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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
1237Крустов attacked playerМилла Йовович5184726924125555ETERNALS33.3
721Керения attacked playerМилла Йовович4964777223125555ETERNALS23.3
180105.ru110 attacked playerEagleEye2134725177375126713KittenKillers32.8
199708.ru110 attacked playerEagleEye2134725177848126713KittenKillers32.8
1169город TRTRTR attacked playerAngelRimma5225107872100534ETERNALS24.2
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447Лачи attacked playerМилла Йовович5114818168125555ETERNALS22.0
1585Вот и все attacked playerAngelRimma5145248585100534ETERNALS27.8
688Кивидос attacked playerМилла Йовович5274828871125555ETERNALS32.4
2871Когда темно attacked playerAngelRimma4804999126100534ETERNALS20.0
232noir attacked playernoirdragon493493969586886BLESSED9.9
99645-7 Перевал attacked playerAngelRimma48551710553100534ETERNALS22.7
702Завтра будет вчера attacked playerAngelRimma48151410569100534ETERNALS23.6
386Roar 100 attacked playerMr.Roar. rrr48250911381143004KittenKillers20.1
1010Roar 200 attacked playerMr.Roar. rrr47451411609143004KittenKillers29.5
130Аргос attacked playerМилла Йовович51249511937125555ETERNALS13.0
2667Roar 300 attacked playerMr.Roar. rrr47352912261143004KittenKillers39.6
627Олимп attacked playerМилла Йовович48648212454125555ETERNALS22.8
92Садовник attacked playerAngelRimma48950312916100534ETERNALS11.4
1063073. HEADHUNTER attacked playerAngelRimma48550215272100534ETERNALS15.1
340Roar 600 attacked playerMr.Roar. rrr48049916355143004KittenKillers20.0
502Roar 700 attacked playerMr.Roar. rrr48250916532143004KittenKillers20.1

Players list: Милла Йовович; EagleEye213; AngelRimma; noirdragon; Mr.Roar. rrr
[town]1237[/town] 6924pts [player]Милла Йовович[/player] 518/472 33.3
[town]721[/town] 7223pts [player]Милла Йовович[/player] 496/477 23.3
[town]1801[/town] 7375pts [player]EagleEye213[/player] 472/517 32.8
[town]1997[/town] 7848pts [player]EagleEye213[/player] 472/517 32.8
[town]1169[/town] 7872pts [player]AngelRimma[/player] 522/510 24.2
[town]447[/town] 8168pts [player]Милла Йовович[/player] 511/481 22.0
[town]1585[/town] 8585pts [player]AngelRimma[/player] 514/524 27.8
[town]688[/town] 8871pts [player]Милла Йовович[/player] 527/482 32.4
[town]2871[/town] 9126pts [player]AngelRimma[/player] 480/499 20.0
[town]232[/town] 9695pts [player]noirdragon[/player] 493/493 9.9
[town]996[/town] 10553pts [player]AngelRimma[/player] 485/517 22.7
[town]702[/town] 10569pts [player]AngelRimma[/player] 481/514 23.6
[town]386[/town] 11381pts [player]Mr.Roar. rrr[/player] 482/509 20.1
[town]1010[/town] 11609pts [player]Mr.Roar. rrr[/player] 474/514 29.5
[town]130[/town] 11937pts [player]Милла Йовович[/player] 512/495 13.0
[town]2667[/town] 12261pts [player]Mr.Roar. rrr[/player] 473/529 39.6
[town]627[/town] 12454pts [player]Милла Йовович[/player] 486/482 22.8
[town]92[/town] 12916pts [player]AngelRimma[/player] 489/503 11.4
[town]1063[/town] 15272pts [player]AngelRimma[/player] 485/502 15.1
[town]340[/town] 16355pts [player]Mr.Roar. rrr[/player] 480/499 20.0
[town]502[/town] 16532pts [player]Mr.Roar. rrr[/player] 482/509 20.1

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.