/528 35.0
[town]1622[/town] 16069pts [player]VICENTE340[/player] 472/529 40.3
[town]121[/town] 17074pts [player]bonjasky[/player] 485/486 20.5
[town]7623[/town] 17460pts [player]riberah[/player] 523/487 26.4
[town]2075[/town] 17520pts [player]VICENTE340[/player] 472/529 40.3
[town]171[/town] 17786pts [player]Juan Carlos Rodríguez[/player] 513/487 18.4
[town]834[/town] 17786pts [player]ricgonal[/player] 506/511 12.5
[town]3238[/town] 17786pts [player]Juan Carlos Rodríguez[/player] 501/472 28.0

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.