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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
15302SIGMA-41Omericus490520559056532Fed. La Frontiera22.4
10439SINOPE 54 attacked playerromoletto82524494576610813GOOOOLD24.7
58155.00 Zoster attacked playerAbner Marsh507506583576118Banda della 1049.2
270845.07 BauBau attacked playerAbner Marsh477503622576118Banda della 10423.2
5554Erika x4Kelly Lady490489624931568Fed. Grecia classica ll14.9
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941955.12 Pinki04 attacked playerAbner Marsh525510669976118Banda della 10426.9
783345.28 Kal 3 i attacked playerAbner Marsh486525674376118Banda della 10428.7
915155.12 Pinki03 attacked playerAbner Marsh525510705576118Banda della 10426.9
4718Chi cè? attacked playerrivalsa67499485725715014Mancano solo cip e ciop15.0
700super 3 attacked playerarianara488478726233941NO LIMITS25.1
720Atenasolares474486789775157Fed. Grecia classica ll29.5
1720A2. SinatrA attacked playerSpetsnaz664854998192189949I DOMINATORI DI SINOPE15.0
406A5. RITEXnsione attacked playerSpetsnaz664854998843189949I DOMINATORI DI SINOPE15.0
2078F6. T-14Armata attacked playerSpetsnaz664735238861189949I DOMINATORI DI SINOPE35.5
1876E2. AllA PecorinA attacked playerSpetsnaz665115049024189949I DOMINATORI DI SINOPE11.7
14376SINABA-71Omericus490520920656532Fed. La Frontiera22.4
555B1. Diamantino attacked playerSpetsnaz664965019215189949I DOMINATORI DI SINOPE4.1
385A4. attacked playerSpetsnaz664854999434189949I DOMINATORI DI SINOPE15.0
383A3. La Lattaia attacked playerSpetsnaz664854999608189949I DOMINATORI DI SINOPE15.0
576D1. Spetsnaz66 attacked playerSpetsnaz665075069621189949I DOMINATORI DI SINOPE9.2
2390G2. S03 attacked playerSpetsnaz664835199695189949I DOMINATORI DI SINOPE25.5
952F1. Amelia attacked playerSpetsnaz664995209822189949I DOMINATORI DI SINOPE20.0
381A1. castigo attacked playerSpetsnaz664854999841189949I DOMINATORI DI SINOPE15.0
12362SINKYR-11Omericus4905201004056532Fed. La Frontiera22.4
2065G1. S02 attacked playerSpetsnaz6649052010169189949I DOMINATORI DI SINOPE22.4
955F2. Tila attacked playerSpetsnaz6649952010227189949I DOMINATORI DI SINOPE20.0
12169SINOPE-P31Omericus4905201047056532Fed. La Frontiera22.4
500C3. CittàdiTerziliO attacked playerSpetsnaz6650150710525189949I DOMINATORI DI SINOPE7.1
13436Bononius attacked playerParfumo51247910531113926Fed. La Frontiera24.2
511B2. Il CICLO attacked playerSpetsnaz6649650110839189949I DOMINATORI DI SINOPE4.1
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3105Scoglio S attacked playeralicide48748111182140155Fed. Grecia classica ll23.0
66215Patata piccante attacked playeralicide48847811206140155Fed. Grecia classica ll25.1
1297Alicidia attacked playeralicide48847811236140155Fed. Grecia classica ll25.1
678Hogan1966 attacked playeralicide48847811447140155Fed. Grecia classica ll25.1
694Naftia attacked playeralicide48847811455140155Fed. Grecia classica ll25.1
2433Molson attacked playeralicide47847911497140155Fed. Grecia classica ll30.4
663Plistene attacked playeralicide48847811523140155Fed. Grecia classica ll25.1
706DjGrim attacked playeralicide48847811682140155Fed. Grecia classica ll25.1
35344.95 Lo Stratega attacked playerAbner Marsh4954921194576118Banda della 1049.4
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Players list: Omericus; romoletto82; Abner Marsh; Kelly Lady; rivalsa67; arianara; solares; Spetsnaz66; Parfumo; alicide
[town]15302[/town] 5590pts [player]Omericus[/player] 490/520 22.4
[town]10439[/town] 5766pts [player]romoletto82[/player] 524/494 24.7
[town]581[/town] 5835pts [player]Abner Marsh[/player] 507/506 9.2
[town]2708[/town] 6225pts [player]Abner Marsh[/player] 477/503 23.2
[town]5554[/town] 6249pts [player]Kelly Lady[/player] 490/489 14.9
[town]9419[/town] 6699pts [player]Abner Marsh[/player] 525/510 26.9
[town]7833[/town] 6743pts [player]Abner Marsh[/player] 486/525 28.7
[town]9151[/town] 7055pts [player]Abner Marsh[/player] 525/510 26.9
[town]4718[/town] 7257pts [player]rivalsa67[/player] 499/485 15.0
[town]700[/town] 7262pts [player]arianara[/player] 488/478 25.1
[town]720[/town] 7897pts [player]solares[/player] 474/486 29.5
[town]1720[/town] 8192pts [player]Spetsnaz66[/player] 485/499 15.0
[town]406[/town] 8843pts [player]Spetsnaz66[/player] 485/499 15.0
[town]2078[/town] 8861pts [player]Spetsnaz66[/player] 473/523 35.5
[town]1876[/town] 9024pts [player]Spetsnaz66[/player] 511/504 11.7
[town]14376[/town] 9206pts [player]Omericus[/player] 490/520 22.4
[town]555[/town] 9215pts [player]Spetsnaz66[/player] 496/501 4.1
[town]385[/town] 9434pts [player]Spetsnaz66[/player] 485/499 15.0
[town]383[/town] 9608pts [player]Spetsnaz66[/player] 485/499 15.0
[town]576[/town] 9621pts [player]Spetsnaz66[/player] 507/506 9.2
[town]2390[/town] 9695pts [player]Spetsnaz66[/player] 483/519 25.5
[town]952[/town] 9822pts [player]Spetsnaz66[/player] 499/520 20.0
[town]381[/town] 9841pts [player]Spetsnaz66[/player] 485/499 15.0
[town]12362[/town] 10040pts [player]Omericus[/player] 490/520 22.4
[town]2065[/town] 10169pts [player]Spetsnaz66[/player] 490/520 22.4
[town]955[/town] 10227pts [player]Spetsnaz66[/player] 499/520 20.0
[town]12169[/town] 10470pts [player]Omericus[/player] 490/520 22.4
[town]500[/town] 10525pts [player]Spetsnaz66[/player] 501/507 7.1
[town]13436[/town] 10531pts [player]Parfumo[/player] 512/479 24.2
[town]511[/town] 10839pts [player]Spetsnaz66[/player] 496/501 4.1
[town]3105[/town] 11182pts [player]alicide[/player] 487/481 23.0
[town]662[/town] 11206pts [player]alicide[/player] 488/478 25.1
[town]1297[/town] 11236pts [player]alicide[/player] 488/478 25.1
[town]678[/town] 11447pts [player]alicide[/player] 488/478 25.1
[town]694[/town] 11455pts [player]alicide[/player] 488/478 25.1
[town]2433[/town] 11497pts [player]alicide[/player] 478/479 30.4
[town]663[/town] 11523pts [player]alicide[/player] 488/478 25.1
[town]706[/town] 11682pts [player]alicide[/player] 488/478 25.1
[town]353[/town] 11945pts [player]Abner Marsh[/player] 495/492 9.4

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.