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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
393Gdyna Babie DołySlawzam5225155711190929La Familia Vikings26.6
3851654 BR BISMyka625284925780181753La Familia Vikings II29.1
37184Miasto gracza Zejer 2Zejer501522581813504Kingsajz dla każdego22.0
32283PROTAZYPOLISNITRAM5225157408160632La Familia Vikings II26.6
36331NARCYZPOLISNITRAM5145278385160632La Familia Vikings II30.4
4923Tenopolis 2 - IIgor T5255078415119433La Familia Vikings II26.0
37559URBANPOLISNITRAM5185268541160632La Familia Vikings II31.6
710PAFNUCYPOLISNITRAM5225158840160632La Familia Vikings II26.6
65706. EstcarpIgor T5015228896119433La Familia Vikings II22.0
666Ak47Slawzam5015228939190929La Familia Vikings22.0
29213Gdynia Działki LeśneSlawzam5205009623190929La Familia Vikings20.0
10017Olimpia.01szymonon15024719683145393Valhalla II29.1
33591Miasto gracza patryk29092000 6patryk29092000500479969667021K R O N O S21.0
33503Miasto gracza patryk29092000 5patryk29092000500479980767021K R O N O S21.0
180Olimpia.12szymonon14934739920145393Valhalla II27.9
236Psy wojnyelmajer5165101005577205La Familia Vikings II18.9
3160Gdynia StoczniaSlawzam52750210266190929La Familia Vikings27.1
218Gdynia WitominoSlawzam50750010322190929La Familia Vikings7.0
24704-Miasto 010 sleepingfukduk5185071072295639La Familia Vikings II19.3
920Olimpia.02szymonon150747310867145393Valhalla II27.9
508Gdynia RedłowoSlawzam52850711173190929La Familia Vikings28.9
249raz dwa trzyGizes52050011196102012La Familia Vikings II20.0
30951Miasto gracza patryk29092000 3patryk290920004854721199667021K R O N O S31.8
126IJO IJO IJO IJOelmajer5165101274577205La Familia Vikings II18.9
31512Miasto gracza patryk29092000 4patryk290920005004791289167021K R O N O S21.0
220Piotr i Pawelchoosack5075001289659848La Familia Vikings II7.0
33399Miasto gracza patryk29092000patryk290920005004791326267021K R O N O S21.0
32797MARCINPOLISNITRAM51952313818160632La Familia Vikings II29.8
1131NORBERTPOLISNITRAM51452713866160632La Familia Vikings II30.4
36682MMZ 000lukasz.MMZ48950013974112519Valhalla II11.0
32899NIKODEMPOLISNITRAM51452714162160632La Familia Vikings II30.4
33036PANKRACYPOLISNITRAM52251514281160632La Familia Vikings II26.6
551655 Atenoland 1Myka6251150814283181753La Familia Vikings II13.6
2262.7elmajer5205001539877205La Familia Vikings II20.0
3208155 BrugiaMyka6251952316070181753La Familia Vikings II29.8
351- Young Patrix - sleepingPatrix4904831646334063Valhalla II19.7
213M-55-12elmajer5165101647977205La Familia Vikings II18.9
919355 AtenolandMyka6251150816661181753La Familia Vikings II13.6
2251l2pThe Notorious5104791707354758La Familia Vikings II23.3
3212.7 tak sie nie robi sleepingPatrix5205001760034063Valhalla II20.0

Players list: Slawzam; Myka62; Zejer; NITRAM; Igor T; szymonon1; patryk29092000; elmajer; fukduk; Gizes; choosack; lukasz.MMZ; Patrix; The Notorious
[town]393[/town] 5711pts [player]Slawzam[/player] 522/515 26.6
[town]38516[/town] 5780pts [player]Myka62[/player] 528/492 29.1
[town]37184[/town] 5818pts [player]Zejer[/player] 501/522 22.0
[town]32283[/town] 7408pts [player]NITRAM[/player] 522/515 26.6
[town]36331[/town] 8385pts [player]NITRAM[/player] 514/527 30.4
[town]4923[/town] 8415pts [player]Igor T[/player] 525/507 26.0
[town]37559[/town] 8541pts [player]NITRAM[/player] 518/526 31.6
[town]710[/town] 8840pts [player]NITRAM[/player] 522/515 26.6
[town]657[/town] 8896pts [player]Igor T[/player] 501/522 22.0
[town]666[/town] 8939pts [player]Slawzam[/player] 501/522 22.0
[town]29213[/town] 9623pts [player]Slawzam[/player] 520/500 20.0
[town]10017[/town] 9683pts [player]szymonon1[/player] 502/471 29.1
[town]33591[/town] 9696pts [player]patryk29092000[/player] 500/479 21.0
[town]33503[/town] 9807pts [player]patryk29092000[/player] 500/479 21.0
[town]180[/town] 9920pts [player]szymonon1[/player] 493/473 27.9
[town]236[/town] 10055pts [player]elmajer[/player] 516/510 18.9
[town]3160[/town] 10266pts [player]Slawzam[/player] 527/502 27.1
[town]218[/town] 10322pts [player]Slawzam[/player] 507/500 7.0
[town]247[/town] 10722pts [player]fukduk[/player] 518/507 19.3
[town]920[/town] 10867pts [player]szymonon1[/player] 507/473 27.9
[town]508[/town] 11173pts [player]Slawzam[/player] 528/507 28.9
[town]249[/town] 11196pts [player]Gizes[/player] 520/500 20.0
[town]30951[/town] 11996pts [player]patryk29092000[/player] 485/472 31.8
[town]126[/town] 12745pts [player]elmajer[/player] 516/510 18.9
[town]31512[/town] 12891pts [player]patryk29092000[/player] 500/479 21.0
[town]220[/town] 12896pts [player]choosack[/player] 507/500 7.0
[town]33399[/town] 13262pts [player]patryk29092000[/player] 500/479 21.0
[town]32797[/town] 13818pts [player]NITRAM[/player] 519/523 29.8
[town]1131[/town] 13866pts [player]NITRAM[/player] 514/527 30.4
[town]36682[/town] 13974pts [player]lukasz.MMZ[/player] 489/500 11.0
[town]32899[/town] 14162pts [player]NITRAM[/player] 514/527 30.4
[town]33036[/town] 14281pts [player]NITRAM[/player] 522/515 26.6
[town]5516[/town] 14283pts [player]Myka62[/player] 511/508 13.6
[town]226[/town] 15398pts [player]elmajer[/player] 520/500 20.0
[town]32081[/town] 16070pts [player]Myka62[/player] 519/523 29.8
[town]351[/town] 16463pts [player]Patrix[/player] 490/483 19.7
[town]213[/town] 16479pts [player]elmajer[/player] 516/510 18.9
[town]9193[/town] 16661pts [player]Myka62[/player] 511/508 13.6
[town]225[/town] 17073pts [player]The Notorious[/player] 510/479 23.3
[town]321[/town] 17600pts [player]Patrix[/player] 520/500 20.0

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.