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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
7002003 Ja tylko złotko sleeping playerLachu490502504511844a jednak mi sie nie chce10.2
14587Miasto 05aSkytest5075205871174511Tak O21.2
6029Wombat keruta*romario*489485598884784-lwg-18.6
9059Miasto gracza johnny76 5johnny76473503783055939Imperium Mongolskie27.2
9838Miasto gracza sornik 3sornik505483809021575Sobie Tak O17.7
10492Miasto 05Skytest5075208160174511Tak O21.2
230Daj PW xD only one grepolis town attacked playerSartana50451296749674---12.6
159206.Bierny palacz sleeping playertasak194745299883139631Wróg Publiczny38.9
9017m 1*romario*4954791002084784-lwg-21.6
159104.Dwadzieścia1 sleeping playertasak1947452910182139631Wróg Publiczny38.9
2584def9Aira7852752410449171888Tak O36.1
4528m 3*romario*4954791050784784-lwg-21.6
6392m 4*romario*4954791066184784-lwg-21.6
4302m 2*romario*4954791091384784-lwg-21.6
6127Miasto gracza johnny76johnny764735031211655939Imperium Mongolskie27.2
2738M45 Bluszcz 01 sleeping playerRJ19884905021298695831---10.2
2334WYSPAchonzik47151712989123837Wróg Publiczny vol. 233.6
3393tasak19 sleeping playertasak1948152713614139631Wróg Publiczny33.0
3932J02 sleeping playerjeronimo8150051613633115234Sojusz116.0
77004. To moje bagnoszczyku55448652213853195386Tak o Sobie26.1
736Gagagav 02kordianoswielki50152713903134651Wróg Publiczny vol. 227.0
5889M45 Hiacynt 01 sleeping playerRJ19884765251393695831---34.7
11644 Pałacyk Szustrarobul49548815868199297Tak o Sobie13.0
2218Mostow sleeping playerQ4RR48152716596102291Wróg Publiczny vol. 233.0
106512.Zakintos sleeping playertasak1948152916613139631Wróg Publiczny34.7

Players list: Lachu; Skytest; *romario*; johnny76; sornik; Sartana; tasak19; Aira78; RJ1988; chonzik; jeronimo81; szczyku554; kordianoswielki; robul; Q4RR
[town]7002[/town] 5045pts [player]Lachu[/player] 490/502 10.2
[town]14587[/town] 5871pts [player]Skytest[/player] 507/520 21.2
[town]6029[/town] 5988pts [player]*romario*[/player] 489/485 18.6
[town]9059[/town] 7830pts [player]johnny76[/player] 473/503 27.2
[town]9838[/town] 8090pts [player]sornik[/player] 505/483 17.7
[town]10492[/town] 8160pts [player]Skytest[/player] 507/520 21.2
[town]230[/town] 9674pts [player]Sartana[/player] 504/512 12.6
[town]1592[/town] 9883pts [player]tasak19[/player] 474/529 38.9
[town]9017[/town] 10020pts [player]*romario*[/player] 495/479 21.6
[town]9162[/town] 10069pts [player]*romario*[/player] 495/479 21.6
[town]1591[/town] 10182pts [player]tasak19[/player] 474/529 38.9
[town]2584[/town] 10449pts [player]Aira78[/player] 527/524 36.1
[town]4528[/town] 10507pts [player]*romario*[/player] 495/479 21.6
[town]6392[/town] 10661pts [player]*romario*[/player] 495/479 21.6
[town]4302[/town] 10913pts [player]*romario*[/player] 495/479 21.6
[town]6127[/town] 12116pts [player]johnny76[/player] 473/503 27.2
[town]2738[/town] 12986pts [player]RJ1988[/player] 490/502 10.2
[town]2334[/town] 12989pts [player]chonzik[/player] 471/517 33.6
[town]3393[/town] 13614pts [player]tasak19[/player] 481/527 33.0
[town]3932[/town] 13633pts [player]jeronimo81[/player] 500/516 16.0
[town]770[/town] 13853pts [player]szczyku554[/player] 486/522 26.1
[town]736[/town] 13903pts [player]kordianoswielki[/player] 501/527 27.0
[town]5889[/town] 13936pts [player]RJ1988[/player] 476/525 34.7
[town]116[/town] 15868pts [player]robul[/player] 495/488 13.0
[town]2218[/town] 16596pts [player]Q4RR[/player] 481/527 33.0
[town]1065[/town] 16613pts [player]tasak19[/player] 481/529 34.7

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.