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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
124937Ralland teRalland513493628757200Anjou Lovagrend14.8
124228Dredo városa attacked playerDredo51549872219260Emirátus15.1
125630MAT31 városaMAT31513506747410543Anjou Lovagrend14.3
124749Ralland HeokRalland515498810657200Anjou Lovagrend15.1
123888Ralland HeRalland515498959957200Anjou Lovagrend15.1
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122025Lyon III.vereseva52948910345172781Anjou Lovagrend31.0
124679Ralland aggcsRalland5254921056757200Anjou Lovagrend26.2
123764totya városa 03 attacked playertotya151549810909191833Anjou Lovagrend15.1
42682K2.ALGOPYRIN attacked playertotya151251911570191833Anjou Lovagrend22.5
33114The settlers városa 2 attacked playertotya149451111694191833Anjou Lovagrend12.5
92530hajni attacked playertotya149949911728191833Anjou Lovagrend1.4
125141Carolein városa only one grepolis townCarolein5135061213612136Emirátus14.3
44189takilaci városa 10 attacked playertotya151251913427191833Anjou Lovagrend22.5
124243Ralland aggRalland5254921371757200Anjou Lovagrend26.2
124545totya városa 02 attacked playertotya151549813736191833Anjou Lovagrend15.1
83594Origo attacked playertotya149949913761191833Anjou Lovagrend1.4
101953mikrogyilkos városa attacked playertotya151350614059191833Anjou Lovagrend14.3
2592Mikro-Avoca.2 attacked playertotya150350414324191833Anjou Lovagrend5.0
49678Mikro-emlékváros attacked playertotya152150014457191833Anjou Lovagrend21.0
124250totya városa 01 attacked playertotya151349314519191833Anjou Lovagrend14.8
123985totya város attacked playertotya151549814924191833Anjou Lovagrend15.1
26167Maxi5514-2 attacked playertotya150251215808191833Anjou Lovagrend12.2
44101katarzis uj attacked playertotya151050216917191833Anjou Lovagrend10.2

Players list: Ralland; Dredo; MAT31; vereseva; totya1; Carolein
[town]124937[/town] 6287pts [player]Ralland[/player] 513/493 14.8
[town]124228[/town] 7221pts [player]Dredo[/player] 515/498 15.1
[town]125630[/town] 7474pts [player]MAT31[/player] 513/506 14.3
[town]124749[/town] 8106pts [player]Ralland[/player] 515/498 15.1
[town]123888[/town] 9599pts [player]Ralland[/player] 515/498 15.1
[town]122025[/town] 10345pts [player]vereseva[/player] 529/489 31.0
[town]124679[/town] 10567pts [player]Ralland[/player] 525/492 26.2
[town]123764[/town] 10909pts [player]totya1[/player] 515/498 15.1
[town]42682[/town] 11570pts [player]totya1[/player] 512/519 22.5
[town]33114[/town] 11694pts [player]totya1[/player] 494/511 12.5
[town]92530[/town] 11728pts [player]totya1[/player] 499/499 1.4
[town]125141[/town] 12136pts [player]Carolein[/player] 513/506 14.3
[town]44189[/town] 13427pts [player]totya1[/player] 512/519 22.5
[town]124243[/town] 13717pts [player]Ralland[/player] 525/492 26.2
[town]124545[/town] 13736pts [player]totya1[/player] 515/498 15.1
[town]83594[/town] 13761pts [player]totya1[/player] 499/499 1.4
[town]101953[/town] 14059pts [player]totya1[/player] 513/506 14.3
[town]2592[/town] 14324pts [player]totya1[/player] 503/504 5.0
[town]49678[/town] 14457pts [player]totya1[/player] 521/500 21.0
[town]124250[/town] 14519pts [player]totya1[/player] 513/493 14.8
[town]123985[/town] 14924pts [player]totya1[/player] 515/498 15.1
[town]26167[/town] 15808pts [player]totya1[/player] 502/512 12.2
[town]44101[/town] 16917pts [player]totya1[/player] 510/502 10.2

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.