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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
23132Oraşul lui Bloomy 2 11 sleeping playerBloomy 24875295082150015Knights of Honor31.8
22593Oraşul lui Bloomy 2 23 sleeping playerBloomy 24875295119150015Knights of Honor31.8
2102baga goldadi lord476520514736292new star31.2
22103Oraşul lui Bloomy 2 20 sleeping playerBloomy 24875295657150015Knights of Honor31.8
21467Oraşul lui Bloomy 2 12 sleeping playerBloomy 24825265944150015Knights of Honor31.6
21426Oraşul lui Bloomy 2 9 sleeping playerBloomy 24825266328150015Knights of Honor31.6
2487M55.007.07 sleeping playerliotea5075289490116377Brutall Atack28.9
2502Circar sleeping playerBloomy 24765209615150015Knights of Honor31.2
2887M45.012-6 sleeping playerliotea4945299841116377Brutall Atack29.6
23952039.Stanca only one grepolis town attacked playerXerion7248452398619861---28.0
2791m45.002. sleeping playerliotea49052010542116377Brutall Atack22.4
2329001.NagatiCrasussorin49052010758124141Mayans all Stars lll22.4
2963Oraşul lui king bibCrasussorin48852410901124141Mayans all Stars lll26.8
13758Szzz sleeping playerflerp50752810992156044---28.9
105355 Holm sleeping playerflerp50452511147156044---25.3
2258Szas sleeping playerflerp50452511730156044---25.3
6043Orasul E9 sleeping playern3ctarie198251951912160177475---26.9
1825Franz sleeping playerflerp49851312321156044---13.2
2760Orasul E2 sleeping playern3ctarie198251252312392177475---25.9
1504Gabri sleeping playerflerp49651812507156044---18.4
6684AMAZONCrasussorin48852412755124141Mayans all Stars lll26.8
53Garo sleeping playerflerp50251912926156044---19.1
1987Orasul K3 sleeping playern3ctarie198252951113020177475---31.0
24700-Pufosenia sleeping playerstamatecostica5135281339980352---30.9
8299ATLANTACrasussorin48852413637124141Mayans all Stars lll26.8
1612Orasul A3 sleeping playern3ctarie198250850713880177475---10.6
7133Orasul E7 sleeping playern3ctarie198251951914189177475---26.9
811Garga sleeping playerflerp49651814383156044---18.4
114675King'sLanding sleeping playerDemos065085071452933784---10.6
1064Orasul H4 sleeping playern3ctarie198250452514965177475---25.3
843Orasul H2 sleeping playern3ctarie198250252116797177475---21.1
3171Orasul E8 sleeping playern3ctarie198251951916960177475---26.9
1413Abiss......liviu138651652017534147680Mayans all Stars II25.6

Players list: Bloomy 2; adi lord; liotea; Xerion72; Crasussorin; flerp; n3ctarie1982; stamatecostica; Demos06; liviu1386
[town]23132[/town] 5082pts [player]Bloomy 2[/player] 487/529 31.8
[town]22593[/town] 5119pts [player]Bloomy 2[/player] 487/529 31.8
[town]2102[/town] 5147pts [player]adi lord[/player] 476/520 31.2
[town]22103[/town] 5657pts [player]Bloomy 2[/player] 487/529 31.8
[town]21467[/town] 5944pts [player]Bloomy 2[/player] 482/526 31.6
[town]21426[/town] 6328pts [player]Bloomy 2[/player] 482/526 31.6
[town]2487[/town] 9490pts [player]liotea[/player] 507/528 28.9
[town]2502[/town] 9615pts [player]Bloomy 2[/player] 476/520 31.2
[town]2887[/town] 9841pts [player]liotea[/player] 494/529 29.6
[town]23952[/town] 9861pts [player]Xerion72[/player] 484/523 28.0
[town]2791[/town] 10542pts [player]liotea[/player] 490/520 22.4
[town]2329[/town] 10758pts [player]Crasussorin[/player] 490/520 22.4
[town]2963[/town] 10901pts [player]Crasussorin[/player] 488/524 26.8
[town]13758[/town] 10992pts [player]flerp[/player] 507/528 28.9
[town]1053[/town] 11147pts [player]flerp[/player] 504/525 25.3
[town]2258[/town] 11730pts [player]flerp[/player] 504/525 25.3
[town]6043[/town] 12160pts [player]n3ctarie1982[/player] 519/519 26.9
[town]1825[/town] 12321pts [player]flerp[/player] 498/513 13.2
[town]2760[/town] 12392pts [player]n3ctarie1982[/player] 512/523 25.9
[town]1504[/town] 12507pts [player]flerp[/player] 496/518 18.4
[town]6684[/town] 12755pts [player]Crasussorin[/player] 488/524 26.8
[town]53[/town] 12926pts [player]flerp[/player] 502/519 19.1
[town]1987[/town] 13020pts [player]n3ctarie1982[/player] 529/511 31.0
[town]2470[/town] 13399pts [player]stamatecostica[/player] 513/528 30.9
[town]8299[/town] 13637pts [player]Crasussorin[/player] 488/524 26.8
[town]1612[/town] 13880pts [player]n3ctarie1982[/player] 508/507 10.6
[town]7133[/town] 14189pts [player]n3ctarie1982[/player] 519/519 26.9
[town]811[/town] 14383pts [player]flerp[/player] 496/518 18.4
[town]1146[/town] 14529pts [player]Demos06[/player] 508/507 10.6
[town]1064[/town] 14965pts [player]n3ctarie1982[/player] 504/525 25.3
[town]843[/town] 16797pts [player]n3ctarie1982[/player] 502/521 21.1
[town]3171[/town] 16960pts [player]n3ctarie1982[/player] 519/519 26.9
[town]1413[/town] 17534pts [player]liviu1386[/player] 516/520 25.6

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.