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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
2859B011.Rots sleeping playerSnert Jan5065145575104391M.O.E.S15.2
6442Y-20 MinyaVos503523487557817460Bromberen26.4
4694Stad van - Ares -Friend Or foe5154806955113476The North25.0
7369Stad van Friend Or foe 3Friend Or foe5154807565113476The North25.0
4861Get up Stand upFriend Or foe5124818212113476The North22.5
6931U.Florence WelchFriend Or foe5214778466113476The North31.1
620Felicia DayFriend Or foe5064798754113476The North21.8
7857Stad van Friend Or fFriend Or foe5174839022113476The North24.0
2077*11.01* sleeping playerSnert Jan5115099442104391M.O.E.S14.2
8746Stad van Leonie attacked playerLeonie524471965524914Philea37.6
2446*11.03* sleeping playerSnert Jan5115099839104391M.O.E.S14.2
2589*11.04* sleeping playerSnert Jan51150910192104391M.O.E.S14.2
9653N.Zendaya ColemanFriend Or foe50647910643113476The North21.8
9120snikkelknop attacked playerLeonie5244711076324914Philea37.6
11429007 RidderRoem attacked playerRidder Lancelot5285251143957164---37.5
7497A06.1 Wessex attacked playerraptire48547711474177430---27.5
3787A14.2 Fly attacked playerraptire47847811494177430---31.1
3935A06.1 Midgaard attacked playerraptire48547711649177430---27.5
2964A07.2 Tower attacked playerraptire48648011700177430---24.4
3422A06.1 Fossil attacked playerraptire48547711736177430---27.5
3369Ghost 13 attacked playerraptire48848312136177430---20.8
2332*11.02* sleeping playerSnert Jan51150912758104391M.O.E.S14.2
1693A07.2 Hyena attacked playerraptire48648012974177430---24.4

Players list: Snert Jan; Vos503; Friend Or foe; Leonie; Ridder Lancelot; raptire
[town]2859[/town] 5575pts [player]Snert Jan[/player] 506/514 15.2
[town]6442[/town] 5578pts [player]Vos503[/player] 523/487 26.4
[town]4694[/town] 6955pts [player]Friend Or foe[/player] 515/480 25.0
[town]7369[/town] 7565pts [player]Friend Or foe[/player] 515/480 25.0
[town]4861[/town] 8212pts [player]Friend Or foe[/player] 512/481 22.5
[town]693[/town] 8466pts [player]Friend Or foe[/player] 521/477 31.1
[town]620[/town] 8754pts [player]Friend Or foe[/player] 506/479 21.8
[town]7857[/town] 9022pts [player]Friend Or foe[/player] 517/483 24.0
[town]2077[/town] 9442pts [player]Snert Jan[/player] 511/509 14.2
[town]8746[/town] 9655pts [player]Leonie[/player] 524/471 37.6
[town]2446[/town] 9839pts [player]Snert Jan[/player] 511/509 14.2
[town]2589[/town] 10192pts [player]Snert Jan[/player] 511/509 14.2
[town]965[/town] 10643pts [player]Friend Or foe[/player] 506/479 21.8
[town]9120[/town] 10763pts [player]Leonie[/player] 524/471 37.6
[town]11429[/town] 11439pts [player]Ridder Lancelot[/player] 528/525 37.5
[town]7497[/town] 11474pts [player]raptire[/player] 485/477 27.5
[town]3787[/town] 11494pts [player]raptire[/player] 478/478 31.1
[town]3935[/town] 11649pts [player]raptire[/player] 485/477 27.5
[town]2964[/town] 11700pts [player]raptire[/player] 486/480 24.4
[town]3422[/town] 11736pts [player]raptire[/player] 485/477 27.5
[town]5550[/town] 11882pts [player]Vos503[/player] 523/487 26.4
[town]3369[/town] 12136pts [player]raptire[/player] 488/483 20.8
[town]2332[/town] 12758pts [player]Snert Jan[/player] 511/509 14.2
[town]1693[/town] 12974pts [player]raptire[/player] 486/480 24.4

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.