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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
8101carraracc attacked playermokum7509490590458782MOTHIA13.5
3337Amsterdam attacked playerobodo514491665049412---16.6
2757006 attacked playerioladro509501731754541Popoli del Mare9.1
7934005 attacked playerioladro479492790754541Popoli del Mare22.5
2813Città di roverwey 2roverwey5124798344105571Popoli del Mare24.2
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5Città di roverweyroverwey5034818430105571Popoli del Mare19.2
5174siena attacked playermokum7498491901058782MOTHIA9.2
12755003 attacked playerioladro5094971021654541Popoli del Mare9.5
11336Città di maximo1967 attacked playermaximo196751950010618199063Popoli del Mare19.0
498arezzo attacked playermokum75295051075758782MOTHIA29.4
14755Città di maximo1967 3 attacked playermaximo196751950010864199063Popoli del Mare19.0
8478Carolina 2 attacked playermaximo196749150810870199063Popoli del Mare12.0
235Spaccacollo attacked playermaximo196751949510913199063Popoli del Mare19.6
567firenze attacked playermokum75144921106958782MOTHIA16.1
3129Isolotto di max attacked playermaximo196751950011142199063Popoli del Mare19.0
1208145 Badesialberto raffo4795291114852124BLACK CROWS35.8
9974Isolotto di max 5 attacked playermaximo196751950011212199063Popoli del Mare19.0
15077Città di maximo1967 5 attacked playermaximo196751950011215199063Popoli del Mare19.0
983Passi attacked playerRenato694804811135926778Mi sono io27.6
7056Isolotto di max 3 attacked playermaximo196751950011409199063Popoli del Mare19.0
8360015. M. Piglimò attacked playermaximo196750848911424199063Popoli del Mare13.6
11231Isolotto di max 6 attacked playermaximo196751950011533199063Popoli del Mare19.0
3830Isolotto di max 2 attacked playermaximo196751950011637199063Popoli del Mare19.0
14980Città di maximo1967 4 attacked playermaximo196751950011752199063Popoli del Mare19.0
9211019. Monte Lampone attacked playermaximo196750848911897199063Popoli del Mare13.6
138Utrecht attacked playerobodo5214891222849412---23.7
3849il fiodenero 4 attacked player=Nono=51152112229136322Nabbi Fun x Gigi e Giul23.7
15755 ZAC-GOLD attacked playermikepnr5014971226624838---3.2
3649Chibusas attacked playerRenato694804881232026778Mi sono io23.3
13416Città di maximo1967 2 attacked playermaximo196751950012473199063Popoli del Mare19.0
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731555 ZAC-SCOGLIO attacked playermikepnr4964991257224838---4.1
6855Isolotto di max 4 attacked playermaximo196751950012874199063Popoli del Mare19.0
338001 attacked playerioladro4834921309054541Popoli del Mare18.8
9340Carolina attacked playermaximo196749150813483199063Popoli del Mare12.0
764Feynoord attacked playerobodo5225041349949412---22.4
72Holte di max attacked playermaximo196751949513747199063Popoli del Mare19.6
2721ANGELO2 attacked playerangelo19734805141491152477AllianzPeterSerena24.4
87Rotterdam attacked playerobodo5214891703549412---23.7
425Minikytheis only one grepolis town attacked playerAdramelch4965201778617786Minikytheis20.4

Players list: mokum7; obodo; ioladro; roverwey; maximo1967; alberto raffo; Renato69; =Nono=; mikepnr; angelo1973; Adramelch
[town]8101[/town] 5904pts [player]mokum7[/player] 509/490 13.5
[town]3337[/town] 6650pts [player]obodo[/player] 514/491 16.6
[town]2757[/town] 7317pts [player]ioladro[/player] 509/501 9.1
[town]7934[/town] 7907pts [player]ioladro[/player] 479/492 22.5
[town]2813[/town] 8344pts [player]roverwey[/player] 512/479 24.2
[town]5[/town] 8430pts [player]roverwey[/player] 503/481 19.2
[town]5174[/town] 9010pts [player]mokum7[/player] 498/491 9.2
[town]12755[/town] 10216pts [player]ioladro[/player] 509/497 9.5
[town]11336[/town] 10618pts [player]maximo1967[/player] 519/500 19.0
[town]498[/town] 10757pts [player]mokum7[/player] 529/505 29.4
[town]14755[/town] 10864pts [player]maximo1967[/player] 519/500 19.0
[town]8478[/town] 10870pts [player]maximo1967[/player] 491/508 12.0
[town]235[/town] 10913pts [player]maximo1967[/player] 519/495 19.6
[town]567[/town] 11069pts [player]mokum7[/player] 514/492 16.1
[town]3129[/town] 11142pts [player]maximo1967[/player] 519/500 19.0
[town]12081[/town] 11148pts [player]alberto raffo[/player] 479/529 35.8
[town]9974[/town] 11212pts [player]maximo1967[/player] 519/500 19.0
[town]15077[/town] 11215pts [player]maximo1967[/player] 519/500 19.0
[town]983[/town] 11359pts [player]Renato69[/player] 480/481 27.6
[town]7056[/town] 11409pts [player]maximo1967[/player] 519/500 19.0
[town]8360[/town] 11424pts [player]maximo1967[/player] 508/489 13.6
[town]11231[/town] 11533pts [player]maximo1967[/player] 519/500 19.0
[town]3830[/town] 11637pts [player]maximo1967[/player] 519/500 19.0
[town]14980[/town] 11752pts [player]maximo1967[/player] 519/500 19.0
[town]9211[/town] 11897pts [player]maximo1967[/player] 508/489 13.6
[town]138[/town] 12228pts [player]obodo[/player] 521/489 23.7
[town]3849[/town] 12229pts [player]=Nono=[/player] 511/521 23.7
[town]157[/town] 12266pts [player]mikepnr[/player] 501/497 3.2
[town]3649[/town] 12320pts [player]Renato69[/player] 480/488 23.3
[town]13416[/town] 12473pts [player]maximo1967[/player] 519/500 19.0
[town]7315[/town] 12572pts [player]mikepnr[/player] 496/499 4.1
[town]6855[/town] 12874pts [player]maximo1967[/player] 519/500 19.0
[town]338[/town] 13090pts [player]ioladro[/player] 483/492 18.8
[town]9340[/town] 13483pts [player]maximo1967[/player] 491/508 12.0
[town]764[/town] 13499pts [player]obodo[/player] 522/504 22.4
[town]72[/town] 13747pts [player]maximo1967[/player] 519/495 19.6
[town]2721[/town] 14911pts [player]angelo1973[/player] 480/514 24.4
[town]87[/town] 17035pts [player]obodo[/player] 521/489 23.7
[town]425[/town] 17786pts [player]Adramelch[/player] 496/520 20.4

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.