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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
1216M-52 sleepingmaroc784764947417162655Darko24.7
238M-47 sleepingmaroc784864987570162655Darko14.1
1249TREK sleepingdendi55224718531145599We Play To The End36.4
19030GOHAN sleepingdendi55254748549145599We Play To The End36.1
19333GOTEN sleepingdendi55254748880145599We Play To The End36.1
203M54.G06 onetown sleepingmatysek.7551249289828982---14.4
30070SAJGON sleepingdendi54874739477145599We Play To The End30.0
843942. sleepingjesiol480490960752463---22.4
244NightPolis.75 sleepingNolegal499483989185225---17.0
1198BIDON sleepingdendi552247110890145599We Play To The End36.4
803605.Nolegal*1 sleepingNolegal4864971297085225---14.3
25343ALONE sleepingdendi548049013388145599We Play To The End22.4
6546M.8.0**kowalt014844761354381199Pijemy na sygnale28.8
786SKYPIEE sleepingdendi548549013719145599We Play To The End18.0
371SKYPIEA2 sleepingdendi548549014004145599We Play To The End18.0
164M-56 sleepingmaroc7849750114142162655Darko3.2
15353M.6.0kowalt014834851419481199Pijemy na sygnale22.7
97M-53 sleepingmaroc7848950014247162655Darko11.0
408SKYPIEA3 sleepingdendi548549014419145599We Play To The End18.0
31156M.8.1kowalt014844761453281199Pijemy na sygnale28.8
765018. Chipsy sleepingjesiol4774841467352463---28.0
475SKYPIEA1 sleepingdendi548549014758145599We Play To The End18.0
527SKYPIEA sleepingdendi548549015011145599We Play To The End18.0

Players list: maroc78; dendi5; matysek.75; jesiol; Nolegal; kowalt01
[town]1216[/town] 7417pts [player]maroc78[/player] 476/494 24.7
[town]238[/town] 7570pts [player]maroc78[/player] 486/498 14.1
[town]1249[/town] 8531pts [player]dendi5[/player] 522/471 36.4
[town]19030[/town] 8549pts [player]dendi5[/player] 525/474 36.1
[town]19333[/town] 8880pts [player]dendi5[/player] 525/474 36.1
[town]203[/town] 8982pts [player]matysek.75[/player] 512/492 14.4
[town]30070[/town] 9477pts [player]dendi5[/player] 487/473 30.0
[town]8439[/town] 9607pts [player]jesiol[/player] 480/490 22.4
[town]244[/town] 9891pts [player]Nolegal[/player] 499/483 17.0
[town]1198[/town] 10890pts [player]dendi5[/player] 522/471 36.4
[town]8036[/town] 12970pts [player]Nolegal[/player] 486/497 14.3
[town]25343[/town] 13388pts [player]dendi5[/player] 480/490 22.4
[town]6546[/town] 13543pts [player]kowalt01[/player] 484/476 28.8
[town]786[/town] 13719pts [player]dendi5[/player] 485/490 18.0
[town]371[/town] 14004pts [player]dendi5[/player] 485/490 18.0
[town]164[/town] 14142pts [player]maroc78[/player] 497/501 3.2
[town]15353[/town] 14194pts [player]kowalt01[/player] 483/485 22.7
[town]97[/town] 14247pts [player]maroc78[/player] 489/500 11.0
[town]408[/town] 14419pts [player]dendi5[/player] 485/490 18.0
[town]31156[/town] 14532pts [player]kowalt01[/player] 484/476 28.8
[town]7650[/town] 14673pts [player]jesiol[/player] 477/484 28.0
[town]475[/town] 14758pts [player]dendi5[/player] 485/490 18.0
[town]527[/town] 15011pts [player]dendi5[/player] 485/490 18.0

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.