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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
2530KT-02AF attacked playerCateKT5144816124100432Espadas del Averno 223.6
2213Sinopepolis XII attacked playerrene munoz503495724386048**game over 4**5.8
2440Argos 2 only one grepolis town attacked playerluzbelito6950349582798279---5.8
2546PILTRAFITA GITANILLA attacked playermepongoloquemedalagana498508906110058GUERREROS ATLANTICOS8.2
1934KT-28GF attacked playerCateKT5084799261100432Espadas del Averno 222.5
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158regañon attacked playerjaquis5055159485140423**game over 4**15.8
3968KT-27ED attacked playerCateKT5124749553100432Espadas del Averno 228.6
2563KT-08BF attacked playerCateKT4934909886100432Espadas del Averno 212.2
2015mmm2 attacked playerpiña podria503495990959095---5.8
164202.Anastasia Nikoláy attacked playerKaskarov507489991121708Only13.0
620Nickle 1 attacked playerjaquis50551510505140423**game over 4**15.8
195625.Futuro attacked playerKaskarov5074761179721708Only25.0
1296ccc009 attacked playerpiña podria4715131219759095---31.8
2342NOVA attacked playermarkirion50747612340197430---25.0
11735MINADOR attacked playermarkirion51649212536197430---17.9
3975OCTOPUS attacked playermarkirion49850813213197430---8.2
2133Gran Bretaña attacked playermarkirion50747613331197430---25.0
6409BOMBARDEROS attacked playermarkirion51649213485197430---17.9
15280CRUCERO attacked playermarkirion49752313613197430---23.2
15740FRAGATA attacked playermarkirion49752313766197430---23.2
4260KT-25AC attacked playerCateKT51247413818100432Espadas del Averno 228.6
1889FUERA-BORDA attacked playermarkirion50847914343197430---22.5
15669HAMMER attacked playermarkirion49752314428197430---23.2
15741AQUAMAN attacked playermarkirion49752314833197430---23.2
5577BUITRES attacked playermarkirion51649215492197430---17.9

Players list: CateKT; rene munoz; luzbelito69; mepongoloquemedalagana; jaquis; piña podria; Kaskarov; markirion
[town]2530[/town] 6124pts [player]CateKT[/player] 514/481 23.6
[town]2213[/town] 7243pts [player]rene munoz[/player] 503/495 5.8
[town]2440[/town] 8279pts [player]luzbelito69[/player] 503/495 5.8
[town]2546[/town] 9061pts [player]mepongoloquemedalagana[/player] 498/508 8.2
[town]1934[/town] 9261pts [player]CateKT[/player] 508/479 22.5
[town]158[/town] 9485pts [player]jaquis[/player] 505/515 15.8
[town]3968[/town] 9553pts [player]CateKT[/player] 512/474 28.6
[town]2563[/town] 9886pts [player]CateKT[/player] 493/490 12.2
[town]2015[/town] 9909pts [player]piña podria[/player] 503/495 5.8
[town]1642[/town] 9911pts [player]Kaskarov[/player] 507/489 13.0
[town]620[/town] 10505pts [player]jaquis[/player] 505/515 15.8
[town]1956[/town] 11797pts [player]Kaskarov[/player] 507/476 25.0
[town]1296[/town] 12197pts [player]piña podria[/player] 471/513 31.8
[town]2342[/town] 12340pts [player]markirion[/player] 507/476 25.0
[town]11735[/town] 12536pts [player]markirion[/player] 516/492 17.9
[town]3975[/town] 13213pts [player]markirion[/player] 498/508 8.2
[town]2133[/town] 13331pts [player]markirion[/player] 507/476 25.0
[town]6409[/town] 13485pts [player]markirion[/player] 516/492 17.9
[town]15280[/town] 13613pts [player]markirion[/player] 497/523 23.2
[town]15740[/town] 13766pts [player]markirion[/player] 497/523 23.2
[town]4260[/town] 13818pts [player]CateKT[/player] 512/474 28.6
[town]1889[/town] 14343pts [player]markirion[/player] 508/479 22.5
[town]15669[/town] 14428pts [player]markirion[/player] 497/523 23.2
[town]15741[/town] 14833pts [player]markirion[/player] 497/523 23.2
[town]5577[/town] 15492pts [player]markirion[/player] 516/492 17.9

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.