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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
37672EUBEA HANDEL 11grom pl pedro496487512298414---13.6
37675EUBEA HANDEL 12grom pl pedro496487515198414---13.6
4606EUBEA HANDEL 9grom pl pedro491483536598414---19.2
3870WWOLF.3 sleepingWolf Warrior525486556266107Ultra Nowa28.7
5898005. 19.05.18 onetown sleepingzając5432147351156715671---29.2
5021EUBEA HANDEL 7grom pl pedro497485577298414---15.3
5913M55 M8 001YzoreeeK5205146018188124Nie pośpisz24.4
38477N4 kolonia06 sleepingMortuss500480603639192---20.0
862stare smieciBlack constrictor4724996483134785*Kohorta Słowian*28.0
35201001 sleepingamadi16480529649871345---35.2
2451M55 M7 002YzoreeeK5275176551188124Nie pośpisz31.9
22731EUBEA HANDEL 4grom pl pedro496487656798414---13.6
9150EUBEA HANDEL 3grom pl pedro496487688798414---13.6
4933EUBEA HANDEL 8grom pl pedro496487703498414---13.6
3963EUBEA HANDEL 2grom pl pedro497485733298414---15.3
3878EUBEA HANDEL 10grom pl pedro491483756098414---19.2
6860HANDEL HANDEL onetownmatysele47351183498349obserwator29.2
4864XAYOO NOX sleepingWolf Warrior518480835266107Ultra Nowa26.9
4725M55 M4 001YzoreeeK5225118434188124Nie pośpisz24.6
7918M55 M5 001YzoreeeK5285158461188124Nie pośpisz31.8
37959Miasto gracza T h o 3T h o r473511855528966Lucyferki29.2
4270EUBEA HANDEL 6grom pl pedro497485865098414---15.3
3304M55 M7 001YzoreeeK5275179123188124Nie pośpisz31.9
5037sprzedam łóżkoPaxonowski2137511514913420205Handel17.8
3787EUBEA HANDEL 13grom pl pedro497485929498414---15.3
5059EUBEA HANDEL 5grom pl pedro497485951998414---15.3
32166WARMIA4Frenky48052910086179679*Kohorta Słowian*35.2
299Route 66 onetown sleepingmaciej133394814831048510485---25.5
4885znajomy śpiochPaxonowski21375115141107120205Handel17.8
8683-023-YzoreeeK52851512047188124Nie pośpisz31.8
1211Szukam Zęmsty....YzoreeeK52452413277188124Nie pośpisz33.9
468M55.V7 sleepingŁowcaFragów5125171414568845I will never fall20.8
157EUBEAgrom pl pedro5014841416198414---16.0
96701. m45 sleepingGearhei4755061694281438---25.7
2950N4 kolonia01 x sleepingMortuss5004801742339192---20.0

Players list: grom pl pedro; Wolf Warrior; zając54321; YzoreeeK; Mortuss; Black constrictor; amadi16; matysele; T h o r; Paxonowski2137; Frenky; maciej13339; ŁowcaFragów; Gearhei
[town]37672[/town] 5122pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 496/487 13.6
[town]37675[/town] 5151pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 496/487 13.6
[town]4606[/town] 5365pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 491/483 19.2
[town]3870[/town] 5562pts [player]Wolf Warrior[/player] 525/486 28.7
[town]5898[/town] 5671pts [player]zając54321[/player] 473/511 29.2
[town]5021[/town] 5772pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 497/485 15.3
[town]5913[/town] 6018pts [player]YzoreeeK[/player] 520/514 24.4
[town]38477[/town] 6036pts [player]Mortuss[/player] 500/480 20.0
[town]862[/town] 6483pts [player]Black constrictor[/player] 472/499 28.0
[town]35201[/town] 6498pts [player]amadi16[/player] 480/529 35.2
[town]2451[/town] 6551pts [player]YzoreeeK[/player] 527/517 31.9
[town]22731[/town] 6567pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 496/487 13.6
[town]9150[/town] 6887pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 496/487 13.6
[town]4933[/town] 7034pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 496/487 13.6
[town]3963[/town] 7332pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 497/485 15.3
[town]3878[/town] 7560pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 491/483 19.2
[town]6860[/town] 8349pts [player]matysele[/player] 473/511 29.2
[town]4864[/town] 8352pts [player]Wolf Warrior[/player] 518/480 26.9
[town]4725[/town] 8434pts [player]YzoreeeK[/player] 522/511 24.6
[town]7918[/town] 8461pts [player]YzoreeeK[/player] 528/515 31.8
[town]37959[/town] 8555pts [player]T h o r[/player] 473/511 29.2
[town]4270[/town] 8650pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 497/485 15.3
[town]3304[/town] 9123pts [player]YzoreeeK[/player] 527/517 31.9
[town]5037[/town] 9134pts [player]Paxonowski2137[/player] 511/514 17.8
[town]3787[/town] 9294pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 497/485 15.3
[town]5059[/town] 9519pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 497/485 15.3
[town]32166[/town] 10086pts [player]Frenky[/player] 480/529 35.2
[town]299[/town] 10485pts [player]maciej13339[/player] 481/483 25.5
[town]4885[/town] 11071pts [player]Paxonowski2137[/player] 511/514 17.8
[town]8683[/town] 12047pts [player]YzoreeeK[/player] 528/515 31.8
[town]1211[/town] 13277pts [player]YzoreeeK[/player] 524/524 33.9
[town]468[/town] 14145pts [player]ŁowcaFragów[/player] 512/517 20.8
[town]157[/town] 14161pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 501/484 16.0
[town]967[/town] 16942pts [player]Gearhei[/player] 475/506 25.7
[town]2950[/town] 17423pts [player]Mortuss[/player] 500/480 20.0

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.