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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
8960geo04 attacked playergeta 70492521556077360FRIENDS REFACERE NAVALA22.5
12180Oraşul lui DFM1 7 attacked playerDFM14905265788163213FRIENDS MITICE27.9
8462geo03 attacked playergeta 70492525594577360FRIENDS REFACERE NAVALA26.2
6637geo02 attacked playergeta 70492525634077360FRIENDS REFACERE NAVALA26.2
5959Oraşul lui madallin91 2 attacked playermadallin91494505660114718---7.8
8981Oraşul lui fibland 2 attacked playergeta 70494522750577360FRIENDS REFACERE NAVALA22.8
10039Oraşul lui 4Duell 11 attacked player4Duell4835057548143654United17.7
3261Sa trezi printesa attacked playerantidinamo527473762484752bagati nave38.2
1268Don Pablo attacked playerantidinamo527473791684752bagati nave38.2
7354Departe attacked playercip9994715197917170753FRIENDS REFACERE NAVALA34.7
2251LaNoapteNuDormi attacked playerantidinamo527473829684752bagati nave38.2
919CHINA.01 attacked playerTwoo4724818322197283---33.8
2401geo00 attacked playergeta 70494522865877360FRIENDS REFACERE NAVALA22.8
248417.Milos attacked player13os4815268756130779TSILI COFFESHOP32.2
11181speranta attacked playersatul lui ELVIRA529521879265068FRIENDS MITICE35.8
125212.Tripoli attacked player13os4905298956130779TSILI COFFESHOP30.7
396PERSIA.04 attacked playerTwoo4784919036197283---23.8
538PERSIA.03 attacked playerTwoo4784919667197283---23.8
3106b3. Avioane attacked playerPaixtar4815269803125179TSILI COFFESHOP32.2
2208Oraşul lui fibland attacked playergeta 70494522988577360FRIENDS REFACERE NAVALA22.8
9228Oraşul lui 4Duell 2 attacked player4Duell4835059930143654United17.7
118921.Lesvos attacked player13os48552310327130779TSILI COFFESHOP27.5
6770Tartarus attacked playerM.R.I52752610704182472FRIENDS USOARE37.5
1150Deva attacked playerM.R.I52252111319182472FRIENDS USOARE30.4
258818.Santorini attacked player13os49052911380130779TSILI COFFESHOP30.7
9694Dimitri attacked playerM.R.I52550911790182472FRIENDS USOARE26.6
8980Oraşul lui 4Duell 9 attacked player4Duell48350512571143654United17.7
1004geo01 attacked playergeta 704945221317877360FRIENDS REFACERE NAVALA22.8
1138Oraşul lui Heraclesgogu attacked playerDFM149452214312163213FRIENDS MITICE22.8
6686Oraşul lui DFM1 5 attacked playerDFM149252515225163213FRIENDS MITICE26.2
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269Oraşul lui 4Duell attacked player4Duell49851315432143654United13.2
253011.peloponnese attacked player13os48152615531130779TSILI COFFESHOP32.2
6892Oraşul lui DFM1 6 attacked playerDFM149252516019163213FRIENDS MITICE26.2
6115Oraşul lui DFM1 2 attacked playerDFM149752616078163213FRIENDS MITICE26.2
6431Oraşul lui DFM1 3 attacked playerDFM149752616078163213FRIENDS MITICE26.2
6620Oraşul lui DFM1 4 attacked playerDFM149252516078163213FRIENDS MITICE26.2
13302.johuy attacked playerJohuy50350516891132153---5.8

Players list: geta 70; DFM1; madallin91; 4Duell; antidinamo; cip999; Twoo; 13os; satul lui ELVIRA; Paixtar; M.R.I; Johuy
[town]8960[/town] 5560pts [player]geta 70[/player] 492/521 22.5
[town]12180[/town] 5788pts [player]DFM1[/player] 490/526 27.9
[town]8462[/town] 5945pts [player]geta 70[/player] 492/525 26.2
[town]6637[/town] 6340pts [player]geta 70[/player] 492/525 26.2
[town]5959[/town] 6601pts [player]madallin91[/player] 494/505 7.8
[town]8981[/town] 7505pts [player]geta 70[/player] 494/522 22.8
[town]10039[/town] 7548pts [player]4Duell[/player] 483/505 17.7
[town]3261[/town] 7624pts [player]antidinamo[/player] 527/473 38.2
[town]1268[/town] 7916pts [player]antidinamo[/player] 527/473 38.2
[town]7354[/town] 7917pts [player]cip999[/player] 471/519 34.7
[town]2251[/town] 8296pts [player]antidinamo[/player] 527/473 38.2
[town]919[/town] 8322pts [player]Twoo[/player] 472/481 33.8
[town]2401[/town] 8658pts [player]geta 70[/player] 494/522 22.8
[town]2484[/town] 8756pts [player]13os[/player] 481/526 32.2
[town]11181[/town] 8792pts [player]satul lui ELVIRA[/player] 529/521 35.8
[town]1252[/town] 8956pts [player]13os[/player] 490/529 30.7
[town]396[/town] 9036pts [player]Twoo[/player] 478/491 23.8
[town]538[/town] 9667pts [player]Twoo[/player] 478/491 23.8
[town]3106[/town] 9803pts [player]Paixtar[/player] 481/526 32.2
[town]2208[/town] 9885pts [player]geta 70[/player] 494/522 22.8
[town]9228[/town] 9930pts [player]4Duell[/player] 483/505 17.7
[town]1189[/town] 10327pts [player]13os[/player] 485/523 27.5
[town]6770[/town] 10704pts [player]M.R.I[/player] 527/526 37.5
[town]1150[/town] 11319pts [player]M.R.I[/player] 522/521 30.4
[town]2588[/town] 11380pts [player]13os[/player] 490/529 30.7
[town]9694[/town] 11790pts [player]M.R.I[/player] 525/509 26.6
[town]8980[/town] 12571pts [player]4Duell[/player] 483/505 17.7
[town]1004[/town] 13178pts [player]geta 70[/player] 494/522 22.8
[town]1138[/town] 14312pts [player]DFM1[/player] 494/522 22.8
[town]6686[/town] 15225pts [player]DFM1[/player] 492/525 26.2
[town]269[/town] 15432pts [player]4Duell[/player] 498/513 13.2
[town]2530[/town] 15531pts [player]13os[/player] 481/526 32.2
[town]6892[/town] 16019pts [player]DFM1[/player] 492/525 26.2
[town]6115[/town] 16078pts [player]DFM1[/player] 497/526 26.2
[town]6431[/town] 16078pts [player]DFM1[/player] 497/526 26.2
[town]6620[/town] 16078pts [player]DFM1[/player] 492/525 26.2
[town]133[/town] 16891pts [player]Johuy[/player] 503/505 5.8

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.