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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
17113ΑΘΗΝΑ sleepingBlacknights498501636223697**ΟΙ ΑΜΠΑΛΟΙ**2.2
17048ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΕΙΑ sleepingBlacknights498501641423697**ΟΙ ΑΜΠΑΛΟΙ**2.2
492ΛΕΩΝ.13 sleepingΛΕΩΝ.13523513885415709SSV NORMANDY CREW26.4
243tsouk sleepingisten4985068970199081**ΟΙ ΑΜΠΑΛΟΙ**6.3
1318pavlo98 sleepingisten5265179539199081**ΟΙ ΑΜΠΑΛΟΙ**31.1
418shadylooky sleepingisten5235139667199081**ΟΙ ΑΜΠΑΛΟΙ**26.4
2261005 adrian13 sleepingisten52752011503199081**ΟΙ ΑΜΠΑΛΟΙ**33.6
904055035 sleepingΣιγανοπαπαδιά5285081152186789**ΟΙ ΑΜΠΑΛΟΙ**29.1
959055028 sleepingΣιγανοπαπαδιά5285081169386789**ΟΙ ΑΜΠΑΛΟΙ**29.1
327Εκκλησιάζουσες sleepingΣιγανοπαπαδιά5235131363486789**ΟΙ ΑΜΠΑΛΟΙ**26.4
497tsoukistan sleepingisten52850813979199081**ΟΙ ΑΜΠΑΛΟΙ**29.1

Players list: Blacknights; ΛΕΩΝ.13; isten; Σιγανοπαπαδιά; K0Kovios
[town]17113[/town] 6362pts [player]Blacknights[/player] 498/501 2.2
[town]17048[/town] 6414pts [player]Blacknights[/player] 498/501 2.2
[town]492[/town] 8854pts [player]ΛΕΩΝ.13[/player] 523/513 26.4
[town]243[/town] 8970pts [player]isten[/player] 498/506 6.3
[town]1318[/town] 9539pts [player]isten[/player] 526/517 31.1
[town]418[/town] 9667pts [player]isten[/player] 523/513 26.4
[town]2261[/town] 11503pts [player]isten[/player] 527/520 33.6
[town]904[/town] 11521pts [player]Σιγανοπαπαδιά[/player] 528/508 29.1
[town]959[/town] 11693pts [player]Σιγανοπαπαδιά[/player] 528/508 29.1
[town]910[/town] 12181pts [player]K0Kovios[/player] 479/499 21.0
[town]327[/town] 13634pts [player]Σιγανοπαπαδιά[/player] 523/513 26.4
[town]497[/town] 13979pts [player]isten[/player] 528/508 29.1

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.