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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
5346G55 01-01 attacked playerkomwoj77508526707816872---27.2
3751Delia attacked playerjurekj12481487754969185Wesoła Gromadka23.0
4871Miasto 03 attacked playerYoda654784869118124818Wesoła Gromadka26.1
2912Miasto 01 attacked playerYoda654784869315124818Wesoła Gromadka26.1
11234Miasto 05 attacked playerYoda654784869803124818Wesoła Gromadka26.1
6371Deleware attacked playerjurekj12481487982669185Wesoła Gromadka23.0
1001dla generała attacked playerSzprot w oleju50452910104105700los negros nie jest29.3
3384Miasto 02 attacked playerYoda6547848610293124818Wesoła Gromadka26.1
986M55 Dublin attacked playerSzprot w oleju50452910506105700los negros nie jest29.3
2340Denmark attacked playerjurekj124814871075969185Wesoła Gromadka23.0
5246Denis attacked playerjurekj124814871102569185Wesoła Gromadka23.0
8557Miasto 04 attacked playerYoda6547848611774124818Wesoła Gromadka26.1
16193M55 PARA 03 attacked playermarpol1a5065181228090736Zdrówko19.0
7424Kruk 02 attacked playerkieł4894731264479247Szukamy MIŁOŚCI29.2
998Miasto gracza ptaku79 attacked playerSzprot w oleju50452912890105700los negros nie jest29.3
13963M55 PARA 03.1 attacked playermarpol1a5145211311690736Zdrówko25.2
9648Kruk 01 attacked playerkieł4894731393279247Szukamy MIŁOŚCI29.2
970001. attacked playerSzprot w oleju50452914237105700los negros nie jest29.3
76201 KOV attacked player-KoowaL-49747115342152660Szukamy MIŁOŚCI29.2
10275Miasto 13 attacked playerYoda6547848615413124818Wesoła Gromadka26.1
2757GANDI NA MURKACH XD attacked player-KoowaL-50547516829152660Szukamy MIŁOŚCI25.5

Players list: komwoj77; jurekj12; Yoda65; Szprot w oleju; marpol1a; kieł; -KoowaL-
[town]5346[/town] 7078pts [player]komwoj77[/player] 508/526 27.2
[town]3751[/town] 7549pts [player]jurekj12[/player] 481/487 23.0
[town]4871[/town] 9118pts [player]Yoda65[/player] 478/486 26.1
[town]2912[/town] 9315pts [player]Yoda65[/player] 478/486 26.1
[town]11234[/town] 9803pts [player]Yoda65[/player] 478/486 26.1
[town]6371[/town] 9826pts [player]jurekj12[/player] 481/487 23.0
[town]1001[/town] 10104pts [player]Szprot w oleju[/player] 504/529 29.3
[town]3384[/town] 10293pts [player]Yoda65[/player] 478/486 26.1
[town]986[/town] 10506pts [player]Szprot w oleju[/player] 504/529 29.3
[town]2340[/town] 10759pts [player]jurekj12[/player] 481/487 23.0
[town]5246[/town] 11025pts [player]jurekj12[/player] 481/487 23.0
[town]8557[/town] 11774pts [player]Yoda65[/player] 478/486 26.1
[town]16193[/town] 12280pts [player]marpol1a[/player] 506/518 19.0
[town]7424[/town] 12644pts [player]kieł[/player] 489/473 29.2
[town]998[/town] 12890pts [player]Szprot w oleju[/player] 504/529 29.3
[town]13963[/town] 13116pts [player]marpol1a[/player] 514/521 25.2
[town]9648[/town] 13932pts [player]kieł[/player] 489/473 29.2
[town]970[/town] 14237pts [player]Szprot w oleju[/player] 504/529 29.3
[town]762[/town] 15342pts [player]-KoowaL-[/player] 497/471 29.2
[town]10275[/town] 15413pts [player]Yoda65[/player] 478/486 26.1
[town]2757[/town] 16829pts [player]-KoowaL-[/player] 505/475 25.5

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.