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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
1350613-ΞΕΡΟΝΗΣΙ sleepingglock174885205714114125** Ο ΦOΙΝΙΞ **23.3
19548maria 17mariakard5165166621195957ΑΝΤΙΟ ΦΙΛΕ22.6
19547maria 16mariakard5165167577195957ΑΝΤΙΟ ΦΙΛΕ22.6
1418315.ΕΓΚΡΕΜΝΟΙ sleepingcocos 85274987660181489ΑΝΤΙΟ ΦΙΛΕ27.1
450803.ISLA DE MUERTA sleepingcocos 85235227945181489ΑΝΤΙΟ ΦΙΛΕ31.8
18340maria 15mariakard5215168471195957ΑΝΤΙΟ ΦΙΛΕ26.4
1758maria 12mariakard5055018695195957ΑΝΤΙΟ ΦΙΛΕ5.1
781maria 5mariakard5175128955195957ΑΝΤΙΟ ΦΙΛΕ20.8
532maria 13mariakard5055088959195957ΑΝΤΙΟ ΦΙΛΕ9.4
322108.RUM RUNNER'S ISLE sleepingcocos 85195208971181489ΑΝΤΙΟ ΦΙΛΕ27.6
9109mariamariakard5195209568195957ΑΝΤΙΟ ΦΙΛΕ27.6
48002.SINGAPORE sleepingcocos 85145249677181489ΑΝΤΙΟ ΦΙΛΕ27.8
10537maria 2mariakard5175129716195957ΑΝΤΙΟ ΦΙΛΕ20.8
9249maria 1mariakard5195209952195957ΑΝΤΙΟ ΦΙΛΕ27.6
84901.TORTUGA sleepingcocos 851752710149181489ΑΝΤΙΟ ΦΙΛΕ31.9
1597ΔΕΝ ΔΙΝΕΤΕfentagin715275241020685896ΑΝΤΙΟ ΦΙΛΕ36.1
47316.CRAZY3 sleepingcocos 852749810412181489ΑΝΤΙΟ ΦΙΛΕ27.1
1434755.Α.RISK...mekka50150810913130418** Ο ΦOΙΝΙΞ **8.1
718maria 8mariakard51751210956195957ΑΝΤΙΟ ΦΙΛΕ20.8
2284maria 14mariakard51350713184195957ΑΝΤΙΟ ΦΙΛΕ14.8
1634maria 3mariakard51450913651195957ΑΝΤΙΟ ΦΙΛΕ16.6
155012.ΧΟ ΧΟ ΧΟ sleepingcocos 852752414363181489ΑΝΤΙΟ ΦΙΛΕ36.1
1538maria 9mariakard52752414392195957ΑΝΤΙΟ ΦΙΛΕ36.1
44345.A.LYRICS...mekka48951314779130418** Ο ΦOΙΝΙΞ **17.0
72613... sleepingcocos 852749815715181489ΑΝΤΙΟ ΦΙΛΕ27.1
176maria 7mariakard51448816075195957ΑΝΤΙΟ ΦΙΛΕ18.4

Players list: glock17; mariakard; cocos 8; fentagin71; mekka
[town]13506[/town] 5714pts [player]glock17[/player] 488/520 23.3
[town]19548[/town] 6621pts [player]mariakard[/player] 516/516 22.6
[town]19547[/town] 7577pts [player]mariakard[/player] 516/516 22.6
[town]14183[/town] 7660pts [player]cocos 8[/player] 527/498 27.1
[town]4508[/town] 7945pts [player]cocos 8[/player] 523/522 31.8
[town]18340[/town] 8471pts [player]mariakard[/player] 521/516 26.4
[town]1758[/town] 8695pts [player]mariakard[/player] 505/501 5.1
[town]781[/town] 8955pts [player]mariakard[/player] 517/512 20.8
[town]532[/town] 8959pts [player]mariakard[/player] 505/508 9.4
[town]3221[/town] 8971pts [player]cocos 8[/player] 519/520 27.6
[town]9109[/town] 9568pts [player]mariakard[/player] 519/520 27.6
[town]480[/town] 9677pts [player]cocos 8[/player] 514/524 27.8
[town]10537[/town] 9716pts [player]mariakard[/player] 517/512 20.8
[town]9249[/town] 9952pts [player]mariakard[/player] 519/520 27.6
[town]849[/town] 10149pts [player]cocos 8[/player] 517/527 31.9
[town]1597[/town] 10206pts [player]fentagin71[/player] 527/524 36.1
[town]473[/town] 10412pts [player]cocos 8[/player] 527/498 27.1
[town]14347[/town] 10913pts [player]mekka[/player] 501/508 8.1
[town]718[/town] 10956pts [player]mariakard[/player] 517/512 20.8
[town]2284[/town] 13184pts [player]mariakard[/player] 513/507 14.8
[town]1634[/town] 13651pts [player]mariakard[/player] 514/509 16.6
[town]1550[/town] 14363pts [player]cocos 8[/player] 527/524 36.1
[town]1538[/town] 14392pts [player]mariakard[/player] 527/524 36.1
[town]443[/town] 14779pts [player]mekka[/player] 489/513 17.0
[town]726[/town] 15715pts [player]cocos 8[/player] 527/498 27.1
[town]176[/town] 16075pts [player]mariakard[/player] 514/488 18.4

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.