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IdTownPlayerXYTown score ▾Player scoreAllyDistance
10397H-4jawaro4784855567117097Tajomný rád Fénixe26.6
10445M-8jawaro4784856012117097Tajomný rád Fénixe26.6
10696Rwandamarinak0875074856165147592Tajomný rád Fénixe16.6
2834Fac et vivesKello05084887935172279Tajomný rád Fénixe14.4
10895hroch18 01 onetownhroch1848847196049604---31.4
10032Svätá Helenamarinak08750348610283147592Tajomný rád Fénixe14.3
9781Kanárske ostrovymarinak08750348610966147592Tajomný rád Fénixe14.3
7884Dant animos vinaKello051349011024172279Tajomný rád Fénixe16.4
9498Mayottemarinak08752347811132147592Tajomný rád Fénixe31.8
111422 EFEZKello052849311319172279Tajomný rád Fénixe28.9
9071Kapverdymarinak08752347812241147592Tajomný rád Fénixe31.8
2401Aliis alia placentKello050348612644172279Tajomný rád Fénixe14.3
861Carpe diemKello049649612677172279Tajomný rád Fénixe5.7
2641Bona fortunaKello050348612794172279Tajomný rád Fénixe14.3
2484Nox et solitudoKello050848812908172279Tajomný rád Fénixe14.4
857Cogito ergo sumKello050049213013172279Tajomný rád Fénixe8.0
1012De die in diem.Kello049649613048172279Tajomný rád Fénixe5.7
2827Occasio facit furemKello049549113086172279Tajomný rád Fénixe10.3
7068Melillamarinak08751448413495147592Tajomný rád Fénixe21.3
7949Madeiramarinak08752347814064147592Tajomný rád Fénixe31.8
6001Malimarinak08751448414928147592Tajomný rád Fénixe21.3
5579Malawimarinak08751448415919147592Tajomný rád Fénixe21.3
4466Kiribatimarinak08751448416887147592Tajomný rád Fénixe21.3

Players list: jawaro; marinak087; Kello0; hroch18
[town]10397[/town] 5567pts [player]jawaro[/player] 478/485 26.6
[town]10445[/town] 6012pts [player]jawaro[/player] 478/485 26.6
[town]10696[/town] 6165pts [player]marinak087[/player] 507/485 16.6
[town]2834[/town] 7935pts [player]Kello0[/player] 508/488 14.4
[town]10895[/town] 9604pts [player]hroch18[/player] 488/471 31.4
[town]10032[/town] 10283pts [player]marinak087[/player] 503/486 14.3
[town]9781[/town] 10966pts [player]marinak087[/player] 503/486 14.3
[town]7884[/town] 11024pts [player]Kello0[/player] 513/490 16.4
[town]9498[/town] 11132pts [player]marinak087[/player] 523/478 31.8
[town]1114[/town] 11319pts [player]Kello0[/player] 528/493 28.9
[town]9071[/town] 12241pts [player]marinak087[/player] 523/478 31.8
[town]2401[/town] 12644pts [player]Kello0[/player] 503/486 14.3
[town]861[/town] 12677pts [player]Kello0[/player] 496/496 5.7
[town]2641[/town] 12794pts [player]Kello0[/player] 503/486 14.3
[town]2484[/town] 12908pts [player]Kello0[/player] 508/488 14.4
[town]857[/town] 13013pts [player]Kello0[/player] 500/492 8.0
[town]1012[/town] 13048pts [player]Kello0[/player] 496/496 5.7
[town]2827[/town] 13086pts [player]Kello0[/player] 495/491 10.3
[town]7068[/town] 13495pts [player]marinak087[/player] 514/484 21.3
[town]7949[/town] 14064pts [player]marinak087[/player] 523/478 31.8
[town]6001[/town] 14928pts [player]marinak087[/player] 514/484 21.3
[town]5579[/town] 15919pts [player]marinak087[/player] 514/484 21.3
[town]4466[/town] 16887pts [player]marinak087[/player] 514/484 21.3

. = This player has only one town so his academy might not be well developed.

. = This player has lost some points during the last week and may be inactive.

. = This player is inactive or in vacation mode.

Note: The "radius" of search is "square", so if X = 400 and Y = 500, for a radius of 10, the search will take place in a square area with X between 390 and 410 and Y between 490 and 510. Consequently, a radius of 50, covers a whole sea.