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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
485715.55-Fedaino sleepingCapa835055266480190195Culetti Reloaded26.5
1083ScorpioNefertitty5294899895189950* EAGLES *31.0
1008SagitterNefertitty52948910327189950* EAGLES *31.0
2510-54.Jilles sleepingCapa8350249510342190195Culetti Reloaded5.4
39409-55.Canta Gallo sleepingCapa8351351310660190195Culetti Reloaded18.4
1710AB- that i canNoMoreStar52147111109185284Olandese Voltante Acm35.8
249114.55-Sturaro sleepingCapa8350451811409190195Culetti Reloaded18.4
9262Città di Emeraude 3Emeraude49251611981178562Reloaded Legio Army17.9
975SerpeNefertitty52948912048189950* EAGLES *31.0
114305-55LeStorieDiIeri sleepingCapa8352051112671190195Culetti Reloaded22.8
128601-45 Unplugged sleepingCapa8349652813267190195Culetti Reloaded28.3
143702-45 Palecche sleepingCapa8349652813409190195Culetti Reloaded28.3
2394AM-be so confusedNoMoreStar51047113695185284Olandese Voltante Acm30.7
349AN- I know howNoMoreStar47448713977185284Olandese Voltante Acm29.1
356AO- I feel whenNoMoreStar47448714116185284Olandese Voltante Acm29.1
46942255 mV bRuTaLe sleepingAccidentaccio5175041441256414Reloaded Legio Army17.5
101554.8.SimguyRaf19845254791455844454Olandese Volante32.6
16201655 Nike sleepingAccidentaccio5105031478556414Reloaded Legio Army10.4
8920Città di EmeraudeEmeraude49452714878178562Reloaded Legio Army27.7
9076Città di Emeraude 2Emeraude48152214878178562Reloaded Legio Army29.1
25008-55.Ska-p sleepingCapa8351351315514190195Culetti Reloaded18.4
116912-55.Un Chimico sleepingCapa8351752917089190195Culetti Reloaded33.6

Players list: Capa83; Nefertitty; NoMoreStar; Emeraude; Accidentaccio; Raf1984
[town]4857[/town] 6480pts [player]Capa83[/player] 505/526 26.5
[town]1083[/town] 9895pts [player]Nefertitty[/player] 529/489 31.0
[town]1008[/town] 10327pts [player]Nefertitty[/player] 529/489 31.0
[town]25[/town] 10342pts [player]Capa83[/player] 502/495 5.4
[town]394[/town] 10660pts [player]Capa83[/player] 513/513 18.4
[town]1710[/town] 11109pts [player]NoMoreStar[/player] 521/471 35.8
[town]2491[/town] 11409pts [player]Capa83[/player] 504/518 18.4
[town]9262[/town] 11981pts [player]Emeraude[/player] 492/516 17.9
[town]975[/town] 12048pts [player]Nefertitty[/player] 529/489 31.0
[town]1143[/town] 12671pts [player]Capa83[/player] 520/511 22.8
[town]1286[/town] 13267pts [player]Capa83[/player] 496/528 28.3
[town]1437[/town] 13409pts [player]Capa83[/player] 496/528 28.3
[town]2394[/town] 13695pts [player]NoMoreStar[/player] 510/471 30.7
[town]349[/town] 13977pts [player]NoMoreStar[/player] 474/487 29.1
[town]356[/town] 14116pts [player]NoMoreStar[/player] 474/487 29.1
[town]4694[/town] 14412pts [player]Accidentaccio[/player] 517/504 17.5
[town]1015[/town] 14558pts [player]Raf1984[/player] 525/479 32.6
[town]1620[/town] 14785pts [player]Accidentaccio[/player] 510/503 10.4
[town]8920[/town] 14878pts [player]Emeraude[/player] 494/527 27.7
[town]9076[/town] 14878pts [player]Emeraude[/player] 481/522 29.1
[town]250[/town] 15514pts [player]Capa83[/player] 513/513 18.4
[town]1169[/town] 17089pts [player]Capa83[/player] 517/529 33.6

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.