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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
28519elowina attacked playerslooke521510619282961Hell Hold23.3
26499Sheila Marinara attacked playerCentzon Totochtin529476632433267---37.6
27049Xeener attacked playerDarqez516509657636554---18.4
31367Cekrinium attacked playerDarqez528503708036554---28.2
25857iskierka attacked playeraniula518488733511536---21.6
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31337Kakrum attacked playerDarqez527495747436554---27.5
25666FDIS attacked playerCentzon Totochtin529476789233267---37.6
13858PL Taras 1.2 attacked playergrom pl pedro4824898590125080---21.1
15935PL Taras 1.3 attacked playergrom pl pedro4824898654125080---21.1
30809005T attacked playerBANKMAN527495866999908SAM WE MŁYNIE27.5
18191PL Taras 1.4 attacked playergrom pl pedro4824898980125080---21.1
30675004T attacked playerBANKMAN518488943499908SAM WE MŁYNIE21.6
26279spadać w dół attacked playerŁukasz II473496954934570Coś się wymyśli27.3
25528Pipetshkovo Male attacked playerCentzon Totochtin5284711001733267---40.3
4582PL Taras 1.1 attacked playergrom pl pedro48248910260125080---21.1
398sodure attacked playerŁukasz II5015051060934570Coś się wymyśli5.1
27522003T attacked playerBANKMAN4994811082599908SAM WE MŁYNIE19.0
27552tarasy only one grepolis town attacked playerasremt5285031117811178gosia jeste28.2
29217Admirał Lufa attacked playerjohnny765244991130058513Gloria Victis24.0
25212002T attacked playerBANKMAN4994811187499908SAM WE MŁYNIE19.0
46004.molly attacked playerOkOkMatt49152012864114895Coś się wymyśli21.9
993Za Daleko 2-1 attacked playerBobuś21751650913658199642Coś się wymyśli18.4
109009 B attacked playerŁukasz II5045131441234570Coś się wymyśli13.6
28950Kapitan Bomba attacked playerjohnny765214911466958513Gloria Victis22.8
5859OMBOS only one grepolis town attacked playerOtakuuuu5165061471114711Popołudniowa Drzemka17.1
794002.Bohema attacked playerOkOkMatt49152015174114895Coś się wymyśli21.9
338003.Oaza attacked playerxxxandreasxxx4825081580373803Coś się wymyśli19.7
302Jacenty attacked playerptaku794825081583646474Coś się wymyśli19.7
865UBaQU attacked playerApostolakis4915161587773460Nocne Marki18.4
801004.Kropeczka attacked playerxxxandreasxxx4745191623173803Coś się wymyśli32.2
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1078003.Ten Róż attacked playerOkOkMatt49751416501114895Coś się wymyśli14.3
3336T45 1 attacked playerJINX4715031685486322AGOGE29.2
436Waldos. attacked playermewka735285031728649754Millenium28.2
695Tm44 3 attacked playerJINX4734961778686322AGOGE27.3
86702.Amegakure attacked playerCreazyKiller47247917786187933AGOGE35.0
88545 P 1 attacked playerMarynarz134765251778687207AGOGE34.7
27549korfu 1 attacked playermewka735285031778649754Millenium28.2

Players list: slooke; Centzon Totochtin; Darqez; aniula; grom pl pedro; BANKMAN; Łukasz II; asremt; johnny76; OkOkMatt; Bobuś217; Otakuuuu; xxxandreasxxx; ptaku79; Apostolakis; JINX; mewka73; CreazyKiller; Marynarz13
[town]28519[/town] 6192pts [player]slooke[/player] 521/510 23.3
[town]26499[/town] 6324pts [player]Centzon Totochtin[/player] 529/476 37.6
[town]27049[/town] 6576pts [player]Darqez[/player] 516/509 18.4
[town]31367[/town] 7080pts [player]Darqez[/player] 528/503 28.2
[town]25857[/town] 7335pts [player]aniula[/player] 518/488 21.6
[town]31337[/town] 7474pts [player]Darqez[/player] 527/495 27.5
[town]25666[/town] 7892pts [player]Centzon Totochtin[/player] 529/476 37.6
[town]13858[/town] 8590pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 482/489 21.1
[town]15935[/town] 8654pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 482/489 21.1
[town]30809[/town] 8669pts [player]BANKMAN[/player] 527/495 27.5
[town]18191[/town] 8980pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 482/489 21.1
[town]30675[/town] 9434pts [player]BANKMAN[/player] 518/488 21.6
[town]26279[/town] 9549pts [player]Łukasz II[/player] 473/496 27.3
[town]25528[/town] 10017pts [player]Centzon Totochtin[/player] 528/471 40.3
[town]4582[/town] 10260pts [player]grom pl pedro[/player] 482/489 21.1
[town]398[/town] 10609pts [player]Łukasz II[/player] 501/505 5.1
[town]27522[/town] 10825pts [player]BANKMAN[/player] 499/481 19.0
[town]27552[/town] 11178pts [player]asremt[/player] 528/503 28.2
[town]29217[/town] 11300pts [player]johnny76[/player] 524/499 24.0
[town]25212[/town] 11874pts [player]BANKMAN[/player] 499/481 19.0
[town]46[/town] 12864pts [player]OkOkMatt[/player] 491/520 21.9
[town]993[/town] 13658pts [player]Bobuś217[/player] 516/509 18.4
[town]109[/town] 14412pts [player]Łukasz II[/player] 504/513 13.6
[town]28950[/town] 14669pts [player]johnny76[/player] 521/491 22.8
[town]5859[/town] 14711pts [player]Otakuuuu[/player] 516/506 17.1
[town]794[/town] 15174pts [player]OkOkMatt[/player] 491/520 21.9
[town]338[/town] 15803pts [player]xxxandreasxxx[/player] 482/508 19.7
[town]302[/town] 15836pts [player]ptaku79[/player] 482/508 19.7
[town]865[/town] 15877pts [player]Apostolakis[/player] 491/516 18.4
[town]801[/town] 16231pts [player]xxxandreasxxx[/player] 474/519 32.2
[town]1078[/town] 16501pts [player]OkOkMatt[/player] 497/514 14.3
[town]3336[/town] 16854pts [player]JINX[/player] 471/503 29.2
[town]436[/town] 17286pts [player]mewka73[/player] 528/503 28.2
[town]695[/town] 17786pts [player]JINX[/player] 473/496 27.3
[town]867[/town] 17786pts [player]CreazyKiller[/player] 472/479 35.0
[town]885[/town] 17786pts [player]Marynarz13[/player] 476/525 34.7
[town]27549[/town] 17786pts [player]mewka73[/player] 528/503 28.2

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.