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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
15735Città di alizzia 3alizzia515504504882738Amici Miei Atto II15.5
13807AS 01alsaba78471517565181494SERENISSIMA33.6
15510matthew 2Matthew084944735916169884Amici miei atto III27.7
15669KordarImperiumZ4924746805113892Amici miei atto III27.2
15464Città di alizzia 2alizzia515504695682738Amici Miei Atto II15.5
16802 Red Islandliseu 105065168704196167Amici miei atto I17.1
553digaliseu 104984799000196167Amici miei atto I21.1
623SUPERDRAG0liseu 104864979492196167Amici miei atto I14.3
17501.SUPERDRAG0liseu 105065169777196167Amici miei atto I17.1
870001.GHIACCIOstonato4764799936167309Amici Miei Atto II31.9
656245CALLIOPEpentesilea-47652010140121459-I Nabbi StReSsaTi-31.2
600245ANTIOPEpentesilea-47652610218121459-I Nabbi StReSsaTi-35.4
1326Città di liseu 10liseu 1048348210247196167Amici miei atto I24.8
1615003.Monkey47stonato48649710273167309Amici Miei Atto II14.3
503003 LA MIAliseu 1048448911021196167Amici miei atto I19.4
4093Isolotto di maxmaximo196752851811088165732MIRMIDONI33.3
373*101 CloserToBattle* sleeping playerItzz All A Joke5025261114530974---26.1
146155.003 attacked playerbodeil5025261119020848---26.1
5084Isolotto di max 02maximo196752851811976165732MIRMIDONI33.3
1700B1.dromone**dougi47447412044162942Amici miei atto III36.8
1248Jab M44Nike47447412162179104Amici Miei Atto II36.8
9261. Acqua Santaliseu 1048047312188196167Amici miei atto I33.6
364Città di liseuliseu 1048948412289196167Amici miei atto I19.4
166AtenaNike M55Nike50651612448179104Amici Miei Atto II17.1
2168Fidi M44Nike47248212538179104Amici Miei Atto II33.3
821D1.adventure44*dougi47647912653162942Amici miei atto III31.9
59055 Resetmattel-osa5205241281468540---31.2
112503 Colonna M44Nike48047313613179104Amici Miei Atto II33.6
14702Delta 14 sleeping playerbunba4744961387985130Amici miei atto I26.3
10874Delta 4 sleeping playerbunba4734941401585130Amici miei atto I27.7
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912RodiPyro Excalibur4804731411454185Amici miei atto III33.6
15372Città di bunba 4 sleeping playerbunba4744961421885130Amici miei atto I26.3
209Dark Zone sleeping playerbunba4985101423085130Amici miei atto I10.2
636025Bolivar4865081429043861Amici miei atto I16.1
7481Città di antani0 2Pyro Excalibur4975071456554185Amici miei atto III7.6
1752Coln.44-MST-1-RODIareenish47448714800113834Amici miei atto I29.1
915EEEEEEEDDAIMatthew0848650814866169884Amici miei atto III16.1
2119Catino02catino51547715210179825Amici Miei Atto II27.5
16402.SUPERDRAG0liseu 1050651615727196167Amici miei atto I17.1
27Catino03catino50549915938179825Amici Miei Atto II5.1
54Catino04catino51550015938179825Amici Miei Atto II15.0
111Ribrezzo M44Nike48949216123179104Amici Miei Atto II13.6
10Catino01catino49849617688179825Amici Miei Atto II4.5
374Città di giangiu sleeping playergiangiu50252617786150078-I Nabbi StReSsaTi-26.1

Players list: alizzia; alsaba78; Matthew08; ImperiumZ; liseu 10; stonato; pentesilea-; maximo1967; Itzz All A Joke; bodeil; dougi; Nike; mattel-osa; bunba; Pyro Excalibur; Bolivar; areenish; catino; giangiu
[town]15735[/town] 5048pts [player]alizzia[/player] 515/504 15.5
[town]13807[/town] 5651pts [player]alsaba78[/player] 471/517 33.6
[town]15510[/town] 5916pts [player]Matthew08[/player] 494/473 27.7
[town]15669[/town] 6805pts [player]ImperiumZ[/player] 492/474 27.2
[town]15464[/town] 6956pts [player]alizzia[/player] 515/504 15.5
[town]168[/town] 8704pts [player]liseu 10[/player] 506/516 17.1
[town]553[/town] 9000pts [player]liseu 10[/player] 498/479 21.1
[town]623[/town] 9492pts [player]liseu 10[/player] 486/497 14.3
[town]175[/town] 9777pts [player]liseu 10[/player] 506/516 17.1
[town]870[/town] 9936pts [player]stonato[/player] 476/479 31.9
[town]6562[/town] 10140pts [player]pentesilea-[/player] 476/520 31.2
[town]6002[/town] 10218pts [player]pentesilea-[/player] 476/526 35.4
[town]1326[/town] 10247pts [player]liseu 10[/player] 483/482 24.8
[town]1615[/town] 10273pts [player]stonato[/player] 486/497 14.3
[town]503[/town] 11021pts [player]liseu 10[/player] 484/489 19.4
[town]4093[/town] 11088pts [player]maximo1967[/player] 528/518 33.3
[town]373[/town] 11145pts [player]Itzz All A Joke[/player] 502/526 26.1
[town]1461[/town] 11190pts [player]bodeil[/player] 502/526 26.1
[town]5084[/town] 11976pts [player]maximo1967[/player] 528/518 33.3
[town]1700[/town] 12044pts [player]dougi[/player] 474/474 36.8
[town]1248[/town] 12162pts [player]Nike[/player] 474/474 36.8
[town]926[/town] 12188pts [player]liseu 10[/player] 480/473 33.6
[town]364[/town] 12289pts [player]liseu 10[/player] 489/484 19.4
[town]166[/town] 12448pts [player]Nike[/player] 506/516 17.1
[town]2168[/town] 12538pts [player]Nike[/player] 472/482 33.3
[town]821[/town] 12653pts [player]dougi[/player] 476/479 31.9
[town]590[/town] 12814pts [player]mattel-osa[/player] 520/524 31.2
[town]1125[/town] 13613pts [player]Nike[/player] 480/473 33.6
[town]14702[/town] 13879pts [player]bunba[/player] 474/496 26.3
[town]10874[/town] 14015pts [player]bunba[/player] 473/494 27.7
[town]912[/town] 14114pts [player]Pyro Excalibur[/player] 480/473 33.6
[town]15372[/town] 14218pts [player]bunba[/player] 474/496 26.3
[town]209[/town] 14230pts [player]bunba[/player] 498/510 10.2
[town]636[/town] 14290pts [player]Bolivar[/player] 486/508 16.1
[town]7481[/town] 14565pts [player]Pyro Excalibur[/player] 497/507 7.6
[town]1752[/town] 14800pts [player]areenish[/player] 474/487 29.1
[town]915[/town] 14866pts [player]Matthew08[/player] 486/508 16.1
[town]2119[/town] 15210pts [player]catino[/player] 515/477 27.5
[town]164[/town] 15727pts [player]liseu 10[/player] 506/516 17.1
[town]27[/town] 15938pts [player]catino[/player] 505/499 5.1
[town]54[/town] 15938pts [player]catino[/player] 515/500 15.0
[town]111[/town] 16123pts [player]Nike[/player] 489/492 13.6
[town]10[/town] 17688pts [player]catino[/player] 498/496 4.5
[town]374[/town] 17786pts [player]giangiu[/player] 502/526 26.1

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.