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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
3583MMMM sleepingwiess1213484494520621440---17.1
376Handelek sleepingwiess1213477492529221440---24.4
29561*PL Hermonassa 4.5grom pl pedro4895085361190232---13.6
20984PL Hermonassa 5.1grom pl pedro4895105519190232---14.9
19443Been To HellZejer4905145582112581SzaaKii Express17.2
20998PL Hermonassa 5.2grom pl pedro4895105633190232---14.9
2620BB2 sleepingwiess1213484494579521440---17.1
30994Miasto gracza intruzor 6intruzor4774726077196315Anielice Pokoju36.2
21128PL Hermonassa 5.3grom pl pedro4895106531190232---14.9
21129PL Hermonassa 5.4grom pl pedro4895106647190232---14.9
6609PL Hermonassa 6.1grom pl pedro4864916910190232---16.6
2931PL Hermonassa 4.6grom pl pedro4895087239190232---13.6
4046PL Hermonassa 3.1grom pl pedro4915027367190232---9.2
2439PL Hermonassa 2.1grom pl pedro4935047461190232---8.1
10705PL Hermonassa 4.3grom pl pedro4895087959190232---13.6
21634PL Hermonassa 5.5grom pl pedro4895108029190232---14.9
11963PL Hermonassa 4.2grom pl pedro4895088072190232---13.6
10012PL Hermonassa 4.1grom pl pedro4895088191190232---13.6
23391013Zejer4805268582112581SzaaKii Express32.8
15614NIE DACIE RADY sleepingKlapoo513495860424522Wilki Południa .13.9
22231014.zmZejer4925208807112581SzaaKii Express21.5
2024045.2.Minas MorgulZejer4805269043112581SzaaKii Express32.8
3158PL Hermonassa 5.6grom pl pedro4895109067190232---14.9 2Zejer4925209319112581SzaaKii Express21.5
13006014. NagojaZejer49252010886112581SzaaKii Express21.5
3312014.TermopileZejer49252012137112581SzaaKii Express21.5
3018014.dzicz002Zejer49252012464112581SzaaKii Express21.5
253PL Hermonassa 1.1grom pl pedro50050413876190232---4.0
3889PL Hermonassa 3.4grom pl pedro49150213973190232---9.2
3416PL Hermonassa 3.3grom pl pedro49150214580190232---9.2
306PL Hermonassa 1.2grom pl pedro50050414659190232---4.0
900608 garulceLolcia55547247514900148329Anielice Pokoju37.5
3080PL Hermonassa 3.2grom pl pedro49150214913190232---9.2
370744.B05intruzor47948616247196315Anielice Pokoju25.2
2872007 Do sklepuintruzor47249516967196315Anielice Pokoju28.4
349009 murawaLolcia55549449717362148329Anielice Pokoju6.7
2812005 Dwieścieintruzor47948617567196315Anielice Pokoju25.2

Players list: wiess1213; grom pl pedro; Zejer; intruzor; borys1978; Klapoo; Lolcia555
[town]3583[/town] 5206pts [player]wiess1213[/player] 484/494 17.1
[town]376[/town] 5292pts [player]wiess1213[/player] 477/492 24.4
[town]29561[/town] 5361pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 489/508 13.6
[town]20984[/town] 5519pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 489/510 14.9
[town]19443[/town] 5582pts [player]Zejer[/player] 490/514 17.2
[town]20998[/town] 5633pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 489/510 14.9
[town]2620[/town] 5795pts [player]wiess1213[/player] 484/494 17.1
[town]30994[/town] 6077pts [player]intruzor[/player] 477/472 36.2
[town]21128[/town] 6531pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 489/510 14.9
[town]21129[/town] 6647pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 489/510 14.9
[town]6609[/town] 6910pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 486/491 16.6
[town]33106[/town] 7020pts [player]borys1978[/player] 479/510 23.3
[town]2931[/town] 7239pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 489/508 13.6
[town]4046[/town] 7367pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 491/502 9.2
[town]2439[/town] 7461pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 493/504 8.1
[town]10705[/town] 7959pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 489/508 13.6
[town]21634[/town] 8029pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 489/510 14.9
[town]11963[/town] 8072pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 489/508 13.6
[town]10012[/town] 8191pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 489/508 13.6
[town]23391[/town] 8582pts [player]Zejer[/player] 480/526 32.8
[town]15614[/town] 8604pts [player]Klapoo[/player] 513/495 13.9
[town]22231[/town] 8807pts [player]Zejer[/player] 492/520 21.5
[town]20240[/town] 9043pts [player]Zejer[/player] 480/526 32.8
[town]3158[/town] 9067pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 489/510 14.9
[town]22232[/town] 9319pts [player]Zejer[/player] 492/520 21.5
[town]13006[/town] 10886pts [player]Zejer[/player] 492/520 21.5
[town]3312[/town] 12137pts [player]Zejer[/player] 492/520 21.5
[town]3018[/town] 12464pts [player]Zejer[/player] 492/520 21.5
[town]253[/town] 13876pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 500/504 4.0
[town]3889[/town] 13973pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 491/502 9.2
[town]3416[/town] 14580pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 491/502 9.2
[town]306[/town] 14659pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 500/504 4.0
[town]9006[/town] 14900pts [player]Lolcia555[/player] 472/475 37.5
[town]3080[/town] 14913pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 491/502 9.2
[town]3707[/town] 16247pts [player]intruzor[/player] 479/486 25.2
[town]2872[/town] 16967pts [player]intruzor[/player] 472/495 28.4
[town]3490[/town] 17362pts [player]Lolcia555[/player] 494/497 6.7
[town]2812[/town] 17567pts [player]intruzor[/player] 479/486 25.2

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.