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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
27959pegaz-złotko5 attacked playerpeonax521497513926349Handelek 0121.2
29799Taki mamy klimat attacked playerzryciuch5285055627147744---28.4
5033005 attacked playerteges01471488563733537Z PIEKŁA RODEM31.4
28051054. Pegas attacked playerfukaaj500522613922081Nie uśniesz22.0
30514048 . attacked playerwikzx5054816813138728TYLKO DLA HOBBY19.6
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30509046 HMMM attacked playerwikzx5144836898138728TYLKO DLA HOBBY22.0
30510047 MMMM attacked playerwikzx5054817025138728TYLKO DLA HOBBY19.6
26457pegas-złotko2 attacked playerzryciuch5294987502147744---29.1
5797Miasto gracza paulisiek 2 attacked playerpaulisiek523502820972345Ozłoceni23.1
2804141 Ozyrnas attacked playerZearrys5275298292133635Nie uśniesz39.6
10477M55-01 attacked playerFacktorek5015018460149932Nie pośpisz1.4
1634Miasto 1 attacked playerpaulisiek529487900072345Ozłoceni31.8
4979037 Jamajka attacked playerwikzx50548110460138728TYLKO DLA HOBBY19.6
19543045 Złoto attacked playerwikzx50750610637138728TYLKO DLA HOBBY9.2
13858Miasto gracza -ARES-SARA- 2 only one grepolis town attacked player-ARES-SARA-5294741094510945Ozłoceni38.9
6022Miasto gracza -QBEK only one grepolis town attacked player-QBEK5235021110111101---23.1
494845s1 attacked playerf i l i p49050711484112070Nie uśniesz12.2
498245 Zaginiony legion attacked playerf i l i p47751811509112070Nie uśniesz29.2
4336De Sol attacked playerAreksis251047911558189849TYLKO DLA HOBBY23.3
2677006 attacked playerAreksis250548111576189849TYLKO DLA HOBBY19.6
567845s2 attacked playerf i l i p49050712249112070Nie uśniesz12.2
8103495 Ladnie grają attacked playerintruzor4955011368940882Nie pośpisz5.1
1623955OsZczep2 attacked playerkkuull5235191400943592Nie uśniesz29.8
239855031.skałeczka attacked playerkkuull5114991420143592Nie uśniesz11.0
4877Skalniak 3 attacked playerppcppc4825141527518163Nie uśniesz22.8
5667Wioska Marzeń attacked playerVasili48547216143180679Warsztaty Cyrkowe31.8
23212M55 NS attacked playerNo Sugar5215001696790675Ozłoceni21.0
474145 Z mroku attacked playerf i l i p48751217252112070Nie uśniesz17.7
4981Czarnobyl attacked playermarcias49750717786106142Nie uśniesz7.6

Players list: peonax; zryciuch; teges01; fukaaj; wikzx; paulisiek; Zearrys; Facktorek; -ARES-SARA-; -QBEK; f i l i p; Areksis2; intruzor; kkuull; ppcppc; Vasili; No Sugar; marcias
[town]27959[/town] 5139pts [player]peonax[/player] 521/497 21.2
[town]29799[/town] 5627pts [player]zryciuch[/player] 528/505 28.4
[town]5033[/town] 5637pts [player]teges01[/player] 471/488 31.4
[town]28051[/town] 6139pts [player]fukaaj[/player] 500/522 22.0
[town]30514[/town] 6813pts [player]wikzx[/player] 505/481 19.6
[town]30509[/town] 6898pts [player]wikzx[/player] 514/483 22.0
[town]30510[/town] 7025pts [player]wikzx[/player] 505/481 19.6
[town]26457[/town] 7502pts [player]zryciuch[/player] 529/498 29.1
[town]5797[/town] 8209pts [player]paulisiek[/player] 523/502 23.1
[town]28041[/town] 8292pts [player]Zearrys[/player] 527/529 39.6
[town]10477[/town] 8460pts [player]Facktorek[/player] 501/501 1.4
[town]1634[/town] 9000pts [player]paulisiek[/player] 529/487 31.8
[town]4979[/town] 10460pts [player]wikzx[/player] 505/481 19.6
[town]19543[/town] 10637pts [player]wikzx[/player] 507/506 9.2
[town]13858[/town] 10945pts [player]-ARES-SARA-[/player] 529/474 38.9
[town]6022[/town] 11101pts [player]-QBEK[/player] 523/502 23.1
[town]4948[/town] 11484pts [player]f i l i p[/player] 490/507 12.2
[town]4982[/town] 11509pts [player]f i l i p[/player] 477/518 29.2
[town]4336[/town] 11558pts [player]Areksis2[/player] 510/479 23.3
[town]2677[/town] 11576pts [player]Areksis2[/player] 505/481 19.6
[town]5678[/town] 12249pts [player]f i l i p[/player] 490/507 12.2
[town]8103[/town] 13689pts [player]intruzor[/player] 495/501 5.1
[town]16239[/town] 14009pts [player]kkuull[/player] 523/519 29.8
[town]2398[/town] 14201pts [player]kkuull[/player] 511/499 11.0
[town]4877[/town] 15275pts [player]ppcppc[/player] 482/514 22.8
[town]5667[/town] 16143pts [player]Vasili[/player] 485/472 31.8
[town]23212[/town] 16967pts [player]No Sugar[/player] 521/500 21.0
[town]4741[/town] 17252pts [player]f i l i p[/player] 487/512 17.7
[town]4981[/town] 17786pts [player]marcias[/player] 497/507 7.6

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.