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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
4835Klonds stadKlond4955185206184617---18.7
5599Glad som få sleepingsultana4844736387149057Så klart ?31.4
4806DELFI.008 X sleepingNoloITA48947411332196909Praetorian Guards28.2
1847DELFI.008.1 S sleepingNoloITA48947411573196909Praetorian Guards28.2
4361DELFI.010 XS sleepingNoloITA48447311867196909Praetorian Guards31.4
1713DELFI.013.S sleepingNoloITA52147513511196909Praetorian Guards32.6
595DELFI.002 S sleepingNoloITA50148014529196909Praetorian Guards20.0
2687DELFI.003.N sleepingNoloITA49347814831196909Praetorian Guards23.1
119DELFI.007 S sleepingNoloITA49148615128196909Praetorian Guards16.6
184DELFI.012.S sleepingNoloITA50548515189196909Praetorian Guards15.8
42Metauros sleepingHanscules5024901546957868The groggers10.2
202DELFI.0.Capital - sleepingNoloITA51148615510196909Praetorian Guards17.8
133DELFI.006 G sleepingNoloITA51148617052196909Praetorian Guards17.8
182DELFI.011.X sleepingNoloITA50548517786196909Praetorian Guards15.8

Players list: Klond; sultana; NoloITA; Hanscules
[town]4835[/town] 5206pts [player]Klond[/player] 495/518 18.7
[town]5599[/town] 6387pts [player]sultana[/player] 484/473 31.4
[town]4806[/town] 11332pts [player]NoloITA[/player] 489/474 28.2
[town]1847[/town] 11573pts [player]NoloITA[/player] 489/474 28.2
[town]4361[/town] 11867pts [player]NoloITA[/player] 484/473 31.4
[town]1713[/town] 13511pts [player]NoloITA[/player] 521/475 32.6
[town]595[/town] 14529pts [player]NoloITA[/player] 501/480 20.0
[town]2687[/town] 14831pts [player]NoloITA[/player] 493/478 23.1
[town]119[/town] 15128pts [player]NoloITA[/player] 491/486 16.6
[town]184[/town] 15189pts [player]NoloITA[/player] 505/485 15.8
[town]42[/town] 15469pts [player]Hanscules[/player] 502/490 10.2
[town]202[/town] 15510pts [player]NoloITA[/player] 511/486 17.8
[town]133[/town] 17052pts [player]NoloITA[/player] 511/486 17.8
[town]182[/town] 17786pts [player]NoloITA[/player] 505/485 15.8

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.