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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
17300Ork-Orion 5 sleeping playerOrk-Orion472490506731212-дыхание анархии-29.7
23232город муть-venm 17муть-venm5034996383181415Мы из Кронштадта3.2
23067город муть-venm 16муть-venm5034997350181415Мы из Кронштадта3.2
21275город муть-venm 14муть-venm5184717745181415Мы из Кронштадта34.1
20240город муть-venmмуть-venm5034998325181415Мы из Кронштадта3.2
22150город novak71 2novak714915058519181445Мы из Кронштадта10.3
20986НевидалоНаделия4815009013130425Мы из Кронштадта19.0
17429-=23=-Slang4954949031194274Мы из Кронштадта7.8
19747город муть-venm 3муть-venm5184719193181415Мы из Кронштадта34.1
19982город муть-venm 8муть-venm5124869364181415Мы из Кронштадта18.4
183055-016-12 sleeping playerFeron12125275199667182093Черный кот 233.0
19749город муть-venm 5муть-venm5124869668181415Мы из Кронштадта18.4
20617скала 54t4r1k527494973738746---27.7
19744город муть-venm 2муть-venm5184749904181415Мы из Кронштадта31.6
19980город муть-venm 7муть-venm50349910443181415Мы из Кронштадта3.2
400-=22=-Slang49050110637194274Мы из Кронштадта10.0
22152город novak71 3novak7148850610741181445Мы из Кронштадта13.4
813Я терминатор sleeping playerFeron121252751510978182093Черный кот 230.9
17441БазаНаделия49150511069130425Мы из Кронштадта10.3
18004KR----- attacked playerCEMEH152850211465162459Черный кот 228.1
6169sid attacked playerгирей50550113288155833Чебурашки5.1
20997БРЕСТStormalver777749851013795194087Мальтийские Горцы10.2
4170002 attacked playerгирей47851914031155833Чебурашки29.1

Players list: Ork-Orion; муть-venm; novak71; Наделия; Slang; Feron1212; t4r1k; CEMEH1; mr.Gedeon; гирей; Stormalver7777
[town]17300[/town] 5067pts [player]Ork-Orion[/player] 472/490 29.7
[town]23232[/town] 6383pts [player]муть-venm[/player] 503/499 3.2
[town]23067[/town] 7350pts [player]муть-venm[/player] 503/499 3.2
[town]21275[/town] 7745pts [player]муть-venm[/player] 518/471 34.1
[town]20240[/town] 8325pts [player]муть-venm[/player] 503/499 3.2
[town]22150[/town] 8519pts [player]novak71[/player] 491/505 10.3
[town]20986[/town] 9013pts [player]Наделия[/player] 481/500 19.0
[town]17429[/town] 9031pts [player]Slang[/player] 495/494 7.8
[town]19747[/town] 9193pts [player]муть-venm[/player] 518/471 34.1
[town]19982[/town] 9364pts [player]муть-venm[/player] 512/486 18.4
[town]1830[/town] 9667pts [player]Feron1212[/player] 527/519 33.0
[town]19749[/town] 9668pts [player]муть-venm[/player] 512/486 18.4
[town]20617[/town] 9737pts [player]t4r1k[/player] 527/494 27.7
[town]19744[/town] 9904pts [player]муть-venm[/player] 518/474 31.6
[town]19980[/town] 10443pts [player]муть-venm[/player] 503/499 3.2
[town]400[/town] 10637pts [player]Slang[/player] 490/501 10.0
[town]22152[/town] 10741pts [player]novak71[/player] 488/506 13.4
[town]813[/town] 10978pts [player]Feron1212[/player] 527/515 30.9
[town]17441[/town] 11069pts [player]Наделия[/player] 491/505 10.3
[town]18004[/town] 11465pts [player]CEMEH1[/player] 528/502 28.1
[town]5612[/town] 11718pts [player]mr.Gedeon[/player] 524/477 33.2
[town]4830[/town] 12880pts [player]mr.Gedeon[/player] 524/477 33.2
[town]6169[/town] 13288pts [player]гирей[/player] 505/501 5.1
[town]20997[/town] 13795pts [player]Stormalver7777[/player] 498/510 10.2
[town]4170[/town] 14031pts [player]гирей[/player] 478/519 29.1

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.