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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
55810SirioEgle72518505542580478- ONE SHOT - al cinema18.7
6937Bunba di Elenide sleepingElenide5084876174126093BAD x Nuccio15.3
56430Città di battiatulus1 4battiatulus1522511628477958BAD x Nuccio24.6
54742RigelEgle72518505641280478- ONE SHOT - al cinema18.7
55251VegaEgle72518505709680478- ONE SHOT - al cinema18.7
52307Città di prometeo070810 2prometeo070810529513756233002BAD x Nuccio31.8
52168001prometeo070810529513776033002BAD x Nuccio31.8
606Elenide di Gela sleepingElenide5094818270126093BAD x Nuccio21.0
174Eleni Monaki sleepingElenide5044899798126093BAD x Nuccio11.7
55143Città di battiatulus1 2battiatulus15265101036277958BAD x Nuccio27.9
52644CassiopeaEgle725185051048780478- ONE SHOT - al cinema18.7
52641AldebaranEgle725185051075780478- ONE SHOT - al cinema18.7
53354E 21.momà50448211018100759-BadNarcosVorstand-18.4
3511Città di gregorio3 4 sleepingThélesis52750211230181864-BadNarcosVorstand-27.1
47689Scoglio sleepingElenide52749512069126093BAD x Nuccio27.5
1357kromonodj 5battiatulus15275021217077958BAD x Nuccio27.1
5578145.1 Vista Merarambetto714755191221040948LEGIONE URUK HAI31.4
217072.Gela.swonderyah995245041231930843BAD x Nuccio24.3
1580caneabattiatulus15275021235477958BAD x Nuccio27.1
8209-El Alamein sleepingTeseo Tesei51350712620134062Nabbi Fan14.8
144Nerano LIB sleepingElenide50249312761126093BAD x Nuccio7.3
350554 GELA-JESOLOmikepnr5254991283374043BAD x Nuccio25.0
1194811-Audacia sleepingTeseo Tesei51350713008134062Nabbi Fan14.8
1034Gela 01 Pulce1Cinzia19635254991332774467BAD x Nuccio25.0
35101.Gelawonderyah995254991370230843BAD x Nuccio25.0
1355son quabattiatulus15275021421377958BAD x Nuccio27.1
285016-Balilla sleepingTeseo Tesei50851215200134062Nabbi Fan14.4
259000Nessuno G sleepingElenide50948115698126093BAD x Nuccio21.0
49995GELINO-09 sleepingUniFormio50848716333172575BAD x Nuccio15.3
50048GELINO-10 sleepingUniFormio50848716460172575BAD x Nuccio15.3
1584Città di battiatulus1battiatulus15275021651177958BAD x Nuccio27.1
664San Pietro sleepingElenide50649617786126093BAD x Nuccio7.2
10883GELINO-02 sleepingUniFormio49848517786172575BAD x Nuccio15.1

Players list: Egle72; Elenide; battiatulus1; prometeo070810; momà; Thélesis; rambetto71; wonderyah99; Teseo Tesei; mikepnr; Cinzia1963; UniFormio
[town]55810[/town] 5425pts [player]Egle72[/player] 518/505 18.7
[town]6937[/town] 6174pts [player]Elenide[/player] 508/487 15.3
[town]56430[/town] 6284pts [player]battiatulus1[/player] 522/511 24.6
[town]54742[/town] 6412pts [player]Egle72[/player] 518/505 18.7
[town]55251[/town] 7096pts [player]Egle72[/player] 518/505 18.7
[town]52307[/town] 7562pts [player]prometeo070810[/player] 529/513 31.8
[town]52168[/town] 7760pts [player]prometeo070810[/player] 529/513 31.8
[town]606[/town] 8270pts [player]Elenide[/player] 509/481 21.0
[town]174[/town] 9798pts [player]Elenide[/player] 504/489 11.7
[town]55143[/town] 10362pts [player]battiatulus1[/player] 526/510 27.9
[town]52644[/town] 10487pts [player]Egle72[/player] 518/505 18.7
[town]52641[/town] 10757pts [player]Egle72[/player] 518/505 18.7
[town]533[/town] 11018pts [player]momà[/player] 504/482 18.4
[town]3511[/town] 11230pts [player]Thélesis[/player] 527/502 27.1
[town]47689[/town] 12069pts [player]Elenide[/player] 527/495 27.5
[town]1357[/town] 12170pts [player]battiatulus1[/player] 527/502 27.1
[town]55781[/town] 12210pts [player]rambetto71[/player] 475/519 31.4
[town]21707[/town] 12319pts [player]wonderyah99[/player] 524/504 24.3
[town]1580[/town] 12354pts [player]battiatulus1[/player] 527/502 27.1
[town]82[/town] 12620pts [player]Teseo Tesei[/player] 513/507 14.8
[town]144[/town] 12761pts [player]Elenide[/player] 502/493 7.3
[town]3505[/town] 12833pts [player]mikepnr[/player] 525/499 25.0
[town]11948[/town] 13008pts [player]Teseo Tesei[/player] 513/507 14.8
[town]1034[/town] 13327pts [player]Cinzia1963[/player] 525/499 25.0
[town]3510[/town] 13702pts [player]wonderyah99[/player] 525/499 25.0
[town]1355[/town] 14213pts [player]battiatulus1[/player] 527/502 27.1
[town]2850[/town] 15200pts [player]Teseo Tesei[/player] 508/512 14.4
[town]259[/town] 15698pts [player]Elenide[/player] 509/481 21.0
[town]49995[/town] 16333pts [player]UniFormio[/player] 508/487 15.3
[town]50048[/town] 16460pts [player]UniFormio[/player] 508/487 15.3
[town]1584[/town] 16511pts [player]battiatulus1[/player] 527/502 27.1
[town]664[/town] 17786pts [player]Elenide[/player] 506/496 7.2
[town]10883[/town] 17786pts [player]UniFormio[/player] 498/485 15.1

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.