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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
3761ΤΡΟΙΑ*3ΟΥΡΕΦΙΜ5274921152692768Οι ΤΡΕΛΑΜΕΝΟΙ *ORIGINAL*28.2
3887ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ 138atomo xtx6605274921168132573ΕΠΙΖΗΣΑΝΤΕΣ28.2
3805ΤΡΟΙΑ*1ΟΥΡΕΦΙΜ5274921313392768Οι ΤΡΕΛΑΜΕΝΟΙ *ORIGINAL*28.2
227εξ ιδιων τα αλλοτριαΟΥΡΕΦΙΜ5194931370092768Οι ΤΡΕΛΑΜΕΝΟΙ *ORIGINAL*20.2
4184ΤΡΕΛΟΙ ΑΠΟ ΚΟΥΝΙΑ onetown sleepingiraklisz19725175181444514445ΤΡΕΛΟΙ ΑΠΟ ΚΟΥΝΙΑ III24.8
94001. sleepingMakedonas224964851487431488Οι ΤΡΕΛΑΜΕΝΟΙ *ORIGINAL*15.5
1277ΓΡΑΨΑΣatomo xtx6605255291546532573ΕΠΙΖΗΣΑΝΤΕΣ38.3
1783777. sleepingyumm5295151685132534* ΠΑΡΔΑΛΑ ΚΑΤΣΙΚΙΑ *32.6

Players list: ΟΥΡΕΦΙΜ; atomo xtx660; iraklisz1972; Makedonas22; yumm
[town]3761[/town] 11526pts [player]ΟΥΡΕΦΙΜ[/player] 527/492 28.2
[town]3887[/town] 11681pts [player]atomo xtx660[/player] 527/492 28.2
[town]3805[/town] 13133pts [player]ΟΥΡΕΦΙΜ[/player] 527/492 28.2
[town]227[/town] 13700pts [player]ΟΥΡΕΦΙΜ[/player] 519/493 20.2
[town]208[/town] 14110pts [player]ΟΥΡΕΦΙΜ[/player] 519/493 20.2
[town]4184[/town] 14445pts [player]iraklisz1972[/player] 517/518 24.8
[town]94[/town] 14874pts [player]Makedonas22[/player] 496/485 15.5
[town]1277[/town] 15465pts [player]atomo xtx660[/player] 525/529 38.3
[town]17837[/town] 16851pts [player]yumm[/player] 529/515 32.6

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.