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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
5879M54s1 andrexoss aandrexos477518531688219No Guts No Glory29.2
828snake5 h 55snake55205146348124234No Guts No Glory24.4
5379M54s1 andrexoss 4andrexos472514818788219No Guts No Glory31.3
2708snake5snake55265208484124234No Guts No Glory32.8
2984M54s1 Andrexoss 5andrexos4725141002888219No Guts No Glory31.3
1938Saints in Hell sleepingwolfhoffmann4914811041236032Sweden Rock21.0
2957M54s1 andrexoss 6andrexos4725141056088219No Guts No Glory31.3
825Wall street stad 3Wall street4935221057592661Nya alliansen23.1
1174Wall street stad 33Wall street4785111078592661Nya alliansen24.6
2188Dont break the Oath sleepingwolfhoffmann4854801155536032Sweden Rock25.0
2146M54s1 andrexoss 3andrexos4725141176088219No Guts No Glory31.3
691Restless and Wild sleepingwolfhoffmann4834831183936032Sweden Rock24.0
2121M54s1 Lucentumandrexos4785141241088219No Guts No Glory26.1
1804M54s1 andrexoss 1andrexos4725141282088219No Guts No Glory31.3
1907M54s1 andrexoss 2andrexos4725141283788219No Guts No Glory31.3
3460HarrsjöhöjdenSocrates8852748213157123563Nya alliansen32.4
3217Mjesana jedraStarMo4794751344698812Mostar32.6
4401StarMos stadStarMo4794751400098812Mostar32.6
91744.01.02 sleepingModifiedMaruder47848714080123633Nya alliansen25.6
3378Thraccos sleepingtrolltrickans5295241509233206No Guts No Glory37.6
76544.01.01 sleepingModifiedMaruder47848715149123633Nya alliansen25.6
2190Wargen 1Vargen 19634854801704182699Club 5425.0
2676sulis stad onetown sleepingsuli4774791746017460---31.1
2191WargenVargen 19634854801763982699Club 5425.0

Players list: andrexos; snake5; wolfhoffmann; Wall street; StarMo; Socrates88; ModifiedMaruder; trolltrickans; Vargen 1963; suli
[town]5879[/town] 5316pts [player]andrexos[/player] 477/518 29.2
[town]828[/town] 6348pts [player]snake5[/player] 520/514 24.4
[town]5379[/town] 8187pts [player]andrexos[/player] 472/514 31.3
[town]2708[/town] 8484pts [player]snake5[/player] 526/520 32.8
[town]2984[/town] 10028pts [player]andrexos[/player] 472/514 31.3
[town]1938[/town] 10412pts [player]wolfhoffmann[/player] 491/481 21.0
[town]2957[/town] 10560pts [player]andrexos[/player] 472/514 31.3
[town]825[/town] 10575pts [player]Wall street[/player] 493/522 23.1
[town]1174[/town] 10785pts [player]Wall street[/player] 478/511 24.6
[town]2188[/town] 11555pts [player]wolfhoffmann[/player] 485/480 25.0
[town]2146[/town] 11760pts [player]andrexos[/player] 472/514 31.3
[town]691[/town] 11839pts [player]wolfhoffmann[/player] 483/483 24.0
[town]2121[/town] 12410pts [player]andrexos[/player] 478/514 26.1
[town]1804[/town] 12820pts [player]andrexos[/player] 472/514 31.3
[town]1907[/town] 12837pts [player]andrexos[/player] 472/514 31.3
[town]2014[/town] 13006pts [player]StarMo[/player] 474/476 35.4
[town]3460[/town] 13157pts [player]Socrates88[/player] 527/482 32.4
[town]2696[/town] 13446pts [player]StarMo[/player] 477/479 31.1
[town]3217[/town] 13446pts [player]StarMo[/player] 479/475 32.6
[town]1975[/town] 13661pts [player]StarMo[/player] 487/475 28.2
[town]4401[/town] 14000pts [player]StarMo[/player] 479/475 32.6
[town]917[/town] 14080pts [player]ModifiedMaruder[/player] 478/487 25.6
[town]1858[/town] 14774pts [player]StarMo[/player] 479/475 32.6
[town]3378[/town] 15092pts [player]trolltrickans[/player] 529/524 37.6
[town]765[/town] 15149pts [player]ModifiedMaruder[/player] 478/487 25.6
[town]2190[/town] 17041pts [player]Vargen 1963[/player] 485/480 25.0
[town]2676[/town] 17460pts [player]suli[/player] 477/479 31.1
[town]2191[/town] 17639pts [player]Vargen 1963[/player] 485/480 25.0

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.