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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
22239O55 TinkerbellBladeSpirit5215215933116646True Slackers29.7
23196Right Down the Lined v burney475496622577915Golden Horde25.3
27596Liberty attacked playerboggedspy99479476703946144Enigma-Legion31.9
24723Callisto attacked playerboggedspy99479476717946144Enigma-Legion31.9
11546O55 GilesBladeSpirit5055267384116646True Slackers26.5
9358O55 ShelbyBladeSpirit5055267442116646True Slackers26.5
11554O55 FritzBladeSpirit5055267535116646True Slackers26.5
27620lezzie attacked playerboggedspy99479476757346144Enigma-Legion31.9
19242d v burney's city 4d v burney504487820377915Golden Horde13.6
18302d v burney's city 2d v burney481494860077915Golden Horde19.9
27323Ripley attacked playerboggedspy99479476871946144Enigma-Legion31.9
18387d v burney's city 3d v burney481494876277915Golden Horde19.9
11735Willemstadd v burney503511898377915Golden Horde11.4
10871Aethilla's cityd v burney500511938377915Golden Horde11.0
26353Roach attacked playerboggedspy99479476976346144Enigma-Legion31.9
6426O45 RockyBladeSpirit4815259956116646True Slackers31.4
11883d v burney's cityd v burney5005111012277915Golden Horde11.0
6239O45 SebastianBladeSpirit47752710227116646True Slackers35.5
5163O45 JazzyBladeSpirit48452710712116646True Slackers31.4
2451O45 IzzyBladeSpirit48352810733116646True Slackers32.8
8986O55 JackstirBladeSpirit50852610941116646True Slackers27.2
23388044 01MICHEAL MCEVOY47849111096127473Enigma-Legion23.8
6908XX 22MICHEAL MCEVOY48152511984127473Enigma-Legion31.4
1270155 citychristyy50051112887171444Golden Horde11.0
28855Elas Y sleeping playerGarrych 5747849113081110365Enigma-Legion23.8
779O55 BuckinghamBladeSpirit51152614370116646True Slackers28.2
87555 ZoronKing Julian the great52550717786194685True Bloods26.0

Players list: BladeSpirit; d v burney; boggedspy99; MICHEAL MCEVOY; christyy; Garrych 57; King Julian the great
[town]22239[/town] 5933pts [player]BladeSpirit[/player] 521/521 29.7
[town]23196[/town] 6225pts [player]d v burney[/player] 475/496 25.3
[town]27596[/town] 7039pts [player]boggedspy99[/player] 479/476 31.9
[town]24723[/town] 7179pts [player]boggedspy99[/player] 479/476 31.9
[town]11546[/town] 7384pts [player]BladeSpirit[/player] 505/526 26.5
[town]9358[/town] 7442pts [player]BladeSpirit[/player] 505/526 26.5
[town]11554[/town] 7535pts [player]BladeSpirit[/player] 505/526 26.5
[town]27620[/town] 7573pts [player]boggedspy99[/player] 479/476 31.9
[town]19242[/town] 8203pts [player]d v burney[/player] 504/487 13.6
[town]18302[/town] 8600pts [player]d v burney[/player] 481/494 19.9
[town]27323[/town] 8719pts [player]boggedspy99[/player] 479/476 31.9
[town]18387[/town] 8762pts [player]d v burney[/player] 481/494 19.9
[town]11735[/town] 8983pts [player]d v burney[/player] 503/511 11.4
[town]10871[/town] 9383pts [player]d v burney[/player] 500/511 11.0
[town]26353[/town] 9763pts [player]boggedspy99[/player] 479/476 31.9
[town]6426[/town] 9956pts [player]BladeSpirit[/player] 481/525 31.4
[town]11883[/town] 10122pts [player]d v burney[/player] 500/511 11.0
[town]6239[/town] 10227pts [player]BladeSpirit[/player] 477/527 35.5
[town]5163[/town] 10712pts [player]BladeSpirit[/player] 484/527 31.4
[town]2451[/town] 10733pts [player]BladeSpirit[/player] 483/528 32.8
[town]8986[/town] 10941pts [player]BladeSpirit[/player] 508/526 27.2
[town]23388[/town] 11096pts [player]MICHEAL MCEVOY[/player] 478/491 23.8
[town]6908[/town] 11984pts [player]MICHEAL MCEVOY[/player] 481/525 31.4
[town]12701[/town] 12887pts [player]christyy[/player] 500/511 11.0
[town]28855[/town] 13081pts [player]Garrych 57[/player] 478/491 23.8
[town]779[/town] 14370pts [player]BladeSpirit[/player] 511/526 28.2
[town]875[/town] 17786pts [player]King Julian the great[/player] 525/507 26.0

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.