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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
4694Stad van - Ares - attacked playerFriend Or foe515480515239769The North II25.0
2810B011.Rots2 sleeping playerPjure506514543383639Rolling Rolstoel15.2
525A.01 negatief sleeping playerstijma5234996835160306Go Rin No Sho23.0
7369Stad van Friend Or foe 3 attacked playerFriend Or foe515480697339769The North II25.0
2280B010R B'* sleeping playerricksongreen5135127931141182Optimistische Toekomst17.7
4861Get up Stand up attacked playerFriend Or foe512481815739769The North II22.5
2859B011.Rots sleeping playerPjure506514820583639Rolling Rolstoel15.2
4254B011R B sleeping playerricksongreen5065148672141182Optimistische Toekomst15.2
256144.17 Devi attacked playerkoekenbakker1234864938909173263Rising Legion15.7
7857Stad van Friend Or f attacked playerFriend Or foe517483902239769The North II24.0
3897A.08 wimmie sleeping playerstijma5145019432160306Go Rin No Sho14.0
8746Stad van Leonie attacked playerLeonie524471956024781Philea37.6
1536B010.Rots sleeping playerPjure513512977983639Rolling Rolstoel17.7
11429007 RidderRoemRidder Lancelot528525995261665Rolstoel Fabriek37.5
1121B018.AH sleeping playerPjure5215181003983639Rolling Rolstoel27.7
7537Y.B54.02OURBOY775174831016426502Mr. Alcohol Babes24.0
3779C1.3.3 Kaya sleeping playerFlorisP4905171027863621---19.7
3281B003 Jet to loseHanscor5145031033620929Rolling Rolstoel14.3
2451B010R*- sleeping playerricksongreen51351210704141182Optimistische Toekomst17.7
3421B011R* sleeping playerricksongreen50651410733141182Optimistische Toekomst15.2
9120snikkelknop attacked playerLeonie5244711076324781Philea37.6
5550Gnoof only one grepolis town attacked playerVos5035234871080310803Bromberen26.4
2419A014.1 B Dark0 attacked playerKip döner4794741124776589Empathisch Vermogen33.4
6323Boktor 6 sleeping playerLars Porsenna50949611301186428---9.8
2503C1.2.3 Gideon sleeping playerFlorisP4935181138363621---19.3
9655A002R' FORTNITE sleeping playerricksongreen49650711598141182Optimistische Toekomst8.1
2092B012R3'* sleeping playerricksongreen50151311878141182Optimistische Toekomst13.0
3444C1.3.2 Teferi sleeping playerFlorisP4905171233263621---19.7
14265Boktor 13 sleeping playerLars Porsenna52852512514186428---37.5
3194C1.2.2 Nissa sleeping playerFlorisP4935181363763621---19.3
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839655 Rotterdam 01knolleke5295291512766659wolvenroedel41.0
2567C1.2.1 Jace sleeping playerFlorisP4935181599163621---19.3

Players list: Friend Or foe; Pjure; stijma; ricksongreen; koekenbakker123; Leonie; Ridder Lancelot; OURBOY77; FlorisP; Hanscor; Vos503; Kip döner; Lars Porsenna; knolleke
[town]4694[/town] 5152pts [player]Friend Or foe[/player] 515/480 25.0
[town]2810[/town] 5433pts [player]Pjure[/player] 506/514 15.2
[town]525[/town] 6835pts [player]stijma[/player] 523/499 23.0
[town]7369[/town] 6973pts [player]Friend Or foe[/player] 515/480 25.0
[town]2280[/town] 7931pts [player]ricksongreen[/player] 513/512 17.7
[town]4861[/town] 8157pts [player]Friend Or foe[/player] 512/481 22.5
[town]2859[/town] 8205pts [player]Pjure[/player] 506/514 15.2
[town]4254[/town] 8672pts [player]ricksongreen[/player] 506/514 15.2
[town]2561[/town] 8909pts [player]koekenbakker123[/player] 486/493 15.7
[town]7857[/town] 9022pts [player]Friend Or foe[/player] 517/483 24.0
[town]3897[/town] 9432pts [player]stijma[/player] 514/501 14.0
[town]8746[/town] 9560pts [player]Leonie[/player] 524/471 37.6
[town]1536[/town] 9779pts [player]Pjure[/player] 513/512 17.7
[town]11429[/town] 9952pts [player]Ridder Lancelot[/player] 528/525 37.5
[town]1121[/town] 10039pts [player]Pjure[/player] 521/518 27.7
[town]7537[/town] 10164pts [player]OURBOY77[/player] 517/483 24.0
[town]3779[/town] 10278pts [player]FlorisP[/player] 490/517 19.7
[town]3281[/town] 10336pts [player]Hanscor[/player] 514/503 14.3
[town]2451[/town] 10704pts [player]ricksongreen[/player] 513/512 17.7
[town]3421[/town] 10733pts [player]ricksongreen[/player] 506/514 15.2
[town]9120[/town] 10763pts [player]Leonie[/player] 524/471 37.6
[town]5550[/town] 10803pts [player]Vos503[/player] 523/487 26.4
[town]2419[/town] 11247pts [player]Kip döner[/player] 479/474 33.4
[town]6323[/town] 11301pts [player]Lars Porsenna[/player] 509/496 9.8
[town]2503[/town] 11383pts [player]FlorisP[/player] 493/518 19.3
[town]9655[/town] 11598pts [player]ricksongreen[/player] 496/507 8.1
[town]2092[/town] 11878pts [player]ricksongreen[/player] 501/513 13.0
[town]3444[/town] 12332pts [player]FlorisP[/player] 490/517 19.7
[town]14265[/town] 12514pts [player]Lars Porsenna[/player] 528/525 37.5
[town]3194[/town] 13637pts [player]FlorisP[/player] 493/518 19.3
[town]8396[/town] 15127pts [player]knolleke[/player] 529/529 41.0
[town]2567[/town] 15991pts [player]FlorisP[/player] 493/518 19.3

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.