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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
3739Fake Five attacked playerkacperek lan5074775075102293PORADNIK UŚMIECHU24.0
3235M54 002 attacked playerkacperek lan5074775757102293PORADNIK UŚMIECHU24.0
23651jaki łoch attacked playerlis22222491495590625216300 spartan10.3
34984Miasto gracza Gadzioll 8 attacked playerGadzioll5005065983136443Kmando foki6.0
33822Manta attacked playerGadzioll4895106046136443Kmando foki14.9
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29611-010- Łapacz snów attacked playerkacperek lan4914936332102293PORADNIK UŚMIECHU11.4
591945-02 attacked playermagda1213479523668617031czas korony31.1
29324-009- Łapacz snów attacked playerkacperek lan4914956818102293PORADNIK UŚMIECHU10.3
30419*0073 attacked playerGadzioll4914936891136443Kmando foki11.4
34575Miasto gracza Gadzioll 7 attacked playerGadzioll5005066895136443Kmando foki6.0
29220-004- Łapacz snów attacked playerkacperek lan4914957430102293PORADNIK UŚMIECHU10.3
31797Redd James Rozrabiak attacked playerGGravesande471473823466095Ośla Elita39.6
33319Miasto gracza Gadzioll 5 attacked playerGadzioll5005068281136443Kmando foki6.0
3704-014- Łapacz snów attacked playerkacperek lan5074778321102293PORADNIK UŚMIECHU24.0
2539-005- Łapacz snów attacked playerkacperek lan5074778852102293PORADNIK UŚMIECHU24.0
19593Polis 013. attacked playerGadzioll5175138994136443Kmando foki21.4
3168514.Zostaje only one grepolis town attacked playerwoda200347147390999099Mechaniczna Pomarańcza39.6
14250white murzyn attacked playerqumqk471473960146082---39.6
12509B.018. attacked playerGGravesande471473986866095Ośla Elita39.6
6521Berytos 02 attacked playerGadzioll49352410069136443Kmando foki25.0
31542Sprint attacked playerGadzioll48951010575136443Kmando foki14.9
7914Berytos 03 attacked playerGadzioll49149510665136443Kmando foki10.3
5274-008- Łapacz snów attacked playerkacperek lan51648311147102293PORADNIK UŚMIECHU23.3
31611daj t attacked playerGadzioll49152211294136443Kmando foki23.8
31473K-feld attacked playerGadzioll50050611501136443Kmando foki6.0
18787E.1.3 attacked playerGadzioll51751311648136443Kmando foki21.4
31715Bumblebee attacked playerGGravesande4714731283566095Ośla Elita39.6
32003Bumblebee1 attacked playerGGravesande4714731302966095Ośla Elita39.6
3852zxPalik attacked playerlis222224724801448425216300 spartan34.4
2599-006- Łapacz snów attacked playerkacperek lan51648314548102293PORADNIK UŚMIECHU23.3
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3475-002- Łapacz snów attacked playerkacperek lan50747715531102293PORADNIK UŚMIECHU24.0

Players list: kacperek lan; lis22222; Gadzioll; magda1213; GGravesande; woda2003; qumqk
[town]3739[/town] 5075pts [player]kacperek lan[/player] 507/477 24.0
[town]3235[/town] 5757pts [player]kacperek lan[/player] 507/477 24.0
[town]23651[/town] 5906pts [player]lis22222[/player] 491/495 10.3
[town]34984[/town] 5983pts [player]Gadzioll[/player] 500/506 6.0
[town]33822[/town] 6046pts [player]Gadzioll[/player] 489/510 14.9
[town]29611[/town] 6332pts [player]kacperek lan[/player] 491/493 11.4
[town]5919[/town] 6686pts [player]magda1213[/player] 479/523 31.1
[town]29324[/town] 6818pts [player]kacperek lan[/player] 491/495 10.3
[town]30419[/town] 6891pts [player]Gadzioll[/player] 491/493 11.4
[town]34575[/town] 6895pts [player]Gadzioll[/player] 500/506 6.0
[town]29220[/town] 7430pts [player]kacperek lan[/player] 491/495 10.3
[town]31797[/town] 8234pts [player]GGravesande[/player] 471/473 39.6
[town]33319[/town] 8281pts [player]Gadzioll[/player] 500/506 6.0
[town]3704[/town] 8321pts [player]kacperek lan[/player] 507/477 24.0
[town]2539[/town] 8852pts [player]kacperek lan[/player] 507/477 24.0
[town]19593[/town] 8994pts [player]Gadzioll[/player] 517/513 21.4
[town]31685[/town] 9099pts [player]woda2003[/player] 471/473 39.6
[town]14250[/town] 9601pts [player]qumqk[/player] 471/473 39.6
[town]12509[/town] 9868pts [player]GGravesande[/player] 471/473 39.6
[town]6521[/town] 10069pts [player]Gadzioll[/player] 493/524 25.0
[town]31542[/town] 10575pts [player]Gadzioll[/player] 489/510 14.9
[town]7914[/town] 10665pts [player]Gadzioll[/player] 491/495 10.3
[town]5274[/town] 11147pts [player]kacperek lan[/player] 516/483 23.3
[town]31611[/town] 11294pts [player]Gadzioll[/player] 491/522 23.8
[town]31473[/town] 11501pts [player]Gadzioll[/player] 500/506 6.0
[town]18787[/town] 11648pts [player]Gadzioll[/player] 517/513 21.4
[town]31715[/town] 12835pts [player]GGravesande[/player] 471/473 39.6
[town]32003[/town] 13029pts [player]GGravesande[/player] 471/473 39.6
[town]3852[/town] 14484pts [player]lis22222[/player] 472/480 34.4
[town]2599[/town] 14548pts [player]kacperek lan[/player] 516/483 23.3
[town]3475[/town] 15531pts [player]kacperek lan[/player] 507/477 24.0

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.